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Visa Sponsorship Factory Jobs in Ireland 2024 – Apply Now

Visa-sponsoring factory work in Ireland is an excellent opportunity for menial laborers from developing African and Asian nations. However, they have developed the ability to endure prolonged periods of standing without experiencing fatigue. Due to its small population, Ireland encourages foreign nationals to apply for employment openings utilizing sponsor visas.

Wikipedia predicts that the population of Ireland will surpass seven million individuals in 2022. Due to the nation’s great technological advancements, every sector of the economy is thriving. Consequently, factories and warehouses across various industries are accessible to candidates hailing from across the globe. Ireland accommodates more than a thousand multinational corporations.

In 2023, the quota for non-citizens of the European Union was increased to the standard level. In a single factory, individuals with varying levels of education and training may be employed. Your employment responsibilities will consequently correspond with your skill set. Following the offer of employment, the prospective employer will initiate the process of obtaining a letter of visa sponsorship on your behalf. You are then required to submit your visa application.

Why Consider Ireland for Work?

Ireland is a highly sought-after destination for foreign labor due to its robust economy, advantageous geographical position, and lenient immigration policies. A manufacturing and industrial expansion boom has resulted from the nation’s commitment to innovation; consequently, there is a demand for skilled labor in a variety of disciplines.

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The Rise of Factory Visa Sponsorship Jobs

As Ireland attempts to address labor force skill shortages, factory visa support positions have gained popularity. These opportunities enable both novices and seasoned professionals to contribute to the expansion of Ireland’s industries.


Requirements of Visa Sponsorship Factory Jobs in Ireland:

To gain employment in Ireland, one must possess either a visa or a sponsor. Before applying for a work or employment visa, a valid job offer is required. You are subsequently required to register for a work visa. The sponsoring employer will formally submit the visa application on the employee’s behalf. You will need the following to get started:

  • Generally, entry-level positions demand a high school diploma or its equivalent. Education and formal training are prerequisites for all professional employment.
  • Possessing a minimum of one year of pertinent professional experience will increase your likelihood of being recruited for any position. However, in the case of entry-level positions, an excess of six months of experience or knowledge is permissible.
  • IELTS scores are mandatory for advanced-level positions that demand formal education. Skills other than English proficiency are necessary for menial labor.
  • A background investigation is required.
  • A medical history.
  • The passport possesses a blank visa page and is effective for a minimum of six months.
  • Supplies for use in the classroom.
  • Curriculum vitae (CV) is an alternative term for résumé.

Sponsored Work Visa Positions in Irish Factories

General Manufacturing Operators

  • Immediately inform the department manager or shift coordinator of any potential or immediate dangers.
  • Notify your supervisor or manager of any near-misses or accidents that occur.
  • Never jeopardize your safety by failing to don the proper PPE. When uncertain, refer to the relevant SOP.

Administrator, Production Support

  • Enhance and preserve the MRS through the addition of new content.
  • SAP is where all process orders, such as LMRs and BMRs, must be finalized.
  • The utilization of MCNs can improve quality assurance.

Distillation Technician

  • Engage in multiple pivotal stages of the distillation procedure, in addition to independently undertaking supplementary phases.
  • Your responsibility will include the oversight of the functionality of these components and the resolution of any potential emergencies or malfunctions.
  • Contribute to the fulfillment and surpassing of Health and Safety, Compliance, Quality, Customer Service, Environmental, and Cost standards as a member of a manufacturing team.

Expert in Managing Production Flow

  • The objective of statistical process control is to oversee and communicate process outcomes.
  • PLC and DCS control system troubleshooting (including Delta V)
  • A member of the manufacturing department will typically investigate and attempt to resolve a reported issue.

Benefits of Visa Sponsorship Factory Jobs:

  • Consistent Employment: Frequently, factory work offers consistent and secure employment. Numerous manufacturing facilities maintain consistent operating hours, providing employees with a dependable means of remuneration.
  • Diverse Employment Prospects: Due to the variety of departments and positions within factories, employment opportunities are extensive. Diverse occupations, including machine operation, assembly line work, quality control, logistics, and maintenance, are open to candidates with a variety of skill sets.
  • Entrance-Level Prospects: A considerable number of factory jobs are entry-level, thereby enabling individuals with limited work experience or specialized technical skills to obtain them. This provides individuals entering the workforce with a foundational principle.
  • Curriculum and Skill Enhancement: Frequently, factory positions require on-the-job training. By increasing their skill set, employees are allowed to acquire specialized knowledge and abilities about apparatus operation, manufacturing processes, quality assurance, and safety protocols.
  • Professional Development: There may be opportunities for career advancement in factory work. Employees have the potential to advance to supervisory positions, specialized functions, or higher-paying positions as they gain experience and complete additional training at the factory.
  • Work in Teams and Collaboration: Constantly, achieving production objectives in a factory requires cooperation with coworkers. This promotes a collective effort and has the potential to cultivate a nurturing professional atmosphere.
  • Compensatory Competitiveness: A significant number of factory jobs provide competitive compensation, particularly for positions that require specialized technical knowledge or skill. There may also be overtime compensation available to employees who work longer hours.
  • Employment Security: Job security can be contingent upon the industry and prevailing economic conditions when it comes to factory employment. Numerous economies rely heavily on the manufacturing sector, and qualified labor is frequently in demand.
  • Safety and Health Measures: In most cases, factory safety is a top priority. This encompasses the provision of safety protocol training, the implementation of safety measures, and the enforcement of occupational health and safety standards.
  • Enhancements to the Local Economy: The establishment of factories fosters employment opportunities and assists in interconnected sectors, including transportation and logistics. This may potentially benefit the community.
  • Shift Adaptability: Numerous factories function in shifts, affording employees the advantage of schedule flexibility. Individuals who have personal obligations or prefer non-traditional work hours may find this arrangement advantageous.
  • Manufacturing of Physical Products: Frequently, factory employees take pride in the tangible products they produce. Observing the tangible outcomes of one’s efforts manifest as completed products can provide individual fulfillment and enhance one’s feeling of achievement.

Salary Of Factory Workers

How to answer such a broad question depends on a multitude of variables, including your place of residence and employment, the type of manufacturing facility you are affiliated with, your educational attainment, and your professional background, among others. The Economic Research Institute reports that the median annual wage for industrial laborers in Ireland is €33,610, or €16 per hour, in addition to a €420 bonus.

Criteria for Eligibility

  • Employment opportunities are available to anyone who satisfies the requirements in Ireland.
  • Upon fulfilling the necessary criteria, Orish Company will initiate the process of obtaining an Irish work permit and promptly commence the recruitment process. No nationality restrictions apply. Then you have a position that sponsors visas.
  • It is worth exploring as the majority of locations may provide an online application for completion. If you need further funding, submit your resume on Europa. Europass is capable of assisting with the development of a digital resume.


A factory visa support position in Ireland entails more than mere employment. You also have the opportunity to experience a diverse culture, make lifelong relationships, and advance professionally. There are numerous intriguing possibilities.

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  1. How do I get a visa-sponsored job in Ireland?

    If you are looking for sponsorship to work in Ireland, you will first need to obtain a formal job offer from an eligible organization. Following this, you should use the Employment Permits Online System (EPOS) application page to apply for your permit.

  2. Is Ireland looking for foreign workers?

    As a favorite tourist destination, it is in continual need of service workers and those in hospitality and tourism. Both skilled and casual workers can find work in these areas. Another area where expats can find ample job opportunities is in the technology sector.

  3. Is there a job opportunity in Ireland?

    Opportunities can be found in many major industries, including the growing technology sector, where the demand for IT workers is high. Thanks to Ireland’s rising popularity as a holiday destination, the hospitality and tourism industries require both skilled and casual workers.

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