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United Nations Development Programme UNDP Jobs in Nigeria

Discover the UNDP recruitment vacancies, the application requirements, and the available positions. Determine how the UNDP assists individuals around the world. Learn the prerequisites for applying to specific positions and embark on your UNDP voyage. Consider the available options and enroll today!

You will be provided with information regarding UNDP- recruitment today. You will gain insight into the deliberations of UNDP recruitment concerning new hires by perusing this news. Additionally, you will acquire knowledge regarding the prerequisites for submitting the application form and identify the available positions that are open to applications.

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Who is UNDP?

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Nigeria functions as the Nigerian affiliate of the United Nations agency with the overarching goal of addressing global poverty and fostering sustainable development.

UNDP collaborates with various stakeholders, including the government and civil society organizations, in Nigeria to support national endeavors towards the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and tackle critical development challenges.


The priorities of UNDP Nigeria include resilience building, governance, environment, gender equality, and poverty reduction. Financial support, capacity building, technical assistance, and policy advice are all offered by the organization to aid Nigeria in advancing its development agenda and bettering the lives of its citizens.


List of United Nations Development Programme UNDP Jobs in Nigeria

The following positions are among those that are probable to be appointed via UNDP recruitment in Nigeria:

  • Project Manager
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Finance Officer
  • Human Resources Specialist
  • Program Coordinator
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Officer
  • Communications Officer
  • IT Support Specialist
  • Research Analyst
  • Legal Advisor

Requirements for UNDP Jobs

The general requirements for UNDP recruitment are outlined in the following brief bullet points:

  • Citizenship requirements differ by program and position. Certain roles are restricted to particular nationalities, whereas others are available on a global scale. Refer to the specific job posting for further information. Who may apply is specified at
  • Age is another factor that differs by position. In general, the upper age limit for Junior Professional Officer (JPO) programs is 32 years, whereas the upper age limit for Specialist Development Programme (SDP) programs is 38 years.
  • Generally, a Master’s degree (or its equivalent) in a field related to development is mandatory for employment.
  • The minimum requirement for each position differs, but the majority do expect applicants to possess relevant work experience.
  • Proficiency in English, a steadfast dedication to progress, cultural sensitivity, flexibility, exceptional communication abilities, and a resolute commitment to growth are typically mandatory qualifications.
  • Values: Consistency with the principles upheld by the United Nations Development Programme, which encompasses the advancement of sustainable development and the protection of human rights.

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Journeying Through the UNDP Jobs Process

Who is UNDP Looking For?

The UNDP recruitment process has been carefully designed to appeal to individuals who are motivated to achieve positive change in the world.

Fundamentally, it pines for individuals who exemplify the fundamental principles of the United Nations: integrity, exceptional professionalism, an indomitable commitment to diversity, and an unyielding determination to achieve gender equality.

Benefits of United Nations Development Programme UNDP Jobs in Nigeria

  • Impact on a Global Scale: The UNDP addresses development challenges on a global scale. Possessing a UNDP position in Nigeria affords the chance to participate in endeavors and undertakings that strive to better the well-being of individuals both domestically and internationally.
  • Diverse Work Environment: The UNDP fosters a diverse work environment by assembling individuals with unique origins, cultures, and areas of expertise. Working in such a diverse environment provides opportunities for networking, cross-cultural understanding, and valuable learning experiences.
  • Professional Development: Investments are made by the UNDP in its personnel’s professional development. By participating in conferences, seminars, and training programs, staff members can expand their knowledge and proficiency in domains pertinent to their line of work.
  • Competitive Compensation: UNDP employees are generally granted competitive compensation and benefits packages, which comprise a range of advantages such as health insurance coverage, retirement schemes, and additional privileges.
  • Work-Life Balance: The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) acknowledges the significance of work-life balance and frequently offers its staff flexible scheduling options. This may consist of telecommuting options, flexible work hours, and leave policies that accommodate individual requirements.
  • Prospects for Progression: The UNDP places a high regard on talent and frequently offers avenues for professional development and expansion within the institution. Over time, employees may be presented with the opportunity to assume additional roles, responsibilities, and leadership positions.
  • Networking Opportunities: Employment at UNDP grants personnel access to an extensive professional network, facilitated not only by collaborations with private sector entities but also by alliances with other UN agencies, governments, NGOs, and governments. This network may prove beneficial for project collaboration and career progression.
  • Contribution to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): The UNDP’s activities are in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are a collection of worldwide objectives designed to eradicate poverty, safeguard the environment, and guarantee universal prosperity. Employees derive a sense of fulfillment from the knowledge that their efforts are directly supporting these critical goals.
  • Employment Stability: Although all occupations are susceptible to economic fluctuations, employment with a reputable international organization such as the UNDP may offer a degree of job stability in contrast to the private sector.
  • Meaningful Work: Possibly most significantly, employment with UNDP in Nigeria provides the chance to participate in significant endeavors that tackle pressing development concerns confronting the nation, including but not limited to poverty, inequality, environmental deterioration, and governance dilemmas. Employees may find this sense of purpose to be extraordinarily rewarding.

How to Apply for United Nations Development Programme UNDP Jobs in Nigeria

Am I to inquire? To begin, please consult the career website of the UNDP.

Anticipate a rigorous application procedure consisting of the following stages: job postings, reference checks, assessments, interviews, and final job announcements.

Although subtleties may differ, the dedication to achieving excellence remains unwavering.

Are you contemplating a position? Thoroughly examine the job description. Specify in your application the talents and experiences that are most pertinent to the position.

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Keep in mind that the UNDP is an advocate for diversity.

The doors are fully open to all, including women, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and representatives of indigenous peoples.

Current Opportunities Await

In search of a challenge? The diverse range of responsibilities provided by the UNDP extends from addressing climate change to advancing gender equality.

Is it curious? Explore their job listing website in order to determine your ideal position.

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An Academic Prowess

Although position-specific, a pertinent academic background is required. The degree level may vary between a bachelor’s and a doctoral.

Gaining experience

Have you got some experience under your belt? It is a requirement for the majority of professional positions, whether in the public or private sector or with NGOs.

Proficiency in languages

Due to the UNDP’s international reach, fluency in a United Nations official language is essential. Demonstrate your language proficiency in English, Arabic, or Chinese.

Nationality Difficulties

Although the UNDP welcomes individuals of any nationality, specific positions may require mandatory qualifications due to project funding or security concerns.

Applying to UNDP Jobs

  • Discover by seeking: Peruse the UNDP’s portal and compile a short list of positions that capture your interest.
  • Position Your Ideal Foot Forward: Establish an online persona and complete the detailed information.
  • Exhibit Your Legacy: Appear with your resume, cover letters, and additional supporting materials.
  • The Game of Waiting: After the application deadline, the saga of shortlisting ensues, which may be followed by interviews.
  • The concluding act: If you demonstrate exceptional performance on the assessments, the UNDP may be inclined to invite you to join their ranks.
  • Those who are enthusiastic about shaping a more promising future for all are cordially invited to join the UNDP. Join forces, synchronize your objectives, and collaboratively, we shall construct an improved tomorrow.
  1. What is the role of the UNDP in Nigeria?

    UNDP works in partnership with the federal government of Nigeria, development partners, UN agencies, civil society, and local communities to help identify local solutions to meet global and national development challenges through a range of interventions that combine UNDP’s expertise and comparative advantage.

  2. Why join UNDP? 

    When you join UNDP, you are lending your time and skills toward building a more prosperous, fair, and inclusive world for people in need around the world.

  3. What is the job of the UN development program? 

    The United Nations Development Programme is on the ground in about 170 countries and territories, working to eradicate poverty while protecting the planet. UNDP helps countries develop strong policies, skills, partnerships, and institutions so they can sustain their progress.

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