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WASA Jobs 2024 – Water & Sanitation Agency Apply Now

WASA Jobs might be of great interest to you. The Water & Sanitation Agency (WASA) is currently hiring for various positions across multiple departments, and if you meet the required criteria, you could be eligible for these positions.

To apply for a job at WASA, all candidates are required to complete an online application. Please note that applications submitted through any other means will not be accepted. WASA offers regular employment opportunities, providing a stable career path for its employees.

If you are interested in applying for WASA Jobs, check out the official advertisement and follow the application process outlined by the organization. Male and female candidates from all over Pakistan with relevant experience are encouraged to apply.

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Details about WASA Jobs

  • Newspaper: Dawn
  • Organization: WASA
  • Education: Matric To Master
  • Category: Full Time
  • Job Type: Government
  • Salary: PKR 20,000 To 120,000

List of WASA Job Vacancies:

  • Project Director
  • Deputy Director
  • Assistant Director
  • Director Technical
  • Deputy Director Finance
  • Assistant Director Engineering
  • Sub Engineer
  • Account Clerk
  • Junior Clerk
  • AutoCAD Operator
  • Director IT
  • Driver
  • Office Boy
  • Security Guard
  • Sweeper
  • Naib Qasid

Contact Details:

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Certificates of Education
  • Copies of the CNIC
  • Domicile details
  • Experience letter (if applicable)
  • Driving license (for driving positions)

Benefits of WASA Jobs

  • Social Impact: By guaranteeing access to pure water and adequate sanitation facilities, employment in the water and sanitation sector enables one to have a direct influence on communities. This endeavor contributes substantially to the well-being and health of the general public.
  • Stability of Employment: Government or agency positions, including those in WASA, frequently offer stability with regard to remunerative stability, consistent income, and supplementary amenities including health insurance and retirement plans, which are customary in the public sector.
  • Profession Development and Growth: A considerable number of WASA positions provide avenues for professional growth and advancement via training initiatives, seminars, and educational perks. Frequently, promotions are granted to staff members in accordance with their performance and level of experience.
  • Diverse Opportunities: The water and sanitation industry comprises a wide range of positions, such as those in administration, engineering, water treatment, and environmental science, among others. This diversity enables the employment of candidates with diverse educational backgrounds.
  • Technical and Specialized Abilities: Employment at WASA frequently necessitates the acquisition of technical proficiencies pertaining to sanitation technologies, water treatment, distribution systems, and environmental compliance. These competencies are potentially transferable and valuable in related disciplines.
  • Contributing to Sustainability: A number of WASA positions are dedicated to promoting sustainability through their involvement in conservation initiatives, sustainable water management practices, and eco-friendly solutions. Consequently, workers are able to contribute to global sustainability objectives.
  • Community Engagement: Assemblies of WASA frequently entail engaging with nearby communities to impart knowledge regarding hygiene practices, water conservation, and the criticality of clean water and sanitation. Such endeavors foster a sense of satisfaction and active participation from the community.
  • Prospects for Innovation: The water and sanitation industry is in a constant state of change, which presents prospects for novel technologies and approaches to enhance operational efficiency and efficacy.

How to Apply for WASA Jobs?

If you’re interested in joining WASA and want to apply, follow these steps:

  • Visit
  • Register on the website, providing your CNIC, name, and educational information.
  • Fill out the online application form carefully.
  • Ensure that all your information is accurate and free from spelling mistakes.
  • Submit your application online.

Please note that only online applications will be considered, and only shortlisted candidates will be called for interviews. Ensure you have all your original documents at the time of the interview.



WASA Jobs presents a promising opportunity for individuals who aspire to serve their nation while pursuing a fulfilling career. As the Water & Sanitation Agency (WASA) seeks to expand its workforce across various departments, qualified candidates are invited to apply online to join this esteemed organization.

To ensure a successful application, please note that WASA exclusively accepts online submissions. Traditional application methods will not be considered. WASA offers stable employment opportunities, making it an attractive choice for potential employees.

  1. How can I apply for WASA Jobs?

    Interested candidates can apply by visiting, where they can complete the online application process.

  2. What documents do I need to apply for WASA Jobs?

    Applicants should have copies of their educational certificates, CNIC, domicile details, and an experience letter if applicable. A driving license is required for driving positions.

  3. Are applications other than online submissions accepted?

    No, WASA only accepts applications submitted through their official website. Traditional applications will not be considered for the selection process.

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