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Camera Man Jobs in Health Department Lahore – Apply Now

The Health Department of Lahore is offering an exceptional job opportunity as a Camera Man for the ADP SCHEME titled “Establishment Of Punjab Health & Wellness Radio Station” by the Government of Punjab. This initiative aims to promote health and wellness among the people of Punjab. If you have a passion for photography and videography and want to make a difference through your skills, this job announcement might be your stepping stone.

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About the Camera Man Jobs

As a cameraman in the Health Department of Lahore, you will play a vital role in capturing and documenting health and wellness-related content for the Punjab Health & Wellness Radio Station. Your work will contribute to the promotion of better health practices among the people of Punjab.

Important Details

  • Job Type: Government
  • Hiring Organization: Health Department Punjab
  • Job Location: Lahore
  • Education Requirements: Intermediate
  • Employment Type: Full Time
  • No. of Posts: 10+

Available Positions

The Health Department of Lahore is seeking to fill more than 10 positions for cameramen who will play a crucial role in capturing health and wellness-related content for the Punjab Health & Wellness Radio Station.

Eligibility Criteria of Camera Man Jobs in Health Department Lahore

To be considered for the cameraman position, you should meet the following criteria:

  • Education: You should have at least an Intermediate qualification.
  • Skills: Possess excellent communication skills and the ability to work under stress.
  • Age Limit: The maximum age for applicants is up to 25 years, including all age relaxations.
  • Appearance: You should have a good appearance, and be elegant, smart, and well-groomed.
  • Height: For Flight Steward, the minimum height requirement is 5 feet 6 inches. For Air Hostess, the minimum height requirement is 5 feet 2 inches.
  • Weight: Your weight should be proportionate to height according to PIA’s standards (BMI).
  • Marital Status: Only unmarried female candidates can apply.
  • Languages: You should be fluent in both written and spoken English/Urdu. Knowledge of any other regional/foreign language will be considered an added advantage.
  • Health: You must have perfect eyesight, and users of contact lenses are also eligible to apply. However, the PIA Medical Board will make a decision based on standard rules. Candidates with skin problems or those who wear spectacles are not eligible to apply.

Benefits of Camera Man Jobs

  • Creativity: It is a discipline that fosters artistic innovation and expression. Camera operators fulfill an essential function by selecting angles, framing views, and capturing visuals that significantly contribute to the overarching narrative of a film, television program, news segment, or other form of media.
  • Varied Work Environments: Camera operators frequently operate on location, allowing them to be exposed to a variety of settings and environments. Every endeavor presents a unique and varied professional setting, ranging from indoor studios to outdoor settings.
  • Skill Development: The occupation of a camera operator necessitates the acquisition of technical proficiencies in camera operation, illumination techniques, and composition. Operators may develop expertise in the utilization of a wide range of cameras and apparatus as time passes.
  • Collaboration: Camera operators collaborate near producers, directors, and other members of the crew. This environment fosters collaboration, networking, and the contribution of individuals to the realization of a creative vision as a team.
  • Job Diversity: Camera operators are capable of finding employment in a wide range of sectors, including film, television, news, athletics, events, and corporate environments. This diversity provides prospects for investigating various specialized areas within the discipline.
  • Flexibility: The degree of flexibility in the working hours of camera operators may vary depending on the nature of their position. Nonetheless, there are times when the schedule can become excessively hectic due to specific filming or productions.
  • Possibility of Travel: Specific initiatives may necessitate travel to various cities, countries, or locations, affording the chance to discover novel locales in the course of work.
  • Job Satisfaction: It can be extremely gratifying to view the finished product of your efforts on-screen. It can be gratifying to recognize that your visuals significantly contribute to the narrative and impact of a film or television program.
  • Career Progression: As camera operators gain experience and enhance their skill set, they have the potential to progress towards more senior roles, including cinematographer or director of photography (DP), which entail greater creative autonomy and heightened responsibilities.
  • Maintaining Technological Progressions: The domain of camera work is in a constant state of change due to technological developments. Camera operators maintain their expertise by acquiring knowledge and adjusting to novel equipment and methodologies.

How to Apply for Camera Man Jobs in Health Department

To apply for this position, follow these simple steps:

  • Visit the National Testing Service (NTS) website to apply online.
  • Submit a duly filled online application form along with a deposit slip of the prescribed fee in favor of the National Testing Service. You’ll need to include a copy of your CNIC and two recent passport-size photographs.
  • Send your application directly to NTS through a courier service to the address mentioned on the application form.
  • The test fee must be paid through participating banks, ATMs, internet banking, mobile banking, Easy Paisa, Jazz Cash, or TCS Express Counters using the 20-digit invoice number generated in your fee slip. Only one bill invoice payment will be accepted.
  • The date of the written test/skill test will be communicated to eligible/shortlisted candidates through NTS.
  • Candidates should aim to score at least 50% marks in the NTS test to qualify for the position.
  • In the event of a large number of candidates qualifying for the NTS test, the Appointing Authority reserves the right to decide upon any threshold marks ratio of candidates.



The cameraman position in the Health Department of Lahore is an exciting opportunity for individuals with a keen eye for capturing moments. If you have a passion for photography and want to contribute to the health and wellness of Punjab’s residents, consider applying for this unique role. Follow the application process carefully to embark on this journey.

  1. Can I apply if I wear contact lenses?

    Yes, candidates who use contact lenses are eligible to apply, and the PIA Medical Board will make a decision based on standard rules.

  2. What does “market-based salary” mean?

    A market-based salary means that your salary will be competitive and in line with industry standards for similar positions.

  3. Can male candidates apply for the cameraman position?

    Yes, both male and female candidates can apply for the cameraman position.

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