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Caregiver Jobs with Visa Sponsorship in UK 2024 – Apply Now

Visas are sponsored by the strong demand in the UK for caregiver professions. They still follow old British customs and traditions because Britain is a monarchy. They are very considerate. As you might have seen in plays and movies, they hire a maid, a caregiver, to assist and take care of them.

Men and women can apply for caregiver jobs in the UK with sponsored visas. There are many different types of care jobs in the UK, such as healthcare, home care, and care assistant positions. Giving patient care at home is sometimes known as working in a nursing home. These are well-paying, low-skilled jobs that are easily obtained in the UK.

Moreover, in the UK, this kind of work is respected and acknowledged. A caretaker in the UK makes, on average, £11.55 per hour, or £22,425 annually. The minimum age requirement is eighteen. There’s no upper limit. Approximately 105,000 jobs for caregivers are listed each day. You’ll put in eight to ten hours a day at work. Applications are open to people of any nationality from any country, and relocation support and airline tickets will be given.

The following is a list and description of the UK jobs for caregivers who can receive visa sponsorship through 2024.

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Details of Caregiver Jobs with Visa Sponsorship in UK

  • Job Country: UK
  • Job Type: Part-time, Permanent
  • Visa Sponsorship available
  • Job Sector: Care Sector, Healthcare, Hospitality, Social care, Home Care

Benefits of Caregiver Jobs with Visa Sponsorship in UK

  • Employment and Sponsorship of Visas: Jobs for caregivers that sponsor visas provide those from outside the UK the chance to work lawfully there. Employers frequently offer assistance with the complicated visa application procedure, enabling caregivers to work lawfully and stay clear of immigration problems.
  • Consistent Employment: In the UK, there are many steady, long-term caregiver jobs available, particularly if you work with elderly or disabled people who need constant care and assistance. This may offer continuity and career security.
  • Completing Tasks: Being a caregiver may be a very fulfilling career. By supporting the individuals they look after in maintaining their independence, well-being, and quality of life, caregivers can have a beneficial influence on the lives of the people they look after.
  • Education and Training: Employers frequently give caregivers opportunities for training and development so they can advance their knowledge and abilities in providing care. Better employment chances and professional advancement may result from this.
  • Salary Competitiveness: In the UK, caregiver jobs can pay well, particularly for people with expertise or specific training. Benefits like paid time off and health insurance may also be offered by employers.
  • Availability to the UK Healthcare System: For those who are interested in pursuing professions in healthcare, working as a caregiver in the UK can offer invaluable experience and exposure to the nation’s healthcare system.
  • Cultural Interaction: Foreign nationals can experience cultural immersion and exchange by working as caregivers in the UK. You can share your history and experiences while learning about the British language, customs, and culture.
  • Positive and Encouraged Workplace: Companies that sponsor caregiver visas frequently offer a supportive work environment and are aware of the particular difficulties and responsibilities faced by those in the caregiving profession.
  • Route to Long-Term Residency: Caregiver employment that is sponsored by the UK government may occasionally provide doors to permanent residency. Those who fulfill specific qualifications could be qualified to seek permanent residency or additional visa extensions.

Why Are Jobs for Caregivers in the UK So Highly Paid?

Twelve million individuals in the UK are 65 years of age or older; of these, 5.4 million are 75 years of age or older, 1.6 million are 85 years of age or older, and over half a million are 90 years of age or older. They need caretakers who can support and motivate them, such as:
Advantages of Jobs for Caregivers in the UK


Top Caregiving Companies in United Kingdom

The top 10 organizations in the UK for providing care are listed here.

List of Caregiver Jobs in UK

UK Carers – Agincare International

Agincare provides services to caregivers around the UK. Agincare has always taken pride in hiring individuals from all over the world because we believe that compassion is a universal trait. MoreCare is a recognized sponsor of UK immigration and visas. We are sponsoring licensed nurses and senior healthcare assistants under the new Health and Care Worker visa.
Careers at Agnicare

Jobs in Agnicare

  • Care Home Jobs
  • Live-in Care Jobs
  • Home Care Jobs


  • Support during the process
  • Additional moving assistance, such as airport and airplane transportation
  • In addition, accommodation is free for the first 14 days and then subsidized for a maximum of 6 months after that.

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NHS Jobs

The National Health Service (NHS) is referred to as the NHS in England. There is a great work opportunity available to all international applicants. They support granting everyone access to high-quality medical treatment. International applicants are encouraged to apply to the NHS. The UK government has granted permission to the NHS, a corporation, to employ and support foreign nationals.

Every month, nearly 350 different professions have over 25,000 job postings advertised on the NHS Jobs website. Whether you want to work with patients directly or in the background, there will be a career that suits you.

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Carehome UK Jobs

Jobs in care and nursing homes in the UK On the UK care home employment board, there are 9,062 openings for managers, caretakers, and nurses. You may find thousands of jobs in home care, healthcare, and other related fields here in the UK.

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UK’s Government Care Jobs

Here are the procedures for searching for and applying for a Care Visa Sponsorship job in the UK through the official UK government website. These are the UK jobs for sponsored caregivers who are foreign nationals.

  • Visit the UK Government website at, type “care jobs” into the search bar, and then press Enter.
  • This page will feature all UK sponsorship positions from reputable UK businesses. You can then immediately apply online.

National Home Care Providers in England

Below is a list of a few of England’s national home care providers. Go to their careers page and apply for jobs for caregivers with sponsored visas after searching for them on Google.

  • Abicare
  • Allied Healthcare
  • Consultus Care
  • Almond Care
  • ENA Care Group
  • Christie’s Care
  • HomeCareDirect Limited 
  • Pulse Healthcare Limited
  • HomeTouch Care Limited
  • The Good Care Group
  • MiHomecare
  • Origin Recruitment
  • Sevacare
  • The Complete Group
  • Spinal Homecare Services

Jobs with Visa Sponsorship in UK

Jobs that sponsor visas in the UK can take many different shapes, sizes, and configurations. Their requirements are wide; some are indifferent to candidates’ prior work experience, while others are. In any case, the UK Home Office states that foreign nationals who want to work in the country must have sponsored employment.

When applying through the UK visa and immigration services, candidates might improve their chances of receiving a work visa by applying for positions that are identified as shortages in the UK Jobs list. Remember this when you apply for a sponsorship position in the UK.

Not all foreign nationals residing abroad in their native countries can get their visas sponsored by a UK-employed company. There are currently many companies hiring international applicants on an urgent basis for opportunities sponsored by UK visa sponsors. These consist of:

NHS Scotland

Through its 14 territorial NHS boards, 7 special NHS boards, and 1 public health organization, NHS Scotland currently employs over 140,000 people. All members of this NHS board, who report to Scottish Ministers, receive support from the health and social care directorates of the Scottish government.

Provincial NHS boards are responsible for promoting and defending public health within their boundaries. They issue directives regarding policies that are carried out by front-line healthcare personnel. Special NHS boards, which are frequently added to territorial NHS boards, provide many essential national and specialized services.

University Hospital Wishaw Health Care Assistant

The Scottish NHS is looking for a qualified candidate to fill the role of health care assistant at University Hospital Wishaw. When hired, candidates must collaborate with nurses to perform patients’ regular physical checkups.

The health care assistant needs to have selflessness to provide clinical treatment. This professional must carry out the duties assigned to them, which include maintaining the cleanliness of the ward or department and making sure that all jobs are carried out with the utmost safety in mind.

Home Care Worker Jobs in the UK

Are you looking for work providing in-home care in the UK? Begin your search with us first. This post has all the information you need to apply for home care employment in the UK with a sponsored visa, including details on the work responsibilities, requirements, top companies to select from, and how to apply. There are numerous roles with plenty of openings and vacancies, just like in-home care.

For example, working as a babysitter, housekeeper, homecare aide, or senior care provider If your employer does not sponsor the visa after your selection, you will need to apply for a Tier 2 visa. Often, individuals who want to work as home care workers in the UK enter the nation on a student visa, seek permanent residence after receiving a two-year work permit from a healthcare organization, and work as home care workers for that duration.

Since this is a specialized work role, there are specific requirements for education and experience. Fortunately, it does not require a high degree of education or a lot of experience, unlike other white-collar positions. To locate home care jobs in the UK with visa sponsorship, you may also search for “Live-in Home Care Assistant Jobs in the UK with Visa Sponsorship” on Google. Let’s take a closer look at the job description and the link to the online application, which is at the bottom.

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People Also Ask

  1. How can I apply to be a caregiver in the UK?

    To become a caregiver, the best route is for an employer to sponsor you for the EB-3 (Other Worker) visa. This is a permanent UK visa that allows you to live and work permanently.

  2. How much does a live-in caregiver earn in the UK?

    The average weekly pay for a live caregiver in the United States is $976 a week.

  3. Is caregiver demand high in the UK?

    There are over a million job openings in the United States for caregivers. This is not surprising, because as long as humanity exists and industries in the United States continue to expand rapidly, the aging population will inevitably require care.

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