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Department of Employment and Labour Jobs 2024 – Apply Now

The Department of Employment and Labour has opened its doors to dedicated individuals seeking employment. This is an excellent chance for both men and women who have completed their education and are eager to pursue a profession in a department committed to fostering a thriving labor market. From those with primary or middle school education to those with matriculation, intermediate, and associate engineering diplomas, and bachelor’s degrees, there are positions for everyone.

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About Department of Employment and Labour

The Department of Employment and Labour is on a mission to build a labor market that encourages investment, economic growth, job creation, and quality employment. To combat unemployment, poverty, and inequality, the department has initiated various policies and projects in collaboration with social partners. The primary goals are increased productivity, job creation, improved labor relations, ending workplace discrimination, and reducing poverty through employment opportunities.

Fresh applicants are in for an exciting opportunity to apply for these positions, enhance their skills, and work towards becoming leaders in their respective fields.

Key Details

  • Department: Department of Employment and Labour
  • Location: Punjab
  • Who Can Apply: Male/Female
  • Age Limit: 18-35 Years
  • Domicile: Punjab
  • Required Qualification: Matric to Master
  • Total Positions: 500 Posts
  • Salary Range: 32,000-70,000 PKR

Available Positions

  • Security Officer
  • Registry Clerk
  • Account Officer
  • Client Services Officer: Registration Services
  • Data Information and Management
  • Office Administrator
  • Management Officer
  • Internal Auditor
  • Class IV Staff
  • Others

Benefits of Department of Employment and Labour Jobs

Working with the Department of Employment and Labour brings several benefits and competitive advantages:

  • Dental and Vision Benefits: Eligible employees, retirees, and their families can avail of dental and vision benefits.
  • Flexible Spending Accounts: Take advantage of flexible spending accounts for various needs.
  • Life Insurance: Basic life insurance coverage with additional options to choose from.
  • Personal Leave Days: Enjoy personal leave days for vacations, illnesses, and family care, including Paid Parental Leave.
  • Professional Teamwork: Collaborate with a professional team dedicated to making a difference.
  • Pick & Drop Facility: Convenience is at your doorstep with pick and drop facilities.

How to Apply?

  • Visit the official website to find all open job opportunity announcements.
  • Register by creating an account and set up job searches tailored to your preferences.
  • Review qualifications, eligibility criteria, responsibilities, duties, pay scale, job location, benefits, and security requirements in the announcements.
  • Prepare an application that accurately reflects your skills and knowledge pertinent to the open position.
  • The application closing date and process may vary by job post and department sub-agency.
  • Successful applicants will be selected based on qualifications. If you are among the top candidates, you may be invited for an interview.



Don’t miss the opportunity to embark on a promising career path. Apply for Department of Employment and Labour jobs today to join a dynamic workforce committed to making a positive impact on the labor market. Whether you’re a fresh graduate or an experienced professional, these positions offer a chance to contribute to building a robust labor market and reducing unemployment and poverty.

  1. Who is eligible to apply for Department of Employment and Labour jobs?

    Male and female candidates aged 18-35 years with qualifications ranging from matric to master’s degrees are eligible to apply.

  2. How can I stay updated on job openings with the Department of Employment and Labour?

    You can register on the official website to set up job searches and receive email notifications for relevant job opportunities.

  3. What benefits are offered to employees of the Department of Employment and Labour?

    Employees enjoy dental and vision benefits, flexible spending accounts, life insurance, personal leave days, a professional work environment, and pick-and-drop facilities.

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