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Rahbar Medical and Dental College Jobs in Lahore 2024

Rahbar Medical and Dental College Jobs offers Contract positions for See Below Ad in Punjab, Lahore, for both recent graduates and seasoned professionals with a degree from Check Advertisement. If you are qualified for this position, you should submit your application before the deadline.

Details of Rahbar Medical and Dental College Jobs in Lahore

Company:Rahbar Medical & Dental College
No. of Positions21

Benefits of Rahbar Medical and Dental College Jobs in Lahore

  • Comparable Remuneration: By industry standards and your qualifications, Rahbar Medical and Dental College typically offer competitive salaries and benefits packages.
  • Professional Development: Educational institutions such as Rahbar Medical and Dental College frequently prioritize the professional growth of their employees. You may have opportunities for skill enhancement, workshops, seminars, and continuing education.
  • Healthcare Advantages: Numerous medical and dental schools offer employees and their families health insurance coverage, dental care, and sometimes vision benefits.
  • Academic Ambience: Working at a medical and dental college can be intellectually stimulating because you’ll likely be around educators, researchers, and healthcare professionals. This milieu can foster learning and development.
  • Research Possibilities: If the college is engaged in research, you may have the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues on academic studies or partake in research projects.
  • Job Security: Given that these institutions are frequently well-known and respected in their respective fields, employment at ones like Rahbar Medical and Dental College typically comes with some level of employment security.
  • Community Influence: By working at a medical and dental institution, you can contribute to the education and training of future healthcare professionals, thereby improving the community’s health and well-being.
  • The value of networking: You can develop a useful network of professional contacts in the medical and dental fields, which can be advantageous to your career advancement.
  • Work-life equilibrium: Often, educational institutions emphasize work-life balance for their personnel, particularly those with teaching and research responsibilities.
  • Plans for Retirement and Pensions: Some colleges offer pension and retirement programs to assist employees with future savings.

Vacancies of Rahbar Medical and Dental College Jobs in Lahore

Sr No.Post Name
1.Assistant professor of neurosurgery
3.Associate professor of neurology
4,Assistant professor
6.Assistant professor of pediatrics surgery
7.Assistant professor
9.Professor radiology
10.Professor microbiology
11.Assistant professor of plastic surgery
13.Assistant professor of neurology
15.Clinical nursing instructor
16.Associate professor
17.Assistant professor of thoracic surgery
18.Assistant professor of general medicine
19.Associate professor of anatomy
20.Associate professor of forensic medicine toxicology
21.Assistant professor of gastroenterology

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How to apply for Rahbar Medical and Dental College Jobs in Lahore

  • Send a hard copy of your updated CV, three passport-sized color photos, copies of your educational certificates/degrees/recommendations, experience certificate, valid registration certificate, and CNIC to the following address, if you are qualified for the positions listed above. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.
  • Brig Muhammad Zia Ullah (R), Vice Principal/Director HR Department, Rangers Headquarters Main Harbanspura Road, Near Joray Pull, Lahore,, 042-36636683.

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People Also Ask:

  1. What are the admission criteria for Rahbar Medical College?

    Admission policy is as per the guidelines of UHS and PMC. Admission is open to all eligible Pakistani citizens and foreign students for the 5-year MBBS course. Admission will be made on strict merit, determined by the marks obtained in F.Sc. or equivalent exams and the MDCAT entry test.

  2. How is Rahbar Medical College ranked? 

    Rahbar Medical College is ranked #1 by BEST Magazine.

  3. Can I get admission to a medical college without an MDCAT? 

    Yes, MDCAT is necessary for private MBBS. According to PMC policy, any student who wants admission to a medical and dental college, either in a government or private institution, must pass the MDCAT.

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