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Ondo State Teachers Jobs in Nigeria 2024-25 – Apply Now

Learn everything there is to know about the Ondo State Teachers Recruitment application process, including the prerequisites and application form. Seize this opportunity to become a member of the instructional staff in Ondo State.

Are you looking forward to the Ondo State TESCOM recruitment? Are you motivated to attain membership in the Ondo State Teaching Service Commission? If you responded affirmatively, you have arrived at the appropriate location.

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This will furnish you with an exhaustive compilation of all the vital information pertaining to the Ondo State Teachers Recruitment for 2024.

Introduction to Ondo State Teachers Jobs

Important information regarding becoming a teacher with Ondo State TESCOM is required reading. This article contains the most recent information, including instructions and what they are seeking. Ensure that you thoroughly read it. An exhaustive knowledge base will significantly benefit you in your job application.


What is the significance of this information? Because it is a prerequisite for employment! The article provides a comprehensive application process. A more comprehensive understanding of the procedure will result in a more effective application.


TESCOM has application requirements that must be met. Gaining comprehension of these and diligently adhering to them will significantly enhance your prospects of securing the teaching position. Therefore, read this article carefully and with diligence, and prepare to become an outstanding educator!

List of Ondo State Teachers Jobs in Nigeria

The following are several crucial elements that warrant your attention in this article:

Subjects Available for Recruitment by Ondo State TESCOM:

  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Agricultural Science
  • Accounting
  • Yoruba Language
  • French
  • Geography
  • Basic Technology
  • History
  • Government
  • Economics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Computer Science
  • Physical and Health Education
  • Guidance and Counselling

Benefits of Ondo State Teachers Jobs in Nigeria

  • Job Security: Teaching positions are frequently accompanied by a degree of employment security and stability, particularly in government-operated institutions such as those in Ondo State. Upon being employed, educators generally hold a reasonable anticipation of continuing their careers.
  • Compensation and Benefits: While salaries may fluctuate contingent upon experience and credentials, teaching positions in Ondo State generally offer competitive remuneration in addition to supplementary provisions including accommodation, transportation, and healthcare benefits.
  • Prospects for Progression in One’s Profession: The education industry in Ondo State potentially offers avenues for career growth and enhancement. Career advancement opportunities for educators may include additional education, certifications, or internal promotions.
  • Pension and Retirement Benefits: After their active teaching years, government-employed teachers in Ondo State are frequently eligible for pension schemes or retirement plans that provide financial security.
  • Work-Life Balance: In comparison to other professions, teaching roles frequently provide regular working hours, weekends, and holidays off, thereby enhancing the work-life balance. Particularly attractive to individuals who have familial obligations or personal interests beyond their professional sphere.
  • Impact and Fulfillment: Teaching presents an exceptionally gratifying vocation, affording the chance to exert a substantial influence on students’ lives and contribute to the advancement of society at large. Observing their pupils’ academic and personal development gives many educators great satisfaction.
  • Professional Community: Ondo State teaching positions offer members the opportunity to participate in a professional community comprised of educators who support one another in their responsibilities, collaborate on teaching methods, and exchange ideas.
  • Ongoing Education: Instructors are afforded the chance to further their expertise and broaden their understanding, not only in their respective fields of study but also in pedagogical methodologies. There may be opportunities for ongoing professional development and training programs to assist with this.
  • Social Impact: The teaching profession is regarded as a noble vocation that grants individuals the opportunity to shape the socioeconomic progress of the state and the nation at large through their contributions to the education and growth of forthcoming generations.
  • Job Satisfaction: Notwithstanding the difficulties encountered, a significant number of educators derive profound gratification from their vocation, as they are mindful of the impact they are having on their pupils’ lives and the trajectory of their localities.

What you need to become a teacher in Ondo State

To qualify for a teaching position in Ondo State in 2024, you must possess the following:

  1. One of these qualifications is:
    • National Certificate in Education (NCE)
    • Bachelor of Arts (Education): B.A. (Ed.) or Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
    • Bachelor of Science (Education): B.Sc. (Ed) or Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
    • Bachelor of Education (B. Ed.) from recognized schools.
  2. You also need these papers:
    • Certificate of Primary School Departure/Testimonial
    • Diploma from high school with a minimum of five passing grades, with English and mathematics included.
    • Birth Certificate (issued by the National Population Commission) or
    • Affidavit of Declaration of Age;
    • Local Government Identification Proof of Name Change; or
    • NYSC Discharge or Exemption Certificate.

Before you fill out the Ondo State Teaching Service Commission Recruitment 2024 form, make sure you have these qualifications and papers.

How to Sign Up for Ondo State Teachers Jobs in Nigeria

Maintain knowledge of Ondo State TESCOM Recruitment

It is crucial and easy to stay informed about the most recent developments regarding the Ondo State Teaching Service Commission (TESCOM) recruitment in 2024.

Navigate to the official recruitment site.

To commence the process, visit the official recruitment portal in order to obtain all the requisite information.

Investigate the portal.

After entering the portal, pause to observe your surroundings. Locate the information required to successfully enroll.


The Ondo State Teachers Recruitment presents individuals with an interest in teaching with an exceptional opportunity. To increase your likelihood of success, ensure that you fulfill every prerequisite and adhere precisely to the application procedure.

By adhering to the prescribed procedures, one can initiate the process of qualifying for the Ondo State Teachers Recruitment in 2024. Optimally, best of luck!

  1. How do I write an application for a teaching job in Nigeria?

    Address the letter to the right person. Introduce yourself in the first paragraph and talk about where you saw the job vacancy. Talk about your education and other certifications that make you the best person for the job. Talk about your experience in teaching and the achievements that you have made so far.

  2. What are the problems facing teachers in Nigeria? 

    In Nigeria, there are many problems with teachers’ education. Some of the problems include inadequate funding, inadequate lecturers, inadequate infrastructural facilities, poor supervision, brain drain, strike actions, and poor capacity development among lecturers.

  3. Why are teachers important in Nigeria? 

    They are tasked with laying the groundwork for scholars who will shape Nigeria’s future. This is why their role deserves critical attention and appreciation. Teachers directly influence students’ learning outcomes, and their teaching methods have the power to shape students’ attitudes toward learning.

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