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Ekiti SUBEB Jobs in Nigeria 2024 – Apply Now

Investigate the Ekiti SUBEB Recruitment at and contribute to the educational revolution in Ekiti. You will be provided with details regarding the Ekiti SUBEB recruitment today. Carefully perusing this news article will enlighten you on the criteria that Ekiti SUBEB Recruitment is evaluating when it comes to new hires.

Furthermore, you will acquire an understanding of the prerequisites that are necessary to submit the application form. Furthermore, the article will provide a comprehensive overview of the available positions that are open for applications, thereby appealing to potential candidates who are interested in these prospects.

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This information is of the utmost importance for individuals seeking to comprehend the parameters and standards of the Ekiti SUBEB recruitment process for 2024.

Addressing the Urgent Need for Teachers in Ekiti State

Ekiti State has garnered recent attention for its critical predicament of severe teacher shortages. This issue transcends mere statistical data; it has an impact on the hopes that are halted and the ambitions that remain unfulfilled.


A Stark Reality: Schools Closing Their Doors


We are confronted with the alarming reality of school closures in Ekiti. This affects the education of our children in a significant way.

Do You Have a Passion for Teaching?

Ekiti State University is inviting individuals who possess a profound enthusiasm for the field of education and an aspiration to effect positive change.

Ekiti SUBEB Recruitment: A Glimmer of Hope

SuBEB, the Ekiti State Universal Basic Education Board, is an example of optimism. Its primary objective is to facilitate communication and understanding between educators and learners, thereby guaranteeing that each child residing in Ekiti is provided with a high-caliber education that is justly theirs.

Are You Interested in Making a Difference?

Continue reading if the idea of helping to revolutionize the educational system in Ekiti intrigues you. Your dedication to the field of education has the potential to significantly influence the path ahead for the youth of Ekiti and make a positive impact on our society.

Current Ekiti SUBEB Recruitment Status

One might inquire, “Is Ekiti SUBEB currently accepting applications?”

We are cognizant of your eager anticipation. The recruitment process for 2024 has not yet commenced. But hello, wouldn’t it be ideal to prepare at this moment?

List of Ekiti SUBEB Jobs in Nigeria

It is probable that the Ekiti State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) in Nigeria will conduct recruitment for a range of positions. Possible such positions comprise:

  • Teachers: Educators occupy the most prevalent position. Children require the instruction of educators in a variety of subjects.
  • Administrative Staff: Administrative personnel are those who assist in the operation of institutions and the education system.
  • Accountants: Accountants manage the institutions’ finances and financial records.
  • Clerks: Clerks perform various office duties, including document filing and phone responding.
  • IT Staff: IT personnel are responsible for maintaining technology and computers in institutions.
  • Librarians: They oversee the operation of the educational libraries.
  • Counselors: Counselors provide assistance to students in addressing both personal and academic challenges.
  • Cleaners and Janitors: The cleaners and janitors maintain the cleanliness of the institution.
  • Security Personnel: Security personnel ensure the safety of the institutions.
  • Drivers: They may operate school transports or other vehicles on behalf of the institutions.

The subsequent employment categories may become accessible via the Ekiti SUBEB recruitment process.

Benefits of Ekiti SUBEB Jobs in Nigeria

  • employment Security: Employment with Ekiti SUBEB ensures employment security due to the organization’s oversight of state policies and programs pertaining to basic education. Generally, workers are afforded long-lasting and consistent employment prospects.
  • Competitive Salaries and Benefits: Ekiti SUBEB provides its employees with competitive salaries and benefits, which include paid leave, health insurance, and retirement plans, among other perks. These perks guarantee the economic security and welfare of staff members and their dependents.
  • Professional Development and Career Progression: Employment with Ekiti SUBEB offers prospects for professional expansion and progression in one’s career. Employees may be afforded the opportunity to advance to more senior positions within the organization by means of promotions or the acquisition of supplementary credentials and abilities.
  • Education Development Contribution: Ekiti SUBEB significantly contributes to the advancement of fundamental education within the state. Staff members are afforded the chance to make a positive impact on learning outcomes, the provision of education of superior quality, and the advancement of educational opportunity for every child in Ekiti State.
  • Training and Capacity Building: Ekiti SUBEB emphasizes the importance of investing in the training and capacity building of its workforce in order to furnish them with the requisite expertise and competencies to execute their responsibilities efficiently. Training may be provided to personnel in various domains, including instructional methodologies, curriculum design, educational technology, and classroom administration.
  • Work-Life Balance: Ekiti SUBEB employment opportunities frequently provide a favorable work-life balance, characterized by consistent working hours and the ability to adjust schedules as needed. This enables personnel to uphold a harmonious equilibrium between their occupational obligations and personal lives.
  • Community Impact: Employees of Ekiti SUBEB are able to positively influence their communities through their support of initiatives that promote the education and growth of minors within the state. By interacting with students, parents, instructors, and members of the community, employees have the opportunity to cultivate positive relationships and encourage community involvement in education.
  • A Sense of Satisfaction and Pride: Employees of Ekiti SUBEB experience a profound sense of satisfaction and pride in their efforts to influence the trajectory of the state via education. It can be extremely gratifying to know that one’s efforts directly affect the well-being of children and families residing in Ekiti State.

Requirements for Ekiti SUBEB Jobs in Nigeria

The following are the standard qualifications that are expected to be fulfilled via the Ekiti SUBEB recruitment process in Nigeria.

Please note that the aforementioned are standard prerequisites and may differ marginally contingent upon the particular recruitment standards established by Ekiti SUBEB.

Combined Requirements for Teachers, Counselors, and Librarians:

  • Required Academic Credentials: A Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) or a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline with a concentration in education, or a Bachelor’s degree in education (B.Ed.).
  • Professional teaching credentials, including a certificate from the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN).
  • Generally, experience in teaching or a closely related discipline is considered advantageous.

Administrative Staff, Accountants, Clerks, IT Staff:

  • Proficiency in the appropriate academic disciplines (e.g., computer science and information technology for IT staff, business administration for administrative staff, accounting for accountants) is required for a bachelor’s degree.
  • Competencies: Effective communication and organizational abilities are essential for administrative positions; IT personnel must be well-versed in pertinent software and technology; accountants must possess proficiency in accounting and bookkeeping.
  • Prior experience in a pertinent capacity may confer a competitive edge.

Cleaners and Janitors, Security Personnel, Drivers:

  • Standard educational requirements typically consist of at least a secondary school certificate.
  • Proficiency in particular abilities pertinent to the position (e.g., fundamental security training for security personnel, driving expertise for chauffeurs).
  • Prior experience in comparable positions may be considered an asset. A legitimate driver’s license and a spotless driving record are mandatory for all motorists.

General Requirements for All Positions:

  • Age: Applicants are generally required to be at least 18 years old.
  • Nationality: Nigerian citizenship is required.
  • Preference may be extended to candidates who are lawful residents of the state of Ekiti.
  • Candidates must possess sound physical and mental health.
  • Important characteristics include a spotless criminal record and exemplary behavior.

Particular specifications may differ from the aforementioned general guidelines. It is advisable to consult the official Ekiti SUBEB recruitment announcement in order to obtain the most precise and comprehensive details.

Who Can Apply for Ekiti SUBEB Jobs in Nigeria?

Eligible to register is anyone, irrespective of their possession of a Master’s Degree or any other qualification. What genuinely matters is not only one’s academic credentials but also one’s fervor for educating and motivating others.

Prepare yourself, familiarize yourself with the application process, and be ready to seize opportunities as they present themselves.

Understanding the Role of Ekiti State Teachers

To clarify for those who may be uncertain of its importance, educators function as the fundamental pillars of society, shaping the trajectory of forthcoming cohorts.

This role assumes heightened significance in Ekiti State in light of the prevailing conditions. Truly captivating, wouldn’t you say?

Available Positions

A wide variety of positions are accessible for prospective candidates to investigate. It is imperative to choose one that corresponds with your abilities and goals.

It is not merely a matter of obtaining employment; rather, it entails accepting a substantial quantity of responsibility.

Are You From These Areas?

The following regions qualify for recruitment:

  • Ado
  • Ekiti-East
  • Ekiti-West
  • Emure/Ise/Orun
  • Ekiti South-West
  • Ikare
  • Irepodun
  • Ijero,
  • Ido/Osi
  • Oye
  • Ikole
  • Moba
  • Gbonyin
  • Efon
  • Ise/Orun
  • Ilejemeje.

Application Process for Ekiti SUBEB Jobs

To submit an application for the Ekiti SUBEB recruitment, please adhere to the following procedures:

  • Visit the official website at to apply.
  • Please ensure that you adhere to the guidelines meticulously.
  • When uncertain about online applications, feel free to seek assistance and ensure that the information you provide is precise.

More Info

A Cautionary Note:

It is erroneous to begin the application process without the necessary documents. It may impede your future prospects. Always verify prior to proceeding!

It’s Your Turn:

Ekiti is eagerly anticipating your expertise. Speak up, whether you require updates or have inquiries. Here, your very existence is at stake. The educational system in Ekiti requires development; you have the potential to contribute to this end. Are you prepared to accept the challenge? It is an opportunity to make a difference, not merely a job prospect.

  1. When was Subeb established in Ekiti State?

    The law that established Ekiti SUBEB was enacted on June 1, 2005, and according to the law, the activities of the Board cover the first nine academic years of every child, i.e., from primary school to JSS 111. Ekiti SUBEB partners with an NGO for free ICT training for teachers.

  2. What are the functions of Subeb in Nigeria? 

    SUBEB libraries are established to serve as a model and anchor for school library development in Nigeria. Much recognition has been accorded to SUBEB libraries as a pivot point around which teaching and learning activities in primary schools in the states revolve.

  3. Who is the speaker of Ekiti State? 

    The current speaker of the 6th Ekiti State House of Assembly is Olubunmi Adelugba, the first female speaker, who succeeded Gboyega Aribisogan following his impeachment.

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