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Pak Army PMA Long Course 152 2024 – Apply Now

Regular commission officers of combat and battle support weapons and services are eligible to enroll in the Pak Army PMA Long Course. Two years is the length of the PMA Long Course 152. Additionally divided into four six-month mandates. After two years of training, Cadets graduate as second lieutenants.

Every patriot’s ambition is to join the Pakistan Army as an officer and serve their motherland. The Pakistan Army is regarded as one of the world’s finest armed forces. Despite this, Pakistan Army Officers are selected through a difficult and enduring process to ensure that only the best officers join the most prestigious force. Don’t neglect your opportunity to join the Pak Army PMA Long Course 152 and serve your country with patriotism.

Throughout the year, the Pakistan Army offers multiple vacancies to candidates. The Pakistan Army PMA Long Course serves as a candidate pool because it comprises the newest and most qualified candidates among all Pakistan Army personnel. Online registration for the Join Pak Army 152 PMA Long Course will commence.

Details of Pak Army PMA Long Course 152

OrganizationPakistan Army
Marital StatusUnmarried (Married  personnel of the Armed Forces over 20 years of age is eligible)
Course OfferedPMA 152 Long Course
Job TypePermanent
Course Duration2 Years

Age Requirements for Pak Army PMA Long Course 152

  • Intermediate or comparable (Age: 17–22 years—three months of relaxation).
  • Graduates of four-year programs (Age: 17–24, No Exceptions)
  • Graduation program (BS/BA-(HON)/BBA/BPA), Graduates (2 years of graduation), & serving PN / PAF personnel (Age: 17–23 Years—Three Months of Relaxation).
  • Requirements for Active-Duty Army Soldiers (Age: 17–25, No Exceptions)

Benefits of Pak Army PMA Long Course 152

  • Military Training Superiority: PMA is renowned for providing its cadets with superior military instruction. It prepares them for leadership positions within the armed forces and provides them with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively serve their country.
  • Management Development: The PMA emphasizes leadership development, instilling qualities such as discipline, honesty, and bravery in its recruits. Graduates are adequately prepared for leadership positions in the Pakistan Army.
  • Physical Condition: At the PMA, cadets undergo rigorous physical training, which aids in the development of superior physical fitness and endurance. This is essential for military service, which frequently involves strenuous physical demands.
  • Character Development: PMA places a significant emphasis on character formation. Cadets are instructed in the fundamental military values of honor, duty, and altruistic service.
  • Academic Achievement: In addition to military training, the PMA also provides academic courses that provide cadets with a well-rounded education. This includes subjects like military strategy, tactics, and other relevant areas of study.
  • The value of camaraderie: At PMA, cadets cultivate strong bonds of camaraderie and cooperation. In the military, this sense of unity and shared purpose is a valuable asset.
  • National Responsibility: PMA graduates serve their country in a variety of capacities within the Pakistan Army. They play a vital role in assuring Pakistan’s security and defense.
  • Profession Advancement: Graduating from PMA offers numerous career opportunities within the armed forces. Cadets can aspire to advance through the ranks and assume leadership positions of significance.
  • Reputation International: The PMA’s military training programs have earned an international reputation. This can enhance Pakistan’s reputation in the international community and facilitate cooperation with other countries.
  • Participation in Peacekeeping: Pakistan has a long history of participation in United Nations peacekeeping missions, and PMA-trained officers frequently contribute to these endeavors. This contributes to global stability and harmony.
  • National Honor: PMA is a source of national pride in Pakistan, and its alumni are frequently celebrated as champions and role models for young people.

Eligibility Criteria of Pak Army PMA Long Course 152

According to the eligibility requirements for Joining the Pak Army 152 PMA Long Course:

  • Citizens of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir/Gilgit-Baltistan domicile holders may register for the PMA Long Course.
  • Only male applicants are accepted.
  • Height must be 5 feet, 4 inches (162.5 centimeters) and weight must be based on the body mass index.
  • Candidates with a minimum of 55% marks in Intermediate (FA/FSC) or its equivalent may apply. Graduates with a minimum of 60% marks and 50% marks in FA/FSC may also apply.
  • Active-duty Army soldiers who have passed FA/FSC or its equivalent with a minimum of 50 percent can also register.
  • The candidate must possess both mental and physical fitness.
  • The candidate must be in good health.

Hope Certificate

Those who have passed the FSC Part-1 and Advanced Subsidiary examinations in 2022 may also apply for a Hope Certificate with a score of 55 percent, provided the institution’s head has issued the certificate. Without the FSC, A level, or equivalent final result certificates, candidates with FSC scores below 55% and Advanced Level grades below A-C will not be considered eligible for admission to the subject course.


Verification of Marks Sheet/ Certificate

The candidate who has duplicate/revised mark sheets/certificates from their matriculation, intermediate, or BA/BSc courses must obtain a Verification Certificate from the concerned board/university’s Secretary/Controller of Examinations.


Candidates with a cumulative grade point average of 55 percent who register for admission in Pakistan do not require an equivalency certificate. The Inter Board of Chairman Committee (IBC) must issue an equivalency certificate to candidates with fewer than three Cs in A-level or equivalent examinations from Pakistan or abroad.


  • If a TCC candidate applies to the PMA extended course and has undergone ISSB, they are considered repeaters regardless of the outcome.
  • Repeat applicants must report to Army Selection and Recruitment Centers (AS&RCs) for preliminary exams between 17 and 27 May 2024.

The following will be included in the initial examination, with corresponding weights designated in the module:

Written/ Intelligence

  • Verbal Test
  • Nonverbal Test
  • General Knowledge

Medical Examination

  • Initial Medical Checkups
  • Diabetes
  • Cholesterol Level
  • Eyesight
  • Blood Pressure

Physical Test

  • Run Test
  • Pushups
  • Pullups
  • Crunches
  • Ditch

Interview by National Security and War Course (NSWC) Brigadier

  • Confidence and Communication
  • Knowledge of Current Events
  • Expertise in Geo and Pakistan Studies
  • Overall Prognosis
  • Included in extracurricular activities are sports and hobbies.
  • Other factors deemed relevant by the Committee

Final Selection Based Only on

Selection Process of Pak Army PMA Long Course 152

To join the Pak Army’s PMA 152 extended course, you must pass the following selection process:

Registration Process of Pak Army PMA Long Course 152

There are two registration stages. Register online or visit the Army Selection and Recruitment Centres (AS&RCs) in your area.

After you have completed the registration procedure, you will be notified of the next entry test schedule at the ASRC of your choosing.

Initial Test

The initial examination consists of Verbal, Non-Verbal, and General Knowledge sections. After passing the exam, you will be required to undergo a physical examination.

Physical Test

Run1.6 Km in 8 Minutes3 Marks
Pull Ups3 Repetitions in 2 Minutes2 Marks
Push Ups15 Repetitions in 2 Minutes2 Marks
Crunches20 Repetitions in 2 Minutes2 Marks
Ditch Crossing7.4 Feet1 Mark

Each candidate must successfully complete every engagement. After passing the Physical Test, a Medical Exam will be scheduled.

Initial Medical

Candidates will undergo preliminary medical examinations. If you pass your exams, you will be given an ISSB Form.

Inter-Services Selection Board (ISSB)

The selected candidates will undergo a 5-day ISSB test in which they will be tested both mentally and physically.

Final Medical

This is the ultimate step in the selection of candidates who will undergo final medical examinations.


At their chosen AS&RC, a qualified National Security and War Course brigadier (possibly the AS&RC commander) will interview the candidates.

Each candidate will be graded out of a possible 20 points. The following guidelines are provided for interview conduct:

  • Confidence and communication.
  • A solid understanding of current events is required.
  • Excellent knowledge of Geo and Pakistan studies.
  • Overall perspective.
  • Active extracurricular activities, such as sports and pastimes.
  • Other relevant factors, as determined by the Panel.
  • In the final selection, General Headquarters (GHQ) will evaluate the candidate’s performance and merit.

After five days, candidates will be notified of their selection via email.

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Required Documents for Pak Army PMA Long Course 152

  • Certificates/Mark Sheets of Matric, FA, FSc, or Equivalent.
  • Card of National Identification if the applicant is at least 18 years old. If the applicant is younger than 18 years old, a computerized Form B and a parent or guardian’s computerized ID card are required.
  • One set of attested copies of the enumerated documents.
  • Principal/Class-1 Gazetted Officer attested three passport-sized, color photographs, front and back.
  • Additionally, “Repeater Candidates” must submit both the original and a copy of “NOT RECOMMENDED” letters from Inter Services Selection Boards (ISSBs).
  • Old National Identification Cards will not be acknowledged.

Ineligibility Conditions of Pak Army PMA Long Course 152

  • The Inter Service Selection Board (ISSB) rejected it twice.
  • Individuals who fail the initial test (Int/Academic) three times are ineligible for subsequent PMA L/C.
  • Inter Service Selection Board (ISSB) exclusions on two separate occasions.
  • If the competent authority has granted a waiver, the examination must be conducted within four months (120 days) of the candidate’s previous appearance before the Inter Service Selection Board (ISSB).
  • A person who has been terminated, removed, or disqualified from government or military service.
  • Any grievous crime (to be determined by the military authority with jurisdiction) convicted in a court of law.
  • The Appeal Medical Board (AMB) has designated the patient permanently UNFIT (PUF). Except for those who have been approved by the Appeal Medical Board, all Armed Forces Hospitals have deemed him unfit. When medically unfit for flying, Pakistan Air Force candidates can undertake routine medical examinations as normal candidates if they wish to join another branch of the armed forces.
  • Declared medically incompetent due to Hepatitis B and C (unable to request an AMB).
  • Expelled from any Armed Forces institution or college.
  • Any withdrawal, discharge, resignation, or commission purchase from a military academy or training facility.
  • Any applicant who alters, falsifies, or conceals academic credentials in order to gain an undue advantage will be permanently disqualified from receiving any type of commission in the Armed Forces.
  • A candidate who tests positive for narcotics at CMHs, Military Hospitals, or AFIP is ineligible to join PMAs or Training Institutions permanently.
  • The ISSB Selection process evaluates the potential of natural officers. Coaches on ISSB tests have a negative impact on selection chances and generate many personality traits that contradict one another. It will be deemed ineligible to apply for commissions if a candidate who received training from a private coaching center is discovered.

Pakistani Nationals Residing Abroad

International candidates are not required to participate in the Preliminary Selection procedure. However, Defense Attaches will attest to their general suitability, physical deformities, and stammering problems. For applications, candidates must contact Pakistani Embassies (Military/Defense Attaches) in their country of domicile.

By 15 July 2022, the Application Forms and related documents must be submitted to Pakistani embassies. A completed application must be accompanied by a Rs. 100 postal order and a Rs. 500 bank draft payable to the Director-General Personnel Administration at General Headquarters Rawalpindi.

Applications must also include candidates’ Pakistani addresses so that Inter-Service Selection Board (ISSB) examinations/interviews and other correspondence can be sent to candidates at their Pakistani addresses. There will be no travel reimbursement to or from Pakistan.

Note: If the number of selected candidates exceeds the required number of inductions, the remaining candidates will be considered for the next Pakistan Military Academy (PMA) Long Course entry, assuming they meet all of the prerequisites.

How to Apply for Pak Army PMA Long Course 152

To enroll in the Pak Army PMA Long Course, you must register online.

More Info

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is the eligibility requirement for the PMA Long Course?

    Minimum 55% marks in FA/FSC and equivalent Candidates who have secured 60% or above in FA/FSc with 50% marks in BA/BSc/BA/BSc-(Hons) and BBA/BPA are eligible for the Pakistan Military Academy (PMA) Long Course.

  2. What is the age limit for PMA-LC?

    Intermediate or equivalent degree holders between the ages of 17 and 22 are eligible to apply. Graduation (2-year degree) holders and serving in the Pakistan Navy / Pakistan Air Force with ages of 17 to 23 years are eligible to apply.

  3. Can I join PMA after FSC?

    There are four ways to join the Pakistan Army after the FSC/A level or equivalent. Candidates can join the Pakistan Army either through the Long Course, Technical Course, Medical Course, or AFNS. The long course at the Pakistan Military Academy is considered among the toughest courses in the Pakistan Army.

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