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Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Japan in Big Companies 2024

Japan is opening its doors to international applicants by offering visa sponsorship jobs. Some of Japan’s biggest and most prestigious companies, including Toyota, Suzuki, Hitachi, Sony, and Panasonic, are providing lucrative job opportunities with attractive benefits. These opportunities include relocation assistance, comprehensive health insurance, paid vacations, and much more. If you are seeking high-paying jobs with a straightforward visa process, Japan’s Visa Sponsorship Jobs is a promising option.

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Details of Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Japan in Big Companies

  • Job Country: Japan
  • Visa Type: Sponsorship Visa (Work Visa)
  • Eligible For: All International Applicants

Japanese Big Companies Offering Visa Sponsorship Jobs

Japan hosts a multitude of renowned companies willing to sponsor foreign workers for visa sponsorship jobs. Some of these major companies include:

Benefits of Working in Japan

Working in Japan offers a range of benefits and rewards to foreign employees. Here are some of the perks provided by Japanese companies:

Benefits of Working in Sony Group

  • Financial wellness programs promote a positive work-family balance.
  • Health insurance coverage.
  • A 3% retirement savings contribution each year.
  • Employee discounts on Sony products.
  • National programs featuring a generous 401(k) plan.
  • Competitive compensation.

Benefits of Working in Rakuten

  • Employee discounts on various services like moving and language classes.
  • Retirement benefit system.
  • Health counseling services.
  • Employee health insurance and accident compensation insurance.
  • Commuting allowance.
  • Leaves, including bereavement leave and paid annual leave.
  • Welfare services through Relo Club.
  • Relocation support.
  • Pension insurance for employees.

Benefits of Working in Hitachi

  • Retirement plans for employees.
  • Perks and discounts for employees and their families on various programs.
  • Medical plan options.
  • Competitive salary packages.
  • Coverage for prescription drugs, dental care, vision, and more.

Benefits of Working in Mitsubishi Corporation

  • Various leave options such as sick/personal leave, family medical leave, marriage leave, and personal leave.
  • Disability benefits, including short-term and long-term options.
  • Retirement plans like 401(k) with employer contributions.
  • Paid holidays and vacation leaves.
  • Pay continuation benefits.
  • Life insurance for employees, including travel accident insurance.
  • Health care plans.
  • Floater holidays.

Small Companies in Japan Offering Visa Sponsorship Jobs

If you’re interested in exploring opportunities with smaller companies in Japan, websites like Jobs in Japan feature various job listings with visa sponsorship options. These jobs offer a minimum salary of 250,000 yen per month and often include accommodation.

For those with a background in technology or specific skills, the Japan Dev website features approximately 180-200 tech job listings in Japan that offer visa sponsorship and relocation.


How to Apply for a Work Visa in Japan

The application process for a Japanese work visa is relatively straightforward. Once you receive a job offer from a Japanese company, you can apply for the appropriate Japanese work visa. It’s essential to select the right visa category that aligns with your job’s nature and requirements.


For more details on Japanese work visas and visa categories, you can visit the official Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan website.


Japan’s Visa Sponsorship Jobs for international applicants in 2024 present a remarkable opportunity to work in esteemed Japanese companies, enjoy attractive benefits, and experience life in this culturally rich nation. Whether you’re pursuing a career with industry giants or exploring opportunities with smaller enterprises, Japan’s job market is poised to welcome you.

  1. Who is eligible for Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Japan in 2024?

    Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Japan for 2024 is open to all international applicants, allowing individuals from around the world to explore job opportunities in Japan.

  2. What are the benefits of working in major Japanese companies like Sony, Rakuten, Hitachi, and Mitsubishi Corporation?

    Major Japanese companies offer a range of benefits, including financial wellness programs, health insurance, retirement plans, employee discounts, leaves, and more. Specific benefits may vary between companies.

  3. How can I apply for a work visa in Japan as an international applicant?

    To apply for a work visa in Japan, you need to secure a job offer from a Japanese employer. Once you have the job offer, you can apply for the relevant Japanese work visa category that matches your job role and requirements. Visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan’s official website for detailed information on Japanese work visas and categories.

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