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Poland Jobs for Skilled Workers 2024 – Work Visa

If you are a recent graduate, skilled worker, experienced professional, or are employed anywhere in the world with a monthly salary of less than PLN 6,130 ($1,460), this article will be very helpful to you, as Poland is experiencing skill shortages for which jobs are being offered with Polish work visas.

Poland’s Unemployment Rate with Average Salaries

Poland will have one of the lowest unemployment rates in the European Union, at just 5.8%. Coupled with a competitive average monthly compensation of 6,130 PLN gross (approximately 1,370 EUR net). All of these factors make Poland a highly desirable destination for both domestic and foreign laborers seeking high salaries.

Despite its attractiveness, Poland faces skilled worker shortages in several critical industries. According to a report by Credit Suisse and Wikipedia, there are an estimated 100,000 millionaires or more in Poland, representing 0.3% of the world’s millionaire population (Wiki). In recent years, this number has increased consistently, indicating that Poland has created numerous career opportunities for skilled, educated, and experienced professionals and researchers.

Benefits of Poland Jobs for Skilled Workers

  • Robust Economy: Poland’s robust and swiftly expanding economy makes it a desirable location for skilled workers. The country’s sustained economic expansion has produced a stable labor market.
  • Competitive Compensation: In Poland, skilled laborers typically receive competitive wages, which can support a comfortable lifestyle. Depending on the industry, qualifications, and years of experience, salaries may vary.
  • Skilled Workforce Vacancies: Similar to many other European nations, Poland is experiencing a shortage of competent workers in industries such as information technology, engineering, healthcare, and manufacturing. This scarcity generates numerous employment opportunities for qualified professionals.
  • Standard of living: Poland offers a high quality of life due to its well-developed healthcare system, modern infrastructure, and relatively low cost of living in comparison to many Western European nations.
  • Job Protection: The demand for skilled laborers provides a measure of job security. In addition, Poland’s labor laws generally protect workers’ rights and job security.
  • Work-life equilibrium: Numerous employers in Poland value work-life balance, and the country has a tradition of respecting leisure time by granting employees a sufficient number of vacation days and public holidays.
  • Membership in the EU: Poland is a member of the European Union, which facilitates the mobility of skilled laborers from other EU nations and provides access to a variety of EU benefits and programs.
  • Education and Instruction: The education and training system in Poland is highly developed, and competent workers frequently have access to opportunities for further education and professional development.
  • Cultural Diversification: Poland is a culturally diverse and wealthy nation. Working in Poland provides the opportunity to experience diverse cultures, customs, and cuisines, as well as a vast array of cultural and recreational activities.
  • Residence Possibilities: In Poland, skilled workers may be able to file for permanent residency or citizenship, granting them stability and access to social services.
  • International Knowledge: Working in Poland can provide valuable international experience and exposure, which can be advantageous for career advancement and future employment opportunities.
  • The value of networking: There is a growing expatriate community in Poland, which offers opportunities to establish a professional network and make connections with people from various backgrounds.

Are there any jobs for you in Poland?

So, to all my employment seekers! I am aware that you wish to earn a substantial amount of money overseas. In 2024, Poland has some hot jobs available for you! However, there is a catch: you will need a Polish WoVisaISA or permit to participate.

Hold on a moment! There is a minor wrinkle. Poland’s foremost norm is that locals should be hired first. However, if they are unable to locate a Polish expert for the position, you’re on! You and other internationally skilled workers and talented individuals can flourish. So, despite the fact that it is not as simple as it appears if you possess the necessary skills, you could be the ideal candidate Poland is seeking!


List of Poland Jobs for Skilled Workers

Here’s a golden opportunity: Poland has job openings they cannot cover with local talent alone, thereby creating opportunities for you to apply for professional jobs that require a Polish work visa. First, let’s examine the occupations for which Poland is currently experiencing labor shortages:

  • Handyman
  • Construction finishers
  • Welders
  • Chef
  • General labor in construction works
  • Financial Auditor
  • Engineer
  • Doctor
  • Agricultural Worker
  • Midwives
  • Turner
  • Fitter
  • Forklift Operator
  • Psychologists
  • Porter
  • Nurses
  • Driver

Do not delay! If any of the above describes you, apply immediately, but ensure you have sufficient work experience, a certificate of vocational training, or a degree to prove you are a perfect match for the position. Believe me, if you possess these in-demand talents in Poland, you could be jetting off to Poland and earning a fortune in no time!

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High Demand Jobs in the Construction Sector of Poland

Visas for operators, processors, architects, structural engineers, and earth-moving equipment mechanics are being issued in Poland in response to a substantial demand for construction-related occupations. In order to qualify for these positions in Poland, candidates must have a certificate from a vocational school, complete an internship in the same field, and acquire the required qualifications or courses specific to the profession. Additionally, general construction laborers and fabricators are in high demand in Poland right now.

Diverse Career Opportunities in Poland Across Professions

Truck drivers, nurses, midwives, psychologists, and psychotherapists will also be in short supply in Poland, extending the trend of high-demand roles for internationally skilled workers beyond the construction industry. While some professions, such as teachers, doctors, and researchers, do not require Polish or English language proficiency, a Polish work visa cannot be issued without it.

Where can you find Poland Jobs for Skilled Workers?

As an international job seeker, you can discover jobs in Poland with skill shortages by:

1# Searching online job boards. Searching employment boards online Numerous online employment boards, including, and, list jobs in Poland. You can search for jobs that match your skills and experience using these job boards.

#2: Networking with Polish individuals. If you know anyone who lives or works in Poland, reach out to them and inquire if they are aware of any positions with skill shortages. Additionally, you can attend networking events in Poland to meet individuals who may be able to assist you in finding a job.

3: Communicating with Polish employment agencies There are a number of employment placement firms that specialize in placing international job candidates in Poland. These agencies can help you find employment that matches your qualifications and experience, as well as assist you with the visa and immigration process.

Which type of Poland Work VISA will suit you?

I believe it’s essential to begin with some basic information about the Poland work visa in order to provide clarity. As many of you are aware, Poland is a member of the European Union (EU), and this status exempts EU citizens from the requirement to obtain a work visa to enter Poland. This exemption makes it extremely simple for EU nationals to seek employment in Poland without a work visa and to begin working there without difficulty.

All other skilled workers are required to register for work visas in Poland. However, the situation is different for job seekers who are neither Polish nor from an EU country. Several categories of Poland visas will be available to meet their needs:

1# Poland Type A Work Permit:

Employers in Poland are permitted by the Polish government to hire international workers under the Type A work permit category, which is specifically designed for occupations for which local workers are in short supply and which are officially recognized as “shortage occupation jobs” in Poland.

#2 Poland Type C/E Work Permit:

If you work for a multinational company that is expanding its operations into Poland or already has a presence there, you must submit an application for either a Type C or Type E Polish work permit.

3# NOMAD Freelance Visa for Poland:

The Poland Freelance Visa (NOMAD) is a compelling choice for freelancers seeking a location with low operational and living expenses. The entry requirements for this Polish NOMAD visa are relatively minimal, and the cost of living and conducting business in Poland is also exceptionally low. Therefore, operating a freelance business from Poland can be financially advantageous, and I strongly advise NOMADS to consider applying for a Polish NOMAD visa.

Where to Apply for Poland Jobs for Skilled Workers

You will be pleased to learn that you typically do not need to personally submit an application for a Poland work visa type A due to skill shortages. Instead, your Polish employer will submit your application for a Polish work visa along with all the required documents (you must send documents to your employer).

To ensure a smooth process, have your visa documents prepared, as your employer may request them along with the Poland Jobs 2024 for Skilled Workers With Polish Work VISA (Application Process) application fees, which are frequently covered by the employing employer.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Who is eligible for a skilled worker visa?

    To qualify for a skilled worker visa, you must: work for a UK company that the Home Office has approved. Have a ‘certificate of sponsorship’ from your employer with information about the role you’ve been offered in the UK. do a job that’s on the list of eligible occupations.

  2. Which job is easy to get in Poland?

    Finding a job as a programmer is relatively easy in Poland because there are numerous software development and IT firms based in the country. These organizations often outsource their services to international clients.

  3. Which work is famous in Poland?

    Although the majority of the country’s workforce is in the services sector, other main industries include chemicals, coal mining, food processing, iron and steel, glass, machine building, shipbuilding, and textiles.

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