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NCDMB Jobs in Nigeria 2024 – Apply Now

Have you ever contemplated the possibility of serving on the Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board (NCDMB)? Consult our exhaustive guide to NCDMB Recruitment for a synopsis of the organization as well as detailed instructions on how to submit an application. You have encountered the appropriate location; therefore, I say that you are fortunate.

Is now an ideal time to begin a new job? Are you interested in working in Nigeria’s oil and gas industry? There are newly available positions! The NCDMB is a vital organization that contributes to the expansion of the Nigerian oil and gas industry. Their objectives are to increase employment opportunities for Nigerian enterprises and impart novel skills to the Nigerian populace.

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This is a fantastic opportunity to contribute to something significant! However, before applying, continue reading to learn more about the application process.

Key Roles of NCDMB Jobs in Nigeria

NCDMB, the Nigerian Content Development, and Monitoring Board serves an indispensable function in our society:

  • Evaluating and Endorsing Nigerian Content Plans: Serves as a gatekeeper by assessing and granting approval to operators’ strategies pertaining to domestic content.
  • Establishes criteria and standards: determines minimum content requirements and benchmarks for the entire oil and gas industry.
  • Enhancing Local Capacity: Implements initiatives that prioritize the development of human capital and infrastructure in order to bolster the capabilities and resources of the local community.
  • Responsible for the supervision and administration of the Nigerian Content Development Fund, a substantial monetary asset.
  • Operating Joint Qualification System (NOGICJQS): conducts the operation of the qualification system in collaboration with industry stakeholders.
  • Content compliance monitoring ensures that partners and operators comply with Nigerian content regulations, thereby encouraging domestic investment and job growth.
  • The issuance of authorization certificates certifies that a project satisfies the necessary criteria.
  • Promoting Development: Facilitates the expansion of Nigerian-centric material by conducting research, organizing workshops, and conducting training sessions.

Being an active participant in the NCDMB entails significantly influencing the development of Nigeria’s oil and gas industry. It transcends mere employment; it entails creating a significant influence and bequeathing a heritage. Can you rise to the occasion?


Benefits of NCDMB Jobs in Nigeria

  • Contribution to National Development: The NCDMB makes a significant national development contribution by actively advocating for the advancement of domestic content within the oil and gas sector of Nigeria. Individuals who are employed by the NCDMB have the opportunity to actively contribute to the industrialization and economic expansion of the nation through their support of Nigerian firms and laborers engaged in the oil and gas industry.
  • Career Advancement Opportunities: The NCDMB provides numerous professional development opportunities and career paths. Through mentoring, job rotations, and training programs, personnel are afforded the opportunity to develop professionally, acquire significant expertise, and augment their skill sets.
  • Job Stability: In comparison to the private sector, employment with a government agency such as the NCDMB generally provides enhanced job stability. Benefits such as healthcare coverage and pension plans are frequently provided with government employment, providing employees with financial security and peace of mind.
  • Competitive Compensation: Although remuneration may differ contingent upon job responsibilities, credentials, and tenure, NCDMB employment generally provides attractive compensation arrangements. Employees may be eligible to receive allowances, incentives, and various other benefits, in addition to their base salaries.
  • Work-Life Balance: In general, government agencies (e.g., the NCDMB) maintain consistent working hours and offer a range of perks including paid time off, holidays, and adaptable scheduling. This can facilitate an improved equilibrium between work and personal life, enabling personnel to attend to their familial and personal responsibilities.
  • Possibility of Making a Difference: Employment with the NCDMB affords individuals the chance to contribute positively to the economy and society of Nigeria. Employees can actively participate in the empowerment of indigenous enterprises, the promotion of local content development, and the facilitation of skills transfer, thereby fostering economic empowerment within their respective communities.
  • Collaboration and Networking: The NCDMB interacts with a diverse range of oil and gas industry stakeholders, such as international partners, government agencies, and oil companies. Opportunities to develop professional networks, collaborate with industry leaders, and partake in strategic initiatives that shape the future of the sector are available to those who work for the NCDMB.
  • Prestige and Recognition: Affiliation with a reputable governmental organization such as the NCDMB has the potential to augment an individual’s professional standing and credibility in the field. Employees who contribute to the development of local content may be acknowledged and regarded as authorities in their respective industries.

How to Apply for NCDMB Jobs in Nigeria

Follow these instructions to be considered for the NCDMB (Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board) recruitment in 2024/2025:

  • Maintain Informed: Ensure you are well-informed by consistently visiting the NCDMB portal to explore recruitment announcements and updates.
  • Sign up for the NCDMB Portal:
  • The official website of the NCDMB, accessible at, serves as the recruitment portal.
  • By supplying a valid email address and generating a password, one can establish an account. You should include your mobile number in your password.
  • Make a selection for the desired position. Select the particular employment role for which you wish to submit an application.
  • Please proceed with uploading identification documents. When requested to do so during the application procedure, scan and upload the required identification documents.
  • Assess and publish: Before submitting your application in its final form, verify the veracity of every piece of information you have submitted. Once all details have been verified as accurate, proceed with the submission of your application.
  • Qualifying Assessments: Candidates who successfully complete and pass the prerequisite examinations will be the only ones to receive invitations for interviews. The evaluation of your credentials and qualifications will occur throughout the interview.
  • It is imperative to bring the original acknowledgment slips that were printed online with you at all times throughout the application procedure. These may be required in order to conduct verification.
  • Notification of Shortlisting: In the event that your application is selected for further consideration in the recruitment process, you will be duly notified through SMS or email with pertinent information concerning the forthcoming stages.
  • It is critical to adhere precisely to these procedures and closely monitor the NCDMB portal for any recruitment process updates or modifications. Optimal success in the process of applying!

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  1. What is the salary at NCDMB?

    At NCDMB, entry-level personnel earn less than other employees, but with time and experience, their salary should increase. According to, the Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board’s (NCDMB) annual salary is 449,662 naira.

  2. What is the NCDMB profile? 

    The Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board (NCDMB), Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, is mandated by law to supervise, coordinate, administer, monitor, and manage the development of Nigerian content in the Nigerian oil and gas industry.

  3. What is the work of NCDMB?

    Section 69 of the Act created the Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board (“NCDMB”), which is, among other things, empowered to supervise, coordinate, administer, and monitor the implementation and development of Nigerian content as specified in the Schedule to the Act on the operations of operators and contractors.

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