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UNICEF Jobs in Nigeria 2024 – Apply Now

Interested in participating in a UNICEF recruitment that aids families and children around the world? UNICEF is actively recruiting dedicated individuals who are eager to contribute significantly to their organization and make a difference. UNICEF, a prominent humanitarian organization, operates in excess of 190 nations and territories, providing essential assistance to individuals requiring it most.

UNICEF is seeking personnel to fill positions in Nigeria. They seek individuals who are enthusiastic about working with them and care about assisting youth.

It does not matter whether you have recently graduated from college or have been employed for an extended period of time. There are various UNICEF recruitment opportunities available to all.

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UNICEF provides assistance to minors worldwide. It is a United Nations domain. UNICEF works to ensure that the rights of children are respected and that they have a decent life.


They require the assistance of individuals with a variety of talents for this vital UNICEF recruitment effort.


Benefits of UNICEF Jobs in Nigeria

  • Humanitarian Impact: With a concentration on education, health, nutrition, and child protection, UNICEF is committed to bettering the lives of children and families. Employment with UNICEF affords the chance to significantly influence the well-being of marginalized communities, thereby fostering constructive societal transformation.
  • Global Experience: UNICEF’s operations span across multiple countries across the globe, affording its personnel the opportunity to acquire a wide range of experiences that are global in scope. This experience has the potential to expand one’s horizons, foster greater cultural sensitivity, and offer valuable insights into the complexities of global development.
  • Professional Development: UNICEF allocates resources towards the ongoing professional development of its personnel. Engaging in work within a dynamic and demanding setting presents prospects for ongoing education, the development of skills, and progression in one’s professional trajectory.
  • Networking and Collaboration: UNICEF collaborates and networks with numerous stakeholders, including governments, non-governmental organizations, and other United Nations agencies. Gaining employment with UNICEF in Nigeria provides the opportunity to establish connections with professionals both within the organization and in the wider development community.
  • Diverse Work Environment: Inclusion and diversity are promoted by UNICEF. By fostering a rich and inclusive work culture, working in a multicultural environment enables employees to gain knowledge from coworkers with varied backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences.
  • Competitive Compensation and Benefits: UNICEF customarily provides employees with competitive remuneration and perks, encompassing health insurance, retirement schemes, and supplementary allowances. This may enhance job satisfaction and well-being as a whole.
  • Meaningful Work: Belonging to UNICEF affords one the chance to participate in labor that is purpose-oriented and meaningful. The satisfaction derived from knowing that one’s endeavors contribute to the betterment of children and families’ well-being can be profound.
  • Work-Life Balance: Although the extent of the workload may differ across roles and initiatives, numerous UN system organizations, including UNICEF, prioritize the value of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. This may especially appeal to those in search of a profession that corresponds with their personal values.
  • International Assignments: UNICEF frequently grants its personnel the chance to engage in professional travel or assume international assignments. This may provide an opportunity for professional and personal development.
  • Health and Wellness Programs: To promote the physical and mental health of their personnel, certain UNICEF offices provide health and wellness programs. Potential offerings may comprise counseling services, fitness programs, and workplace wellness initiatives.

List of UNICEF Jobs in Nigeria

UNICEF is currently filling a number of positions. For further information regarding these opportunities, kindly visit the official career website of UNICEF. Listed below are the most recent openings:

1.) Operations Manager
Location: Kano

More Info

2.) Child Protection Specialist (Harmful Practice)
Location: Lagos

More Info

3. Adolescent Development Specialist 
Location: Abuja

More Info

4.) Implementing Partnership Management Officer (HACT)
Location: Abuja

More Info

5.) Supply and Procurement Associate
Location: Abuja

More Info

UNICEF Jobs: Simplified Hiring Process

Finding the most qualified individuals to join its team and contribute to the well-being of children around the globe is a top priority for UNICEF.

By maintaining a fair and transparent hiring process, we guarantee that every candidate is afforded an equitable opportunity to demonstrate their qualifications and suitability for the position.

1. Job Opening Announcement

We begin the recruiting process with the public announcement of UNICEF recruitment vacancies.

To reach a vast population of potential candidates, UNICEF utilizes multiple channels, such as our official website, UNICEF recruitment portals, social media platforms, and professional networks.

The announcements furnish comprehensive particulars regarding each position, encompassing precise criteria, duties, and application processes.

2. Application Submission

We strongly encourage candidates who are interested in applying for open positions to utilize UNICEF’s online application system.

Applicants are generally required to include a cover letter, an exhaustive resume or curriculum vitae, and any pertinent supplementary materials, including academic credentials and professional references.

3. Application Review

UNICEF conducts a thorough evaluation of all submitted applications subsequent to the application deadline in order to ascertain the eligibility and suitability of each candidate for the advertised position.

The primary objective of this assessment is to ascertain that applicants fulfill the bare minimum requirements, possess the requisite expertise and capabilities, and exhibit exceptional linguistic proficiency.

4. Candidate Assessment

Candidates who have been shortlisted may receive invitations to undertake supplementary evaluations that are specifically intended to attain a more profound comprehension of their competencies, wisdom, and principles.

The evaluation methods may consist of practical tasks, presentations, written examinations, in-person or video interviews, or presentations.

Candidates’ suitability for the particular position and capacity to contribute to UNICEF’s mission are assessed.

5. Reference Checks

In the process of finalizing candidates, UNICEF performs comprehensive reference checks to authenticate their professional experience and past performance.

These verifications entail reaching out to former employers and peers in order to obtain information regarding the work ethic, achievements, and overall qualifications of each candidate for the position.

6. Job Offer and Selection

In light of an exhaustive assessment procedure, UNICEF appoints the most competent and appropriate individual to occupy the vacant position.

An official offer of employment from UNICEF Recruitment is extended to the chosen candidate, encompassing comprehensive information such as salary, benefits, and other pertinent particulars.

7. Onboarding and Integration

After a candidate accepts the offer of employment with UNICEF Recruitment, the organization ensures a seamless induction procedure in order to facilitate their effective assimilation into the workforce.

These encompass thorough instructional programs, introductory sessions, and the provision of access to beneficial materials and support systems.

In addition to the recruitment procedure, UNICEF guarantees that newly hired personnel are provided with the essential resources and direction required to flourish in their positions and make significant contributions towards the organization’s objectives.

Assist UNICEF in its effort to improve the lives of children globally, including those in Nigeria. Apply today for available UNICEF recruitment positions in order to participate in this significant endeavor.

By upholding equitable and transparent employment procedures, UNICEF guarantees the selection of highly qualified and intelligent individuals who are prepared to contribute positively to the global cause of child welfare.

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  1. Is there UNICEF in Nigeria?

    With a strong presence in Nigeria, UNICEF is a leading advocate for children. We believe that nurturing and caring for children are the cornerstones of human progress.

  2. Can we join UNICEF? 

    UNICEF is committed to diversity and inclusion and encourages qualified female and male candidates from all national, religious, and ethnic backgrounds, including persons living with disabilities, to apply.

  3. Who heads UNICEF in Nigeria? 

    Cristian Munduate is the representative of UNICEF in Nigeria.

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