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Join Pakistan Air Force as Commissioned Officers 2024

All Pakistani Students are encouraged to apply for PAF Jobs in Pakistan. and join the Pakistan Air Force as commissioned officers. Students who are Energetic, Young, Intelligent, and Highly Qualified are encouraged to apply. Intermediate (ACCA, B.E, B.Tech), Bachelor (BBA, BE, BS), MS, MBA, and Masters/M.Phil. students are eligible to apply for PAF Jobs. Only male students may apply for PAF positions. The monthly salary for these positions exceeds $70,000. PAF Jobs in Pakistan has an age limit between 16 and 22 years old.

There are over 500 open positions for Pakistani applicants. 155 General Duty Pilot (GD)P, 101 Aeronautical Engineering Course, 111 Air Defence Course, 30 Admin & Special Duties Courses, 12 Logistics Courses, Legal Branch 131 CSC SSC, Accounts Branch (131 CSC SSC), Information Technology (131 CSC SSC), Logistics Branch (131 CSC SSC), Admin & Special Duties Branch (131 CSC SSC), and Education Branch (131 CSC SSC) are among the branches with available positions. Students can submit their applications online at

Details of Join Pakistan Air Force as Commissioned Officers

Provided By:PAF
Age:16 to 22 years
Education:Intermediate, Bachelor and Masters/M.Phill
Salary:PKR 70000+
Address:Pakistan Air Force Headquarters (PAF HQs), Unnamed Road E-9, Islamabad

Benefits of Join Pakistan Air Force as Commissioned Officers

  • Airborne Defense: The PAF’s principal mission is to defend Pakistan’s airspace and territorial sovereignty. It is tasked with detecting, intercepting, and neutralizing any airborne hazards or intruders in order to protect the nation’s sovereignty.
  • A deterrent: The PAF maintains credible air deterrence capabilities consisting of fighter aircraft and air defense systems. This deters potential aggressors and contributes to the stability of the region.
  • Assistance with Ground Operations: During military operations, the PAF offers essential air support to the ground forces. This includes close air support, reconnaissance, and the transportation of soldiers and supplies, all of which are essential to the success of ground operations.
  • Operational Airlift: The Pakistan Air Force is responsible for strategic airlift operations, such as the transportation of troops, equipment, and humanitarian assistance to remote and conflict-affected regions within Pakistan.
  • Rescue and Search: The PAF conducts search and rescue operations in a variety of scenarios, including natural disasters and military incidents, in order to save lives and provide aid.
  • Assistance to the Needy: After natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods, the PAF is frequently involved in humanitarian assistance and disaster relief (HADR) efforts, delivering relief supplies, and medical aid, and undertaking aerial surveys.
  • Aerial Monitoring: It conducts aerial surveillance to monitor border regions, deter smuggling, and strengthen border security overall.
  • Training: The PAF plays an essential role in the training of pilots, aircrew, and technical personnel, not only for its own requirements but also for those of allied and friendly nations, thereby fostering international cooperation and relations.
  • Aerospace Industry Progress: By working on indigenous aircraft and technology, the Pakistan Air Force has stimulated the growth of Pakistan’s aerospace industry, thereby contributing to the nation’s technological advancement and independence.
  • Cooperation Among Nations: Through participation in joint exercises, exchange programs, and collaboration with other air forces, the PAF strengthens diplomatic ties, promotes international peace, and nurtures military-to-military ties with other nations.
  • Contributions to research and development: The PAF frequently engages in aviation technology-related research and development, which can have applications and benefits beyond defense.

List of Join Pakistan Air Force as Commissioned Officers

  • Miniature Drone Developer & Integrator
  • Software/Computer Vision Developer
  • RF System Engineer
  • RF Frontend Engineer
  • Commissioned Officer
  • Desktop Application Developer
  • Drone Designer
  • Embedded Imagery Developer
  • Optical System Developer

Required Education:

  • Intermediate
  • ACCA
  • B.Tech
  • Bachelor
  • BS
  • BE
  • BBA
  • CA
  • Masters
  • MS
  • MBA
  • M.Phil.

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Document Required:

  • 2 Photographs are required
  • Experience Letter
  • National Identity Card (CNIC)
  • PDF CV/Resume
  • Domicile
  • Degree Certificates required

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Must be a Pakistani citizen.
  • Unmarried individuals between the ages of 16 and 22.
  • Students between the levels of Intermediate and Masters/M. Phil may apply for PAF Jobs 2024.

How to Join Pakistan Air Force as Commissioned Officers

Students from across the nation may apply for PAF Jobs 2024 in Pakistan by following the procedure outlined below.

  • All Applicants can submit their applications online at
  • Applicants must provide comprehensive and accurate information on the PAF Online Registration Form. The deadline for submitting applications is today.
  • Only candidates who have been shortlisted will be invited to a test/interview.

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People Also Ask:

  1. How do you qualify as a commissioned officer?

    Enlistees may use their military education benefits to earn a four-year degree, and then apply to officer school. Receive a direct commission after earning a professional degree, such as a medical, law, or religious studies degree. Direct commission officers are required to attend officer training.

  2. How do you become a commissioned officer in the Air Force?

    Airmen with a bachelor’s degree or higher can earn a commission through the Officer Training School (OTS). The program teaches the skills and confidence necessary for an officer to lead in the Air Force.

  3. Is it difficult to join the Air Force?

    To enter the Air Force, you need to complete basic training, which requires a certain level of physical fitness that can be difficult to achieve. There is also an interview process because, unlike other branches of the US military, the Air Force does not accept every candidate.

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