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List of Norway Visa Sponsorship Jobs 2024

Norway Visa Sponsorship Jobs: In the pursuit of international job opportunities, Norway stands out as an attractive destination for foreign candidates. This article brings forth a comprehensive guide to Norway Visa Sponsorship Jobs for the year 2024, offering a range of positions with visa sponsorship. Let’s delve into the details of these promising job opportunities step by step.

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Details of Norway Visa Sponsorship Jobs 2024

  • Host Country: Norway
  • Job Type: Visa Sponsorship Job
  • Who are Eligible: International Applicants

List of Norway Visa Sponsorship Jobs 2024

  1. Teaching Jobs In Norway:
    • Post & Salary: Secondary School Teacher (NOK 496,000/year), Senior Lecturer (NOK 862,000/year), Associate Professor (NOK 688,085/year)
    • Skill/Education: Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate, or a High school diploma
    International applicants interested in the teaching field can explore various opportunities in Norway in 2024. The country, known for its high-standard education system, provides job roles ranging from secondary school teachers to associate professors.
  2. Healthcare Sector Jobs in Norway:
    • Post & Salary: Physiotherapist (NOK 1,130,000/year), Medical Director (NOK 2,122,081/year), Qualified Nurse NOK 459,000/year), General Physician (NOK 1,440,000/year).
    • Skill/Education: Bachelor’s degree, Medicine degree, or Nursing
    Professionals in the healthcare sector can find rewarding roles in Norway, with positions such as physiotherapists, medical directors, nurses, and general physicians. The healthcare industry in Norway offers diverse opportunities for international workers.
  3. Engineering Jobs In Norway:
    • Post & Salary: Mechanical engineer (NOK 545,000/year), Lead Engineer (NOK 902,425/year), Electrical Engineer (NOK 590,000/year), Chemical Process Engineer (NOK 621,000/year)
    • Skill/Education: Bachelor, Master degree
    Engineering aspirants seeking a high-quality life experience and competitive salary packages can apply for roles in Norway. Renowned companies like Nigel Wright Group, 7ocean aS, and Baker Hughes Norway offer job opportunities for international applicants in 2024.
  4. Banking Sector Jobs in Norway:
    • Post & Salary: Accountant (NOK 630,000/year), Branch Manager (NOK 1,040,000/year), Customer Care representative (NOK 106,000/year), Finance manager (NOK 1,170,000/year)
    • Skill/Education: Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree
    Banking sector jobs are also prevalent in Norway, with positions such as accountant, branch manager, customer care representative, and finance manager. International applicants can explore opportunities in Norwegian banks like Nordea Bank and Solace Corporation.
  5. Hotel Jobs In Norway:
    • Post & Salary: Chef (NOK 524,462/year), Receptionist (NOK 302,000/year), Bartender (NOK 233,000/year), Restaurant supervisor (NOK 725,000/year).
    • Skill/Education: Not required or (Depending on your Job Type)
    The hospitality industry in Norway, including hotels like Nordic Hotels and Resorts and Radisson Hotel Group, offers diverse job opportunities. Roles span from chefs and receptionists to bartenders and restaurant supervisors.
  6. Aviation Industry Jobs In Norway:
    • Post & Salary: Pilot (974,577 NOK/year), Flight Instructor (481,000 NOK/year), ATC (341,000 NOK/year), Ticketing Agent (289,000 NOK/year)Skill/Education: Bachelor’s, Master’s degree
    The aviation industry in Norway presents exciting opportunities for pilots, flight instructors, air traffic controllers (ATC), and ticketing agents. Companies like Oslo Airport, Flyr Airline, and Pilot Flight Academy offer aviation jobs in Norway.

How to Apply for Norway Visa Sponsorship Jobs (2024)

  1. Explore job listings on LinkedIn (LinkedIn Jobs), Indeed (Indeed Jobs), and Glassdoor (Glassdoor Jobs).
  2. Tailor your resume, visit company websites for openings, and apply directly.
  3. Network on LinkedIn, attend virtual events, and leverage recruitment agencies for increased opportunities.


This article serves as a detailed guide to Norway Visa Sponsorship Jobs for foreigners in 2024. It highlights key sectors, including teaching, healthcare, engineering, banking, hospitality, and aviation, offering international candidates a chance to explore fulfilling career opportunities in the picturesque country of Norway.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is eligible to apply for Norway Visa Sponsorship Jobs?

International applicants from around the world are eligible to apply for Norway Visa Sponsorship Jobs in 2024.

Are language requirements essential for these jobs?

Language requirements vary based on the job type. Proficiency in Norwegian and English may be required for certain positions.


How can I apply for these jobs?

You can apply for Norway Visa Sponsorship Jobs by exploring listings on platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor. Tailor your resume and apply directly through company websites or connect with recruitment agencies.


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