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TASUED Jobs in Nigeria 2024 – Apply Now

The comprehensive TASUED recruitment can be viewed at Maintain awareness, comprehend the prerequisites, and make arrangements to submit your application. We have announced the start date for TASUED Recruitment.

The instructions, the application form, and the application website ( are all available for the Tai Solarin University of Education Recruitment. Furthermore, this article provides details regarding the TASUED recruitment website, the application process, and the means by which one can obtain an application form.

Potential candidates for employment at Tai Solarin University of Education may submit their applications online at

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Is the Tai Solarin University of Education Recruitment Form Available?

Portal for TASUED Recruitment Registration Forms

  • We have announced the commencement date for TASUED Recruitment.
  • The application form, application website (, prerequisites, and application instructions for the Tai Solarin University of Education Recruitment 2024 are available for your reference.
  • This article also includes information about the TASUED recruitment website, the application process, and how to obtain an application form.
  • Potential candidates for employment at Tai Solarin University of Education may submit their applications online at
  • Is the application form for the Tai Solarin University of Education available?
  • The Tai Solarin University of Education has not yet commenced its enrollment for the current academic year.
  • We will do our best to provide regular updates once TASUED recruitment commences.
  • We strongly discourage you from placing your trust in individuals who make contrary claims or assert that recruitment for TASUED has already begun.
  • Notably, the application process for employment at Tai Solarin University of Education is entirely voluntary.
  • The application form is available on the TASUED recruitment website.
  • As of now, the TASUED application form is pending distribution; however, the recruitment procedure has not commenced.
  • Reputable sources predict that Tai Solarin University of Education will launch the application portal and begin accepting applications as part of an extensive recruitment campaign in the near future.
  • We have not yet disclosed the closing date.

Requirements of TASUED Jobs in Nigeria

To be eligible for the ongoing Tai Solarin University of Education 2024 recruitment process, you must meet certain requirements:

  • An individual must be born a citizen of Nigeria.
  • Applicants must be between eighteen and forty years of age.
  • A minimum of five credits in English-related subjects, acquired through the West African Senior School Certificate (WASSCE), National Examination Council (NECO), or General Certificate of Education (GCE), are required. Note that you should not accumulate these credits in more than two sittings.
  • English proficiency is required.
  • An asset will be the possession of an HND, B.Sc., or OND certificate from an accredited institution in the relevant discipline.
  • A valid form of identification is required for entry, including but not limited to a voter’s card, National Identification Card, driver’s license, or international passport.
  • It is imperative that candidates maintain optimal physical and mental well-being, abstaining from any substance use, including narcotics.
  • It is advisable to contemplate the following primary prerequisites prior to submitting a job application to Tai Solarin University of Education:.

If you satisfy every one of these requirements, you may continue with the application procedure by adhering to the subsequent instructions.

Benefits of TASUED Jobs in Nigeria

  • Career Development: TASUED offers avenues for staff skill and knowledge enhancement through training programs, seminars, workshops, and conferences, which contribute to professional development and career progression.
  • Job Stability: Employment at a reputable institution such as TASUED can offer employment stability, particularly due to the institution’s accreditation and government support.
  • Competitive Compensation: In order to attract and retain highly skilled faculty and staff, the university customarily provides competitive compensation in the form of salaries and benefits packages.
  • Pension and Retirement Benefits: To assure employees’ financial security in their post-retirement years, TASUED frequently offers pension plans and retirement benefits.
  • Healthcare Coverage: A number of universities, including TASUED, provide their personnel with health insurance coverage, which enables them to obtain medical services and assists in mitigating healthcare expenses.
  • Housing and Transportation Allowances: Housing and transportation allowances may be provided by TASUED to assist employees with expenses related to accommodation and commuting, contingent upon the position and terms of employment.
  • Academic Setting: Employing at TASUED, an academic institution, can provide intellectual stimulation through research collaborations, academic dialogues, and interactions with fellow students and staff.
  • Work-Life Balance: Work-life balance can be encouraged at TASUED through the provision of flexible working hours and leave policies. This would allow employees to attend to personal obligations and pursue extracurricular interests, despite the demanding nature of academia.
  • Contribution to Education: TASUED employees are afforded the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to the advancement of education in Nigeria through their active engagement in community outreach, research, and teaching endeavors that are specifically designed to enhance educational practices and standards.
  • Possibilities for Networking: Employment at TASUED offers prospects for networking with alumni, colleagues, students, and professionals in the field of education. Such connections may result in partnerships, collaborations, and career advancements.

How to Apply for TASUED Jobs

Follow these instructions to be considered for the TASUED (Tai Solarin University of Education) recruitment in Nigeria:

  • Pay a visit to the official site: Commence by accessing the Tai Solarin University of Education’s (TASUED) official website. Navigate to the “Recruitment” or “Careers” section of their website.
  • Check for Available Jobs: Peruse the current job openings in order to identify any that correspond with your credentials and areas of interest.
  • Review the specifications: Examine the job description and requirements for the position that piques your interest. Ensure you satisfy the prerequisites prior to continuing.
  • Do the following to prepare your documents: Compile all application-required materials in one location, including a curriculum vitae or resume, academic transcripts, professional certifications, and any other pertinent documentation.
  • Complete the application document: Complete the provided online application form. Make sure to accurately and truthfully complete all required fields.
  • How to Submit an Application: Upon completion of the application form and attachment of all mandatory documents, proceed with the submission of your application via the online portal or email, as directed in the application instructions.
  • If the recruitment team specifies a specific timeframe for responses or if you have not received a response within a reasonable timeframe, you may contact them again after submitting your application.
  • In the event that your application advances to the shortlisting stage, you may receive an invitation to an interview. Conduct thorough research on the university, acquire a comprehensive understanding of the job role, and rehearse frequently asked interview questions in advance of the interview.
  • Attend the Interview: On the scheduled date and time, attend the interview. Be prepared to elaborate on your qualifications and experiences and to wear suitable attire.
  • Await Feedback: Following the interview, patiently await the recruitment team’s feedback. If you succeed, you might receive an employment offer or further instructions about the next steps.
  • To guarantee that your application is taken into consideration, ensure that you adhere to every instruction provided by TASUED throughout the software process. Best of luck in the application process!

More Info

Their website emphasizes the impartiality and cost-free nature of the recruiting process. Thus, anyone who satisfies the necessary criteria is eligible to apply. Please use the space below to share any thoughts or questions you may have about TASUED Recruitment. Your feedback will assist in keeping all individuals informed.

  1. Who is the owner of TASUED?

    Tai Solarin University of Education (TASUED, pronounced TARSUD), established on January 29, 2005, by the administration of His Excellency Otunba Gbenga Daniel, is a unique tertiary institution in the country.

  2. Is TASUED a polytechnic or university? 

    TASUED was proclaimed by the Ogun State Government on the 29th of January, 2005, and approved by the National Universities Commission (NUC) on the 28th of November, 2005, as the 76th and first specialized university of education in Nigeria.

  3. What is the full name of TASUED? 

    The Tai Solarin University of Education (TASUED, pronounced TARSUD) was proclaimed a full-fledged university (and a transformation of the erstwhile Tai Solarin College of Education, established in January 1978) on January 29, 2005, by the administration of Otunba Gbenga Daniel.

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