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Kogi State Teacher Jobs in Nigeria 2024-25 – Apply Now

Explore in detail the Kogi State Teacher Recruitment. Acquire knowledge regarding positions, prerequisites, and the application procedure. Your path to a gratifying teaching profession You’re fortunate if you wish to join the distinguished faculty of the Kogi State Teaching Service Commission (TESCOM).

A wide array of positions exist throughout primary and secondary education, providing abundant prospects to make a positive impact on the development and progress of young individuals.

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Available Positions at Kogi State TESCOM

Those with a strong desire to establish a solid foundation for subsequent academic achievements may consider the following primary school positions:

  • English: providing students with guidance on the complexities of communication and language.
  • Mathematics: Developing foundational logical and problem-solving abilities.
  • Basic Science & Technology: Fostering inquisitiveness and ingenuity in aspiring scientists.
  • Civic Education: Civic education entails instilling in the future leaders of society the values of responsibility and citizenship.

Conversely, secondary school positions provide the opportunity to further explore areas of specialization:

  • English: fostering the development of future communicators and wordsmiths.
  • Mathematics: furnishing pupils with the requisite numerical abilities to thrive in diverse domains.
  • Yoruba: honoring and safeguarding the region’s abundant cultural heritage.
  • Civic Education: Civic education imparts a profound sense of civic responsibility and active participation to aspiring leaders.

However, there is more! There is certain to be a suitable option for educators of all specializations and interests, given the comprehensive range of 18 diverse areas (including unlisted subjects).


Are you prepared to proceed to the next stage? Become aware of forthcoming application opportunities and prepare to embark on a gratifying journey of mentorship and teaching with Kogi State TESCOM.

Benefits of Kogi State Teacher Jobs in Nigeria

  • Competitive Salary: Educators in Kogi State are generally granted a competitive salary, which is established in accordance with the pay schedule for educators established by the government.
  • Job Security: Government teaching positions typically offer greater employment security than certain positions in the private sector.
  • Pension and Retirement Benefits: Educators employed by the government are typically eligible for pension and retirement benefits, which safeguard their financial well-being in the years following their employment.
  • Healthcare Benefits: Healthcare benefits are frequently provided to government employees, including those in teaching positions. These benefits consist of medical insurance coverage for the employees and, in some cases, their dependents.
  • Housing and Accommodation Support: Housing and accommodation support may be provided by certain government teaching positions in order to assist educators with the process of relocating and settling in.
  • Training and Professional Development: Continuous professional development and training for instructors is a domain in which governments generally allocate resources. This may comprise seminars, workshops, and other educational initiatives designed to keep instructors abreast of the most recent teaching techniques.
  • Leave Entitlements: In accordance with governmental policies, educators in Kogi State may be eligible for a range of leave benefits, such as annual leave, medical leave, and other categories of leave.
  • Opportunities for Professional Growth: Government teaching positions frequently entail prospects for career progression and promotions, contingent upon one’s qualifications, experience, and performance.
  • Contributions to Education: Individuals who are employed as educators in Kogi State have the opportunity to make direct contributions to the education system and foster the progress of future generations. Educators exert a pivotal influence on the trajectory of their respective communities.
  • Social Impact: Educators frequently derive satisfaction from the constructive influence they exert on the communities they serve and the lives of their pupils. This is because teaching is a noble vocation.

How to Apply for Kogi State Teacher Jobs in Nigeria

Before applying for the Kogi State Teachers Recruitment, you must ensure that all required materials are in order. Similar to preparing to go swimming, you must have the proper equipment.

Specify what you require.

  • Academic Credentials: The quality of your academic heritage is critical. Perhaps, depending on the task at hand:
    • A first degree and a Nigerian Certificate in Education (NCE).
    • A Bachelor of Education or an equivalent degree in the field of study that you intend to instruct.
    • If one’s primary degree is not in education, a postgraduate diploma in education (PGDE) and a bachelor’s degree are required.
    • A Higher National Diploma (HND) is accompanied by either a PGDE or a Technical Teachers Certificate (TTC).
  • Grade Level: Your target grade level should be eighth grade or higher.
  • Methods of Application: No more need to mail letters; everything is completed online. Online applications are the only ones that are accepted.
  • Further prerequisites: You are exempt if you have finished your service year with the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). Applying is also completely free; there is no financial obligation.

Concern yourself if you are considering applying and have concerns. You are preparing to take significant action. Simply ensure that you have every single requirement prepared.

Kogi State Teacher Jobs Application Guide

Commence your application by:

  • Make use of the official portal: enter the official Kogi State TESCOM website.
  • Examine the prerequisites: Ensure you satisfy all requirements to continue with the online aptitude examination.
  • Upon completing the registration process successfully, you will be assigned a unique identification number. Protect this item!
  • Attachments to Documents: When submitting your online application, please ensure that you include a comprehensive curriculum vitae (CV) and any additional supporting documents.

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  1. Who created Kogi State?

    The creation of the state on August 27, 1991, by the administration of former President Ibrahim Babangida was a dream fulfilled and one that sought to put the state on the threshold of rapid socio-economic transformation.

  2. How can I be a better teacher? 

    Four Tips on How to Be a Better Teacher. Being able to connect with students authentically is just one of the skills teachers need to be effective. Learning to receive feedback, avoiding bias, engaging in self-reflection, and teaching students in an online forum can also help with professional growth.

  3. What are teachers job duties? 

    Create lesson plans to teach students subjects such as reading, science, and math. 
    Teach students how to interact with others. 
    Observe students to evaluate their abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. 
    Instruct an entire class or smaller groups of students. 
    Grade students’ assignments.

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