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Ministry of Health MOH Jobs in Ghana 2024-25 – Apply Now

Discover the application process for the Ministry of Health MOH Jobs in Ghana. Medical officers, health professionals, and nurses are being sought. Access the Ministry of Health (MOH) Recruitment Application Portal Login at, which serves as the recruitment portal for the MOH.

The Ministry of Health is recruiting. To submit a resume, please visit The application form, prerequisites, and instructions are all available. The Ghana Ministry of Health (MOH) is seeking candidates for positions such as enrolled nurse, medical officer, and allied health professional. If you wish to apply, please complete the following form:.

This article describes the MOH recruitment portal, the application process, and how to obtain a form. Visit in order to submit applications for MOH positions and potentially be interviewed.

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Is the Ministry of Health (MOH) Recruitment Form Available?

  • The Ministry of Health has not yet initiated the recruitment process for the current year. We shall ensure that you are duly informed once the MOH recruitment process commences.
  • However, exercise prudence and refrain from placing your trust in individuals who assert otherwise or imply that the Ministry of Health 2024 recruitment process has commenced.
  • It is noteworthy that the application process for MOH recruitment in 2024 is conducted at no cost. Applicants who are interested in securing a position with the Ministry of Health should bear this in mind.
  • The application form is accessible through the recruitment webpage of the Ministry of Health.
  • The 2024 recruitment form for the Ministry of Health is expected to be made available shortly; however, the recruitment process has not yet begun.
  • The MOH will reportedly shortly initiate a substantial recruitment campaign, during which the portal will be accessible and applications will be accepted (reliable sources).
  • As of the composition of this article, no announcement has been made regarding the closing date.

Benefits of Ministry of Health MOH Jobs in Ghana

  • Job Security: Government positions, including those affiliated with the Ministry of Health, generally afford employees a substantial degree of job security, thereby ensuring career stability.
  • Competitive Compensation and Allowances: MOH positions are typically accompanied by fixed, competitive compensation and allowances designated for a variety of objectives. This secures a consistent and anticipated revenue stream for personnel.
  • Healthcare Benefits: Personnel of the Ministry of Health are eligible to receive comprehensive healthcare benefits, which may consist of individual and dependent medical insurance. This may positively impact the welfare of employees and their families as a whole.
  • Professional Development and Ongoing Training: The MOH potentially provides avenues for ongoing professional development and training. This may consist of seminars, workshops, and other initiatives designed to keep employees abreast of the most recent healthcare developments and improve their skill sets.
  • Contributing to Public Health: Individuals who are employed by the MOH have the opportunity to make a direct contribution towards the enhancement of public health in Ghana. The involvement of personnel is vital in the execution of health policies, programs, and initiatives that have a broad impact on the entire populace.
  • Access to Research and Resources: Personnel of the MOH may be granted access to a wealth of healthcare-related resources, research findings, and data. This can prove advantageous for professionals who wish to remain well-informed and arrive at decisions grounded in evidence.
  • Community Impact: The MOH provides its employees with the opportunity to positively influence local communities through the enhancement of healthcare services and the resolution of public health issues.
  • Retirement Benefits and Pension Plans: Government employment generally includes pension schemes that furnish personnel with monetary stability throughout their post-employment phase.
  • Work-Life Balance: In comparison to specific private sector positions, work-life balance is frequently more consistent in the public sector. Individuals who are attempting to achieve a harmonious equilibrium between their professional and personal spheres may find this to be significant.
  • Social Recognition: Ministry of Health employees are frequently held in high regard and accorded social recognition within the community. An employee’s contribution to the nation’s health and well-being may inspire pride.

Recruitment for Professional Nurses at Ministry of Health (MOH)

For Nurse Assistant Clinical and Nurse Assistant Preventive positions:


Formal applications must be submitted via the application portal of the Ministry of Health by eligible candidates.


Please visit and log in with your index number in order to proceed. By adhering to the instructions provided, one can choose their preferred ministry agency.

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Recruitment for Medical Doctors and Dentists at MOH

Medical doctors and dentists who have completed their housework and are permanently registered with the Medical and Dental Council (as indicated on the 19th and 20th lists) are hereby notified by the Ministry of Health of the following:

In accordance with the directives of the Ministry of Health, employment consideration will be limited to individuals who have successfully completed accredited Nurse Assistant Clinical (NAC) and Nursing Assistant Preventive (NAP) programs from domestic public health training institutions.

Applicants must guarantee that the character does not appear in their MDC permanent registration PIN. MDC/RN/4040, for instance, ought to be represented as MDCRN4040.


  • Verify the status of your clearance.
  • Obtain NMC INDEX NUMBERS for registration on behalf of all applicants.
  • You must submit a request for financial clearance using the supplied clearance request form if you are not eligible for this clearance.

How to Apply for Ministry of Health MOH Jobs in Ghana

  • Please follow these instructions to apply for a position with the Ministry of Health (MOH) in Ghana for the year 2024.
  • Visit the official website,, and fill out the application form that is provided. In this procedure, it is vital to provide accurate information.
  • Furthermore, ensure that you consistently visit the website in order to obtain any additional instructions or updates pertaining to the progress of your application.
  • It is highly advisable that graduates who have obtained credentials as Nursing Assistant Clinical (NAC) and Nursing Assistant Preventive (NAP) from publicly accredited institutions of public health education utilize the official online application portal established by the Ministry of Health.
  • The address of this portal is Determine your preferred Ministry of Health Agency by adhering to the guidelines presented on the portal.
  • Regarding the application deadline, it has not yet been disclosed. It is crucial to continue accessing the portal frequently for updates concerning the MOH Recruitment 2024 deadline.
  • Remember that it is critical to remain informed of significant dates in order to submit your application on time.

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Please feel at liberty to share any thoughts or inquiries pertaining to the Ghana Ministry of Health Recruitment 2024 in the comment section that follows this post. We will ensure that you are consistently informed of any newly acquired information.

  1. Who is the Minister of Health in Accra, Ghana?

    The Minister for Health, Hon. Kwaku Agyeman-Manu.

  2. How many health workers are there in Ghana? 

    There are about 52,258 individuals currently formally working in the health sector in public, CHAG, private, Islamic missions, quasi-government, and other organizations in Ghana. The MOH employs 42,299 staff in GHS, teaching hospitals, CHAG, health training institutions, regulatory bodies, and headquarters.

  3. Where is the Moh in Ghana? 

    Driving directions to the Ministry of Health, 36 Sekou Toure St., Accra-WWaze.

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