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There are thousands of skill-shortage jobs available in Canadian provinces, which is why the Canadian federal and provincial governments are constantly announcing new immigration programs with employment opportunities to attract international talent.

If you ask me which Canadian immigration programs are the easiest to obtain, I will advise you to register for Quebec immigration programs, as these are the easiest Canadian immigration programs to obtain permanent residence in Canada.

You must also be aware that the Canadian federal government gave Quebec province full autonomy to provide its own immigration programs in accordance with its own immigration and visa policies. If you want to know which of Quebec’s immigration programs you can apply for, I will provide you with information about the application process and fees associated with each program.

List of Quebec Immigration Program in Canada

Quebec Regular Skilled Worker Program (QSWP)

If you register for the Quebec Regular Skilled Worker Program (QSWP), you can adopt this path to permanently settle in the Canadian province of Quebec, as this is one of the simplest immigration options for permanently settling in Canada.

Check your eligibility based on the points-based system of the QSWP immigration program, and to score high on your immigration application, you may need a certificate of experience in your field, high academic scores, a French/English language proficiency certificate, and other proofs, whereas, if you want to submit your QSWP application for consideration, start at the Arima portal and you may be required to pay CAD$844 for the QSWP immigration program.


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Quebec Experience Program (PEQ)

I also recommend that you consider the Quebec Experience immigration program if obtaining permanent residence in Canada is your goal, as this is one of the fast-track Canadian permanent immigration programs. If you ask me about eligibility for the PEQ program, there are two mandatory requirements: first, you must have French language proficiency, and second, you must have work experience in Quebec province or have completed your studies there.

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Quebec Entrepreneur Immigration Program

This is one of the Canadian entrepreneur immigration programs that allows non-Canadian entrepreneurs to settle permanently in Canada. The Quebec Entrepreneurship Program (QEP) also requires a Québec selection certificate, after which an application for permanent residency may be submitted to the immigration office.

According to my investigation, an applicant for the Quebec entrepreneur immigration program must also provide proof of a CAD$200,000 security deposit as business insurance, CAD$300,000 as a startup deposit, and at least CAD$900,000 in net assets.

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Quebec Investor Program

You can obtain permanent residency in Canada by residing in Quebec province as an investor if you invest CAD$1.2 million with a Canadian financial intermediary and have a net worth exceeding CAD$2 million to qualify for Quebec investor immigration.

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Quebec Self-Employed Worker Immigration Program

Now that you have read the majority of my article, I will give you a bonus insight into another easy immigration program for Canada, which is to submit your application for a self-employed immigration program in Quebec province. To be eligible for this immigration program, you must have a net asset value exceeding CAD$100,000 and two years of experience working as a self-employed individual.

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Quebec immigration via Validated Job Offer

Essentially, the Quebec immigration program is an expansion of the Quebec skilled worker (QSW) program, allowing Quebec-based employers to hire international skilled workers to work for them in Montreal or outside of the Montreal region, with the Ministry of Immigration, Francisation, and Integration validating their recruitment. Therefore, if you receive a direct job offer from a Quebec-based employer, you may qualify for the Quebec immigration via validated job offer QSW program.

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Benefits of Quebec Immigration Program in Canada

  • Multiple Immigration Currents: The Quebec Immigration Program offers a variety of immigration streams to accommodate various applicant categories, such as skilled employees, business people, students, and families.
  • Cultural Diversification: Quebec is renowned for its rich cultural heritage and diversity of population. Immigrants in Quebec can experience and contribute to this cultural diversity.
  • French Language Proficiency: Although not required for all streams, proficiency in French can considerably increase a candidate’s chances of success. In Canada, particularly in Quebec, where French is the official language, this can be a valuable skill.
  • Employment Opportunities: Quebec’s robust economy offers numerous employment opportunities for skilled employees, making it a desirable location for those seeking employment in a variety of industries.
  • Access to Education and Healthcare of High Quality: Education and healthcare services of superior quality are available to permanent residents and citizens of Quebec. This appeals especially to families with children.
  • Human Services: As a permanent Quebec resident, you will have access to a variety of social services, including unemployment benefits, childcare subsidies, and retirement benefits.
  • Permanent Citizenship: Numerous streams of the Quebec Immigration Program lead to Canadian permanent residency. This status permits individuals to reside and work throughout Canada, not just in Quebec.
  • Pathway to Citizenship in Canada: After meeting certain residency requirements, permanent residents of Quebec can petition for Canadian citizenship, which can offer additional benefits, including the ability to travel with a Canadian passport.
  • Standard of living: Quebec is renowned for its high quality of life, which includes a variety of outdoor, cultural, and recreational activities. It is also known for its security and cleanliness.
  • Programs of Integration Assistance: Quebec provides assimilation programs and services to assist newcomers in adjusting to life in the province, such as language classes and employment assistance.
  • Business Possibilities: Quebec provides opportunities for business immigrants to invest and establish or acquire a business in the province, which may contribute to financial success and job creation.
  • Reunion of Families: The Quebec Immigration Program provides avenues for family reunification, enabling individuals to sponsor their family members’ immigration to Quebec.

French Language Proficiency Tests for Quebec Immigration Program in Canada

If you wish to distinguish yourself from all other Quebec immigration program applicants, I advise you to begin learning French, as the Quebec immigration department gives preference to skilled employees with superior French language skills. As a result, if you’re interested in knowing which French language exams the Canadian province of Quebec accepts, here is a list of those exams:


The Quebec Immigration Program (QIP) is a distinct immigration pathway within Canada that provides a variety of benefits and opportunities for those seeking to reside and work in the province of Quebec. While it shares some similarities with the federal Canadian immigration system, Quebec’s cultural, linguistic, and economic characteristics necessitate distinct criteria and procedures.

People Also Ask:

  1. Who is eligible for the Quebec Immigration Program?

    You must be 18 years of age or older. Language Proficiency – You need to demonstrate competent English or French. Job offer – A job offer increases your Quebec immigration points. Work Experience – You need three years of work experience in the last five years.

  2. How to Immigrate to Quebec Canada?

    About the process
    Apply to the Government of Quebec for a Quebec Selection Certificate (Certificat de sélection du Québec [CSQ]).
    If the province of Quebec chooses you and grants you a CSQ, you must apply to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada for permanent residence.

  3. What is the Quebec Immigration Program?

    The Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSW) is one of Quebec’s immigration pathways for permanent residence. As a skilled worker program, all applicants are required to demonstrate a minimum of skilled work experience.

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