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Lady Health Worker Jobs in Sindh 2024 – Apply Now

The RMNH Directorate General Health Services Government of Sindh has announced 2700+ lady health worker jobs in Sindh. Visit the Sukkur IBA Testing Services (STS) website at to submit the application form. Age should range from 18 to 30 years old. Applicants with a high school diploma are invited to apply for a variety of management positions, as advertised in the Daily Newspaper. These positions are reserved for women only.

The registration is specified, and the application procedure takes place online. You must submit your application prior to the deadline specified in the official job advertisement. Before submitting an application, it is essential that you read the official advertisement in its entirety to completely comprehend the application process and obtain all pertinent information about the company.

Details of Lady Health Worker Jobs in Sindh

Organization:Health Department, Sindh
Job Type:Sindh Government
AdvertisementDownload pdf
 Salary Offer32,000 +

Benefits of Lady Health Worker Jobs in Sindh

  • Public Health Promotion: In their communities, LHWs are at the forefront of advocating health and hygiene practices. They educate families on vital health topics, such as maternal and infant health, family planning, nutrition, and sanitation.
  • Expanded Access to Medical Care: In many rural and remote locations, healthcare facilities are difficult to reach. LHWs bridge this chasm by delivering healthcare services directly to the front door of families, thereby ensuring that individuals receive expedient care.
  • Mother and baby health: LHWs often focus on maternal and child health, promoting antenatal care, safe labor practices, and childhood immunizations. This reduces the rates of maternal and infant mortality.
  • Planned Parenthood Services: Families are able to make well-informed decisions about family size and spacing between pregnancies when LHWs provide information and access to family planning methods.
  • Wellness Education: They conduct health awareness sessions, disseminate information about preventive healthcare, and encourage families to adopt healthier lifestyles.
  • Early Disease Diagnosis: LHWs are trained to recognize early symptoms of illness and refer patients to appropriate healthcare facilities. Early detection can enhance treatment outcomes and limit disease transmission.
  • Health Records Administration: LHWs maintain health records for the families they service, thereby assisting healthcare providers in tracking and monitoring community health trends.
  • Emancipation of Women: The LHW program frequently empowers women by providing them with employment opportunities and training. This benefits not only their economic standing but also their social standing within their communities.
  • Cost Reduction in Healthcare: By providing preventive care and health education, LHWs can help reduce the overall cost of healthcare for communities, as preventing illness is frequently more cost-effective than treating it.
  • Crisis Management: LHWs can be instrumental in providing immediate healthcare support and information to affected communities during health crises, such as disease outbreaks and natural disasters.
  • Enhanced Health Indices: Over time, the presence of LHWs in communities can enhance health indicators such as vaccination rates, malnutrition, and maternal mortality.
  • Community Faith: LHWs frequently enjoy the trust and esteem of the communities they serve, which can increase the utilization of healthcare services and adherence to medical advice.
  • Data Gathering: LHWs acquire vital health information at the community level, thereby contributing to the development and implementation of healthcare policies and programs.

How to apply online for Lady Health Worker Jobs in Sindh

  • Visit if you are a woman interested in applying for the Sukkur IBA Testing Services (STS).
  • The aforementioned page contains detailed application instructions and suggestions.
  • To learn how to apply for the most recent positions, read the organization’s official job postings attentively.

More Info

Lady Health Worker Vacancy

Please be vigilant for potentially unethical recruiting practices. Do not pay your employer if they request payment for any reason; instead, report the situation immediately using the contact form. Please abide by the official directions supplied in the job posting. Please be aware that applying for government jobs online through this platform is prohibited.

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Lady Health Worker STS Roll No Slip

On behalf of the Sindh Health Department, the Directorate General of Health Services in Sindh Province is accepting applications for the position of Lady Health Worker. Residents of Sindh Province are strongly encouraged to register.


Address: Directorate General Health Services, Sindh, Hyderabad, Sindh

People Also Ask:

  1. How do I become a female health worker?

    In order to become a lady health worker in Pakistan, a woman needs at least 8 years of schooling, must be recommended by her community, and must undergo extensive training.

  2. What are the duties of LHV? 

    LHVs work for maternal health at the grass-roots level. They provide medical treatment for common diseases. They also guide the females about the prevention of common diseases. LHVs ensure that newly born children are provided with immunization facilities.

  3. What do lady health workers do?

    Lady Health Workers (LHWs) play a particularly important role for mothers and children by coordinating with traditional birth attendants and midwives to ensure that mothers receive adequate care.

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