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FMARD Jobs in Nigeria 2024 – Apply Now

Study the FMARD recruitment process. Determine your requirements and how to join. Our guide enables you to contribute to the agricultural expansion of Nigeria. We cordially invite you to participate in the FMARD Recruitment initiative, which aims to elucidate the significant contributions made by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD) towards the progress of Nigeria’s agricultural industry. FMARD functions not only as a bureaucratic entity but also as the principal catalyst for agricultural advancement in Nigeria.

The mission of FMARD transcends traditional objectives by a significant margin. The objectives encompassed within this domain are the following: guaranteeing an ample provision of food; establishing employment prospects in the agricultural sector; bolstering foreign exchange reserves for Nigeria; and incentivizing economic expansion in rural regions.

Employment at FMARD represents not only a profession but also a substantial chance to contribute to the agricultural well-being of the nation. Prospective candidates are strongly encouraged to seize this exceptional opportunity, which places significant emphasis on agricultural progress and unifies their professional endeavors with a broader, national mission.

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Greetings and welcome to FMARD Recruitment, an organization dedicated to fostering Nigeria’s agricultural future through the convergence of enthusiasm and intention.


Requirements of FMARD Jobs in Nigeria

  • Citizenship in Nigeria: You are required to be a citizen.
  • Ready to operate in any environment where crops are grown.
  • Health and Fitness: Are you capable of confronting challenges in the field?
  • Minimum academic requirements include five credits in WASSCE, NECO, or GCE.
  • Tertiary Education: You are ahead of the curve if you hold a B.Sc., HND, NCE, or OND.
  • Conduct: FMARD places a premium on honesty and self-control.
  • Below the age of 35? Beyond praise.
  • State of Origin: Your place of origin is of interest to them.
  • Keep your criminal record spotless.
  • Identification requires proof of identity.
  • Computer Literacy: The future of agriculture is digital.
  • Can your communication skills motivate your team?
  • Teamwork is the means to progress; we must grow together.
  • Participate in FMARD’s efforts to shape the agricultural success narrative of Nigeria.

Benefits of FMARD Jobs in Nigeria

  • Contribution to National Development: Individuals can make a direct contribution to national development through their work with FMARD by providing support for agricultural policies and programs that are designed to improve food security, alleviate poverty, and foster rural development.
  • Career Growth Opportunities: FMARD provides a diverse range of career trajectories and avenues for professional growth and progression within the agricultural industry. Employees can acquire a variety of skills and experiences that are beneficial to their professional development.
  • Impactful Work: FMARD provides its employees with the chance to participate in significant and influential endeavors that have a direct positive influence on farmers, rural communities, and the economy at large. Engaging in this activity can yield personal and professional benefits.
  • Job Security: In comparison to private sector positions, government employment, including those in FMARD, frequently offers a comparatively high degree of job security. This stability can afford employees and their families a sense of tranquility.
  • Attractive Benefits Package: FMARD positions generally offer an alluring benefits package, encompassing competitive remuneration, comprehensive healthcare provisions, pension schemes, and supplementary allowances. The aforementioned advantages enhance the overall appeal of employment within the ministry.
  • Training and Capacity Building: FMARD allocates resources towards training and capacity-building initiatives with the aim of augmenting the skills and competencies of its workforce across diverse domains encompassing rural development, agriculture, and related sectors.
  • Opportunities for Networking: Employment in FMARD provides the chance to establish a professional network comprising various stakeholders in the agricultural sector, such as governmental bodies, international organizations, and non-governmental organizations. Potential future collaborations and career opportunities may benefit from this network.
  • Contribution to Agricultural Innovation: FMARD actively participates in the advancement of agricultural research and innovation with the aim of enhancing the sector’s resilience, sustainability, and productivity. Employees may be afforded the chance to participate in transformative initiatives and contribute to these endeavors.
  • Community Engagement: FMARD initiatives and programs frequently necessitate close collaboration with farmers, rural communities, and additional stakeholders. This provides opportunities for community involvement and the fulfillment of positively influencing the lives of individuals residing in rural regions for employees.

List of FMARD Jobs in Nigeria

The following positions could potentially be appointed in Nigeria via FMARD (Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development) Recruitment:

  • Agriculture Officer
  • Extension Worker
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Accountant
  • Field Supervisor
  • Research Assistant
  • Data Entry Clerk
  • Driver
  • Cleaner
  • Security Guard

Potential employment titles that may be encountered in FMARD recruitment include the following:.

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  1. What are the departments in the Federal Ministry of Agriculture in Nigeria?

    Technical Departments: Agriculture (Trees and Crops), Fisheries, Livestock, Land Resources, Fertilizer, Food Reserve & Storage, and Rural Development.

  2. In Nigeria, what is the salary for agricultural extension?

    Whether they opt for entrepreneurship or full-time employment within a farm enterprise, opportunities abound. In terms of income, agricultural extension agents, often graduates themselves, can earn a substantial monthly income ranging from ₦500,000 to ₦800,000 or even more.

  3. What is the agricultural sector’s contribution to Nigerian employment? 

    The agricultural sector made a significant contribution to employment in Nigeria from 2013 to 2022. Employment in the agricultural sector as a share of total employment in Nigeria saw no significant changes in 2022 in comparison to the previous year (2021) and remained at around 37.99 percent.

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