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Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Indonesia For Foreigners 2024

In 2024, perform work in Indonesia that will aid foreign nationals in obtaining visas. Indonesia, a nation situated in Southeast Asia and Oceania, is officially referred to as the Republic of Indonesia. It lies between the Indian and Pacific oceans.

Predominantly, international visitors to Indonesia will be granted a complimentary 30-day visa. However, sponsorship is required for international visitors to Indonesia who are there for employment, relocation, business meetings, or social gatherings; such visitors must register for the proper visas.

A list of employment opportunities in Indonesia that facilitate visas for foreign nationals is provided below. In addition, this article will discuss the criteria that sponsors must meet in order to obtain visas, the most lucrative occupations in Indonesia, and employers seeking to recruit foreign personnel.

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Introduction of Visa Sponsorship Jobs

In recent years, the Indonesian labor market has undergone significant changes, thereby expanding the range of prospects available to foreign nationals. This article will provide a comprehensive overview of the arduous procedures involved in securing employment in Indonesia that can accommodate your 2024 visa requirements.


Overview: Visa Sponsorship Jobs

A foreign national may obtain a work visa with the assistance of a company or organization via the formal process of visa sponsorship. A critical element for non-citizens desiring lawful residency and employment in Indonesia Understanding the various types of visas that are accessible is an essential initial stage in carrying out an effective job search.


Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Indonesia For Foreigners

The following lists all open positions in Indonesia that sponsor visas:

  • Director, Consulting, Productivity
  • Associate, IFS, Secretary, and Admin
  • ID, Strategy, and Director
  • Public Relations Consultant
  • Digital HR—Workforce Transformation Consulting—Associate
  • Manager, Assurance, Digital Services
  • Public Relations Associate
  • Digital Banking Consultant (DI&P)—Senior Associate
  • Manager/Senior Manager: Consulting; Productivity (Back Office Transformation)

What Are the Indonesian Visa Sponsorship Jobs Designed for?

A visa sponsorship in Indonesia indicates that an Indonesian citizen or business organization is providing financial support for your visa application. This is a list of every visa for which a sponsor is required. Your work visa is sponsored by your employer, a duly recognized organization located in Indonesia that will provide employment for you.

A spouse visa is required for individuals who desire to permanently relocate to Indonesia to reside with their Indonesian spouses. Their Indonesian-national spouse provides for the family. A Spouse Visa may also be applied for by a corporation on behalf of a spouse who is visiting Indonesia in the course of employment under a work visa.

An Indonesian organization is capable of providing sponsorship for a social visa. A business with which you have conducted lawful business for a minimum of six months is required to provide support for business visas.

Requirements for Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Indonesia

Self-obtaining a letter of sponsorship may require a considerable amount of time, notwithstanding one’s knowledge of Indonesian regulations. The subsequent criteria must be met in order to acquire one:

  • Date of approval
  • Details extracted from the applicant’s passport
  • Embassy address and application
  • Details regarding the sponsor of the visa
  • Additional materials
  • Advocacy from the sponsor

Benefits of Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Indonesia

  • Authorization to Work: Visa sponsorship facilitates the lawful employment of foreign nationals in Indonesia, thereby granting them access to employment prospects that may be inaccessible in the absence of appropriate work authorization.
  • Gaining Global Experience: Working in Indonesia offers the chance to acquire international work experience and cultural immersion, both of which are beneficial for one’s professional and personal development.
  • Employment Opportunities: Certain sectors in Indonesia may necessitate specialized knowledge or abilities that are not as easily obtainable domestically; this creates opportunities for foreign labor to contribute.
  • Exposure to Culture and Language: By exposing individuals to new languages, customs, and traditions, working in a foreign country improves their cross-cultural communication abilities and broadens their worldview.
  • Relationships and Networking: Engaging in labor activities in Indonesia provides the opportunity to establish professional connections and networks, potentially extending beyond the borders of the country and bearing on future career pursuits.
  • Individual Development: Residing and laboring in a foreign nation frequently fosters individual development, flexibility, and fortitude as a result of confronting novel surroundings and obstacles.
  • Diversity and Point of View: Engaging in a diversified workforce fosters an environment that is conducive to innovation and creativity by incorporating a wide range of perspectives and ideas.
  • Proximity for Exploration and Travel: Experiencing Indonesia during one’s leisure time affords the opportunity to investigate its cultural heritage, varied landscapes, and popular tourist destinations.
  • Possibility of Sustained Residency: The possibility of obtaining Indonesian citizenship or long-term residency may vary among individuals, contingent upon the type of visa and employment arrangement.
  • Support for the Local Economy: The labor, expertise, and skills of foreign laborers have the potential to strengthen the local economy, thereby contributing to its expansion and progress.

Most well-paid Jobs in Indonesia

Among the most lucrative occupations in Indonesia are the subsequent:

  • C-Suite Agencies Unsurprisingly, some of the most lucrative professions in Indonesia are held by executives.
  • Vice President, Relations with the Government
  • Vice President of Scientific Data
  • Director of Organizational Strategy
  • Risk Manager
  • Regional Sales Manager
  • The Project Manager
  • Operational Manager

Indonesia’s Economy

Domestic consumption provides a substantial portion of the Indonesian economy’s revenue, and both domestic and foreign investors have been augmenting their capital allocations to this industry. Nevertheless, the overall economy is exceedingly diversified, with substantial obligations being carried out by both the public and private sectors.

The establishment of a long-term development plan by the Indonesian government is intended to sustain economic growth. The principal aims of this initiative are to reduce poverty, improve the quality of human capital, stimulate technological and scientific progress, and enhance economic competitiveness.

Indonesia is a major G-20 economy, with a gross domestic product of more than $1.3 trillion. Jakarta, by virtue of its numerous ports and geographical proximity to both Asia and Australia, stands as the preeminent export destination for Indonesia. The Port of Jakarta ranks among the largest in the Java Sea region and is the main seaport in Indonesia.

Indonesian Companies Currently Employing Foreign Workers

  • UPL NA Inc.
  • Royal HaskoningDHV
  • QSI Recruitment
  • Valmet Inc.
  • EY
  • Sampoerna Schools System
  • Redpath Mining Contractors and Engineers
  • Unity Financial Partners
  • Infobip
  • Alila Seminyak

What is Indonesia’s average salary?

The average gross wage in Indonesia is $13,436 per hour or $1,120 monthly. The values vary according to the organization, occupation, and location.

Work Visa Types in Indonesia

Indonesia, akin to other countries, offers a diverse range of permits to international tourists. Applicants desiring to work in Indonesia are permitted to obtain one of two categories of visas:

ITAS, or Izin Tinggal Terbatas, is a permit with a time limit. The issuance of an ITAS to a foreign national is facilitated by the Immigration Directorate General in Indonesia via a local immigration office. An individual must obtain a Visa Izin Tinggal Terbatas (VITAS), an Indonesian limited-stay authorization visa, prior to submitting an ITAS application.

The Kartu Izin Tinggal Tetap, or KITAP, is an extended-stay visa. Foreign personnel who have held an ITAS continuously for a minimum of three years are eligible for a KITAP.

Work Visa Requirements in Indonesia

The employee and employer are required to submit a substantial amount of documentation when applying for a work visa.

Employer Requirements

Employers are required to provide the following:

  • An enterprise authorization
  • Additionally, the NPWP number is utilized for tax identification.
  • A capital registration license from the Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) follows.
  • Moreover, a copy of the sponsor’s identification certificate (KTP)
  • A copy of the local employee’s KTP Waib Lapor report
  • Likewise, a letter of organizational registration
  • The insignia of a company
  • Similarly, a sheet of paper bearing only the organization’s letterhead
  • The certificate of domicile of the firm
  • The Department of Justice authorized the creation of the company’s deed.
  • Finally, certificates of approval for the commercial location of the employer

Employee Requirements

Documentation as specified below is required from the subject:

  • First and foremost, a copy of their passport that is valid for a minimum of the following 18 months.
  • Additionally, proof of health insurance
  • Moreover, passport photographs
  • Additionally, a copy of the applicant’s utmost degree, which has been authenticated by the employer and appended with their seal,
  • In addition, a duly signed and marked official copy of the resume submitted by the applicant
  • Finally, a work certification certifying that the candidate has a minimum of five years of experience in the relevant field

Application Procedure for Visa Sponsorship Jobs

The employer of a potential employee is obligated to submit an ITAS application on the candidate’s behalf in Indonesia.

VITAS requests must be made by the organization as the first stage. They are obligated to obtain official authorization from the government prior to undertaking that action. Additionally, an Expatriate Placement Plan must be requested from the Indonesian Ministry of Manpower by the organization. It is referred to as Rencana Penempatan Tenaga Kerja Asing, or RPTKA.

The employer may then submit the application for the worker’s work permit and transitory visa. The BKPM is tasked with the issuance of VITAS, which is an Indonesian residence visa. Concurrent submission of applications for the ITAS and VITAS work permits is permissible. Obtain this application in person at any Indonesian consulate or embassy.

ITAS and VITAS access will be granted to you within two business days of the application being approved. Subsequently, the employee will be granted permission to embark on a journey to Indonesia. It is required that the employee present the letter of authorization for the ITAS upon the arrival of immigration officials. ITAS will subsequently be distributed by the government.

In Indonesia, it was no longer mandatory for companies to obtain an IMTA, or permission slip, in order to hire foreign laborers.

Website for finding jobs in Indonesia

Ultimately, this illustrates Indonesia’s global popularity and the fact that foreign nationals are actively seeking employment opportunities that cover the cost of their visas. Capitalize on favorable circumstances, surmount challenges, and commence a gratifying professional odyssey in Indonesia.

  1. What is a sponsor for an Indonesian visa?

    A sponsor is an individual Indonesian citizen or corporation operating in Indonesia responsible for the presence and activities of foreigners in Indonesia.

  2. Can a foreigner get a job in Indonesia? 

    Foreigners require a special visa to be employed in Indonesia, and their employing company must have a work permit to employ them. These permits can take weeks or even months to process so allow plenty of time to arrange them.

  3. Do I need a sponsor for an Indonesian visa? 

    Most tourists coming to Indonesia are granted a free-entry visa for up to 30 days. However, in the case of moving to Indonesia for work or business meetings, visiting family or friends, or conducting social activities, foreigners are obliged to obtain a visa through sponsorship.

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