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NOTAP Jobs in Nigeria 2024 – Apply Now

Register to be considered for NOTAP Recruitment. Study the requirements, application procedure, and compensation structure. Maintain awareness of official updates and ensure that your application is transparent. The recruitment phase has commenced, as announced by the National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP).

This article will provide details regarding the NOTAP Recruitment application form, application portal, prerequisites, and application process. In addition, we will provide information regarding the NOTAP salary structure and other pertinent details.

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Recruitment Form and Application Portal

  • In order to submit an application for NOTAP Recruitment 2024, please visit the organization’s official website at
  • You can locate the application form and submit your application through this portal.
  • Before submitting an application, ensure that you meet the prerequisites for NOTAP Recruitment 2024.
  • In addition to coursework and professional experience, these prerequisites may comprise additional particulars.
  • For specific requirements, consult the official NOTAP website or recruitment portal.

Is National Office For Technology Acquisition and Promotion Recruitment Form Out?

The annual recruitment process for the National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP) has not commenced as of yet.

We are committed to providing you with the most recent information pertaining to NOTAP recruitment. It is critical to exercise prudence and refrain from placing trust in individuals who assert that NOTAP 2024 recruitment has commenced.


Important Information:

  • Recruitment for NOTAP has not yet commenced for the current year.
  • We shall promptly furnish updates once NOTAP recruitment commences.
  • It is not advisable to place confidence in assertions that NOTAP 2024 recruitment is presently underway.
  • It is imperative to emphasize that the application process for positions at the National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion is completely voluntary.
  • The NOTAP recruitment webpage will feature the application form once the recruitment process has commenced.

In anticipation of its 2024 recruitment effort, the National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP) is making preparations.

This article delineates the fundamental details pertaining to the prerequisites for NOTAP Recruitment 2024 and the procedures that must be executed upon the recruitment portal’s launch.

Benefits of NOTAP Jobs in Nigeria

  • Contributing to National Development: Individuals have the opportunity to contribute to the national development of Nigeria through their involvement with NOTAP. This is achieved through the regulation and promotion of technology acquisition, a critical factor in fostering economic expansion and technological progress.
  • Exposure to Technology Transfer: Employees of NOTAP may be afforded the opportunity to become acquainted with a variety of technologies through their involvement in the evaluation and analysis of technology transfer agreements. Potentially beneficial for professional development is this experience.
  • Benefits of Government Employment: Government positions frequently provide a variety of perks, such as pension plans, job security, and other allowances.
  • Opportunities for Networking: Employment at NOTAP may present prospects for establishing connections with industry experts in technology, research, and development, both domestically and abroad.
  • Contribution to Innovation: Through its facilitation of technology transfer, NOTAP contributes to the promotion of innovation. Employees might discover a sense of fulfillment in making contributions to the nation’s innovative environment.
  • Policy Development and Implementation: NOTAP employees may participate in the intellectually stimulating and consequential development and implementation of policies pertaining to technology promotion and acquisition.
  • Learning and Development: Promotion and regulatory positions involving technology necessitate knowledge of the most recent developments. A career at NOTAP may offer an environment that is conducive to ongoing education and professional growth.
  • Career Stability: Government positions frequently provide a degree of career stability by establishing explicit frameworks for professional development and progression.

Requirements of NOTAP Jobs in Nigeria

Prospective candidates seeking to be considered for the National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP) 2024 recruitment should satisfy the following requirements:

  • Nationality: Naturalized Nigerian citizens are required to apply.
  • Candidates are required to be between the ages of 18 and 40 in order to qualify for the recruitment process.
  • Academic Requirements: Candidates must possess a minimum of five credits earned in two sittings on the West African Senior School Certificate (WASSCE), National Examination Council (NECO), or General Certificate of Education (GCE). Furthermore, a mandatory English credit is required.
  • Academic Certifications: It is beneficial to have an HND, B.Sc., or OND certificate in a relevant discipline from a recognized institution.
  • A genuine form of identification, including a national identification card, driver’s license, international passport, or voter’s card, is required of all applicants.
  • Fitness: Prospective employees must possess the requisite physical and mental well-being, in addition to being drug and narcotic-free.
  • Follow the NOTAP Recruitment 2024 process for revisions, and ensure that you satisfy the stipulations prior to submitting your application.

Application Process of NOTAP Jobs in Nigeria

Following these procedures, when the NOTAP recruitment portal becomes available, candidates who meet the requirements may submit an application:

  • Verify that you are accessing the official NOTAP recruitment portal by visiting that site.
  • Complete the application form with accurate and truthful information.
  • Append the necessary documentation and certifications.
  • Your application should be submitted via the portal.
  • Closing Date: The NOTAP Recruitment 2024 closing date has not been declared at the time of writing.

Regarding the closing date, remain vigilant for updates on the recruitment portal or official announcements.

How to Apply for NOTAP Jobs in Nigeria

To remain apprised regarding the NOTAP Recruitment 2024 application process and to submit your application, please adhere to the subsequent straightforward procedures.

Application Methodology: Follow these procedures to submit an application for a position with the National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP) in 2024:

  • The official NOTAP website can be accessed at
  • Please locate and complete the application form that is accessible on the website.
  • It is imperative that you provide precise and comprehensive details on the application form.
  • Consistently monitor the NOTAP website for further instructions and status updates pertaining to your application.
  • Continue to Be Updated: We encourage you to share your perspectives or inquiries regarding NOTAP Recruitment 2024 in the comments section below this post.

More Info

This will enable us to consistently provide you with the most recent updates and news pertaining to the recruitment process.

NOTAP Jobs Update

  • A federal agency, the National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP), is entrusted with a multitude of governmental duties.
  • The organization periodically recruits fresh personnel in order to fulfill its mission. When NOTAP initiates a recruitment process, it provides essential information to ensure that the public is adequately informed.
  • Notice of Discretion and Absence of Fees: NOTAP explicitly states on its official website,, that its recruitment procedure is completely transparent and devoid of any charges.
  • By fulfilling the requisite qualifications and credentials, one is eligible to partake in the recruitment process.


In conclusion, in order to submit an application for NOTAP Recruitment 2024, kindly adhere to the instructions provided on the official website. Maintain awareness by consistently visiting the website in search of any supplementary instructions or revisions pertaining to your application. NOTAP ensures fee-free operations and transparency; therefore, individuals who satisfy the prerequisites should not be hesitant to apply for the recruitment process.

  1. What is notap in Nigeria?

    The National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP), an agency under the aegis of the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology, was established by Decree No. 70 of 1979 as the National Office of Industrial Property (NOIP).

  2. What are the functions of NOTAP? 

    Our activities include the evaluation and registration of technology transfer agreements; promotion of intellectual property; technology advisory and support services; commercialization of R&D results; research industry linkage; and maintenance of a compendium on R&D activities in the country.

  3. Who is the director general of Notap? 

    Dr.. DAN-AZUMI MOHAMMED IBRAHIM is the Director General of NOTAP. He was born on October 1, 1960, in Hardawa, Misau, L.G.A. Bauchi State.

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