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Latest Pakistan Telecommunication Authority Jobs 2024

Pakistan Telecom Regulatory Authority PTA Careers Career Opportunities The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority announced this most recent opening. We possess this Dawn newspaper PTA employment advertisement.

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority seeks qualified candidates who can provide their team with professionalism and integrity. These Member (Technical) positions are available to qualified candidates.

  • Compensation Plan
  • The estimated minimum salary per month is 250,000 PKR.
  • Average Monthly Wage Cap of 300,000 PKR
Latest Pakistan Telecommunication Authority Jobs
Latest Pakistan Telecommunication Authority Jobs

Details of Latest Pakistan Telecommunication Authority Jobs

Hiring Organization:Pakistan Telecommunication Authority – PTA
Jobs Location:Islamabad
Education Requirements:Master
Employment Type:Full Time
No. of Posts:01
Newspaper:Daily Dawn
Address:Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, PTA Headquarter, F-5/1, Islamabad
Zip Code:44000

Vacation Positions

  • Member (Technical)

Benefits of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority Jobs

  • Regulation and Oversight: The PTA regulates and oversees the telecom industry in Pakistan. This ensures that the sector operates efficiently and fairly, promoting healthy competition and protecting consumers’ interests.
  • Consumer Protection: PTA protects the rights of consumers by monitoring service quality, ensuring fair pricing, and addressing consumer complaints. It helps in resolving disputes between telecom operators and consumers.
  • Spectrum Management: The PTA manages and allocates radio frequency spectrum, which is essential for wireless communication services like mobile networks. Efficient spectrum management ensures that these services are available and operate smoothly.
  • Promoting Innovation: The PTA encourages innovation in the telecom sector by creating a conducive regulatory environment. This fosters the development of new technologies and services, benefiting both consumers and the industry.
  • Investment and Economic Growth: A well-regulated telecom sector attracts investment. PTA’s policies and regulations can encourage foreign and domestic investments, contributing to economic growth and job creation.
  • Universal Access: The PTA works to ensure that telecom services are accessible to people in remote and underserved areas of Pakistan. This helps bridge the digital divide and brings the benefits of communication to a wider population.
  • Cybersecurity: In an increasingly digital world, cybersecurity is crucial. PTA plays a role in ensuring that communication networks and information technology services are secure, protecting against cyber threats.
  • Infrastructure Development: PTA facilitates the expansion and development of telecom infrastructure, including broadband networks. This improves connectivity and access to the internet, which are essential for education, business, and overall development.
  • Spectrum Auctions: The PTA conducts auctions for spectrum licenses, generating revenue for the government. This income can be used for various public welfare programs.
  • International Coordination: The PTA represents Pakistan in international telecommunications forums and organizations. This ensures that Pakistan’s interests are considered in global telecom policies and standards.
  • Compliance with Regulations: The PTA ensures that telecom operators comply with the regulations, including licensing requirements, quality of service standards, and environmental regulations.
  • Innovation and Competition: By promoting competition and innovation, PTA helps to keep telecom services affordable and of high quality. This benefits consumers by giving them choices and driving improvements in service offerings.

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Apply Procedure for Pakistan Telecommunication Authority Jobs

  • Assemble these documents.
  • CNIC CV: Two Images from Current Residence
  • Please send your application and the above materials (including copies of academic testimonials validated by institutions or HEC) to the address listed below.
  • Cabinet Block, Cabinet Division, Islamabad postal code.
  • Only those selected for an interview or examination will be contacted.
  • Applications submitted after the deadline or lacking the necessary information will not be evaluated.
  • There will be no TA/DA allowance.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is the pay package for PTA?

    91,000-plus medical facility for self and family. Gross salary: Rs. 180,138/- and perks: Rs. 70,000/- plus a medical facility for self and family.

  2. What is a PTA-approved mobile?

    A specific type of approval from the PTA denotes that a piece of telecommunications equipment is acceptable for general sale and suitable for connection to a particular public telecommunications network.

  3. What are the highest-paying PTA jobs?

    Home health care services, skilled nursing facilities, and assisted living facilities pay higher salaries on average.

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