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Peshawar Institute of Cardiology Jobs 2024 – Apply Now

There is a job listing for the Peshawar Institute of Cardiology. The following positions are available at PIC-MIT in Peshawar; applicants must satisfy the requirements listed below. Below is the official advertisement. The following positions are open to applications from Pakistani citizens. Applicants can apply online via the organization’s website.

Men and women who satisfy the qualifications may apply. In the following advertisement, it is clear that each position has its age, qualification, experience, and residency requirements.

Details of Peshawar Institute of Cardiology Jobs

SourceDawn Newspaper
OrganizationPeshawar Institute of Cardiology PIC
No of SeatsMultiple
Job LocationPeshawar, KPK

Benefits of Peshawar Institute of Cardiology Jobs

  • Job Stability: Healthcare jobs, including those at the Peshawar Institute of Cardiology, often offer a high degree of job stability and security due to the constant demand for healthcare services.
  • Competitive Salary: Healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, and administrative staff, often receive competitive salaries and benefits packages, which may include health insurance, retirement plans, and bonuses.
  • Professional Development Opportunities: Healthcare institutions like PIC typically provide opportunities for professional growth and development, including continuing education, training, and opportunities to specialize in various clinical areas.
  • Serving the Community: Working in a healthcare facility allows individuals to make a meaningful contribution to the health and well-being of the local community by providing essential medical services.
  • Experience and skill development: Healthcare professionals gain valuable experience and develop important skills that are highly transferable and can be used in a variety of healthcare settings.
  • Access to the latest medical technology: Healthcare institutions often have access to the latest medical equipment and technology, which can enhance the quality of care and provide opportunities to work with advanced medical equipment.
  • Collaborative work environment: Healthcare professionals often work in collaborative teams, which can provide a sense of camaraderie and the opportunity to learn from colleagues with diverse expertise.
  • Job satisfaction: Providing health care services can be personally rewarding, as it involves helping patients recover from illnesses, improve their health, and lead better lives.
  • Research Opportunities: Some healthcare institutions, including teaching hospitals and research centers, offer opportunities to engage in clinical research and contribute to the advancement of medical knowledge.
  • Public Sector Benefits: If the PIC is a public sector entity, employees may also enjoy the benefits normally associated with government jobs, such as job security, pensions, and other public employee benefits.
  • Flexible work schedules: Depending on the position and department, healthcare workers may have access to flexible work schedules or part-time opportunities to meet personal needs.
  • Positive work environment: Many healthcare organizations prioritize creating a positive and supportive work environment to ensure staff well-being and job satisfaction.

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Vacancies at Peshawar Institute of Cardiology Jobs

Sr. NoPost NameQualification
1.Charge NurseB.Sc. Nursing

How to Apply for Peshawar Institute of Cardiology Jobs

  • On the website, a job application form can be found.
  • Only applications on a certain form will be accepted.
  • Applications must include a completed application form, a cover letter containing the names, addresses, and email addresses of three references, the original deposit slip, and copies of the listed documents.
  • Academic credentials at school
  • Qualifications certificates
  • Certificates of accomplishment
  • Documents of residency
  • Images 1 and 2
  • Duplicate CNIC
  • The fee to process Sr. No. 1 is Rs.500.

More Info

People Also Ask:

  1. How much does a cardiologist cost in Pakistan?

    The fee of the top cardiologist in Pakistan ranges from 300 PKR to 3000 PKR, depending upon the doctor’s experience and qualifications.

  2. What is the name of Peshawar Heart Hospital? 

    Peshawar Institute of Cardiology (MTI) is a state-of-the-art heart and vascular hospital that provides the most advanced and comprehensive care for cardiac, vascular, and pulmonary problems in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

  3. Who is the director of nursing at the Peshawar Institute of Cardiology?

    Afsar Dad is the Director of Nursing at the Peshawar Institute of Cardiology (MTI).

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