Airport Security Force ASF Roll No Slip 2024 – Check Here

A Roll No. Slip has been issued to the ASF department, and candidates who have applied for positions with various designations now receive an admit card in preparation for the written examination. Furthermore, ASF Roll No. Slip is critical for all candidates who intend to sit for the written examination, as admission is not possible without passing the examination. A few days ago, ASF released job advertisements and made public employment openings for various positions, including junior clerk, senior clerk, carpool, and inspector.

The roll number sheet has been dispatched via courier to the candidate’s designated address by the department. If you have not yet obtained the roll no. slip, please proceed to the official ASF website and proceed with roll no. slip download. On the other hand, your roll number slip will contain the most vital information, including your exam location, seat number, and schedule. Additionally, the Roll No. The slip for the ASF 2024 Airport Security Force is described in the following section.

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Applicants who have submitted an application for a test can now obtain the Entrance Slip 2024. The Airport Security Force oversees the entirety of airport security, and this division requires additional personnel for airport security. After that, they announced some openings, and a significant number of individuals applied for the position. At this time, the ASF is announcing the roll-no-slide policy, which includes an additional written test schedule. Simply click the link that was previously referenced, enter your CNIC number, and click “Submit.” Your roll without a slide will be displayed on-screen.

Airport Security Force ASF Roll No Slip

The roll-no-notice for the entry test, in addition to the test center where the entry test details are to be provided, will be specified. However, should you choose to take the test, you will be required to carry the roll of paper in your pockets, as it may be inspected at any moment. Therefore, exercise caution, as ASF does not publish job openings annually or monthly.


Airport Security Force Physical Test Slip

For your information, Sephy applicants are required to first pass a physical examination and obtain a copy of the Physical Roll No. Slip 2024. You will be eligible to take the subsequent examinations if you pass this one. In the interim, ASF will release the physical examination register without a slip; candidates seeking it can access it from this page. Because the link is displayed above the content, accessing the official ASF website by clicking on it will bring it to your screen.


The Pakistan Army conducts surveillance over the ASF due to the fact that individuals who enlist in the organization receive training from the Pakistan Army prior to being assigned to this department. The airport is a critical hub through which tens of thousands of individuals arrive in Pakistan daily from overseas and depart daily to other countries.

The ASF is primarily responsible for regulating terrorist activities in airports. Passengers are occasionally inspected because some individuals attempt to send irrelevant items through various channels; as a result, these types of products are halted. The entire ASF Roll No. Slip 2024 has been described in detail above.

More Info

  1. How many airports are under ASF?

    ASF started its journey by managing the security of seven major airports with a limited manpower of 2870 in all ranks. Subsequently, it was mandated to provide security to all 42 airports in Pakistan with a manpower of 8945 personnel.

  2. Who is the head of ASF?

    Major General Adnan Asif Jah Shad, Hilal-e-Imtiaz (Military), assumed charge of the Director General Airports Security Force on October 4, 2022. He was commissioned into the 14th Frontier Force Regiment on October 7, 1988. He is a graduate of Command & Staff College Quetta and National Defense University Islamabad.

  3. What are the functions of ASF at airports?

    ASF safeguards the civil aviation industry against unlawful interferences, adopts counterterrorism measures, prevents crime, and maintains law and order within the limits of airports in Pakistan.

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