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Lady Health Visitor LHV Jobs 2024 – Punjab Health Department

The charge nurse and LHV positions were announced in the Express Newspaper today. Vacancies for Lady Health Visitors and Charge Nurses are restricted to Punjab domicile bearers only. As of now, 767 LHV positions are available in government hospitals. In all public hospitals, the provincial administration will appoint charge nurses. In a similar fashion, the provincial administrations of KPK, Sindh, and Baluchistan intend to hire LHV Lady Health Visitors and charge nurses. Particularly qualified for charge nurse positions at LVH are women residing in Punjab and Pakistan.

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Details of Lady Health Visitor LHV Jobs

LHV Lady Health Visitor Jobs 767 Announced

In this article, we will discuss LHV positions within the Punjab Health Department. Maintain awareness of the specifics regarding vacancies for LHVs, Lady Health Workers, Lady Health Visitors, and charge nurses. Door-to-door in both urban and rural communities, LHVs educate individuals on fundamental health matters. Applicants who are already acquainted with LHV employment opportunities should obtain the French job application form directly. You can now access the online application portal. Apply for Food Authority of Punjab jobs.

Lady Health Visitor Jobs

Application materials for LHV positions with the Punjab Health Department can be obtained at Female applicants with matriculation, FSc pre-medical, or diploma degrees in LHV are qualified to apply for the most recent 767 vacancies in LHV. Permanent Lady Health Visitor (LHV) positions are available at the Punjab Health Department. The department shall remunerate appointed and designated personnel on a monthly basis. Each health department employs LHVs, and they also charge nurses for the IRMNCH & Nutrition program.

LHV Jobs in Punjab Health Department

Download the IRMNCH Job Application Form in order to be considered for the most recent LHV positions with the Punjab Health Department. Applicants must exclusively submit authentic information on the application form when seeking employment with IRMCH & Nutrition. LHV Lady Health Workers provide support for nutrition, IRMNCH, and awareness programs. A single applicant is permitted to apply for a given job. In order to qualify as charge nurses, female candidates must possess either a B.Sc. Generic or a diploma in general nursing and midwifery. Application Form, Balochistan Police Jobs, Closing Date


Primary & Secondary Health Care Department LHV Jobs

Numerous female Pakistani citizens are undoubtedly seeking employment opportunities within the nation. At a minimum, they migrate overseas in pursuit of employment and to earn a living in primary and secondary health-related departments. Pakistan continues to require technical personnel. Since the inception of Pakistan, the progenitor has advocated for scientific, medical, and information technology education. Vacancy information for LHVs and charge nurses can be found at


More Info

Irmnch Job Application Form Download Pdf

An abundance of candidates visit the Irmnch website. They encounter numerous challenges as a result of an excessive influx of traffic. A direct link to the Irmnch job application form in PDF format has been provided for your convenience. We earnestly request that you choose to access the link that we have provided. It is critical to furnish information that can be corroborated during the interview process.

IRMCN LHV Jobs in Punjab Health Department

On this point, we intend to conclude our discussion. We have published an advertisement to inform prospective LHV candidates of the Punjab Health Department’s vacancies. They are required to read carefully in order to jot down the crucial instructions. All applicants interested in becoming Lady Health Visitors or Workers are required to submit their applications.

  1. What is the work of LHV in medicine?

    LHVs work for maternal health at the grass-roots level. They provide medical treatment for common diseases. They also guide the females about the prevention of common diseases. LHVs ensure that newly born children are provided with immunization facilities.

  2. What is the scope of the lady health visitor?

    An LHV is eligible to provide healthcare facilities at home and in other healthcare settings, such as the community, hospitals, clinics, or health units. Employment in the government sector at DHQ or THQ healthcare settings under maternal and child healthcare facilities

  3. Is LHV a nurse? 

    Lady health visitors (LHVs), as a specific cadre of health care providers, have existed in Pakistan since 1951. They provide a variety of services to urban and rural communities, including basic nursing care, maternal child health services, and training of community workers.

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