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Jobs In Kuwait With Visa Sponsorship for Foreigners 2024

Kuwait offers a plethora of job opportunities for foreigners, encompassing both skilled and unskilled positions. Employers in Kuwait are often willing to provide visa sponsorship to eligible foreign workers, further enhancing the appeal of working in this Middle Eastern nation. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the various job opportunities in Kuwait for international applicants, highlighting the benefits, job sectors, and minimum wage.

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Benefits of Jobs In Kuwait With Visa Sponsorship

Working in Kuwait comes with an array of enticing benefits for foreign workers. These perks are designed to make your experience as an expatriate employee comfortable and rewarding. Some of the key advantages include:

  • Health Insurance: Comprehensive health coverage ensures you have access to quality healthcare services during your stay in Kuwait.
  • Housing Allowances: Many employers in Kuwait provide housing allowances, helping you secure suitable accommodation.
  • 30-Day Annual Leave: You can enjoy ample leisure time with a generous annual leave allowance.
  • End-of-Service Benefits: These benefits offer financial security upon completing your employment contract.
  • Education Allowance: If you have children, you can benefit from an education allowance to support their schooling needs.
  • Airfare Allowances: Employers may cover airfare expenses, making your travel to and from Kuwait more convenient.

Requirements for Jobs in Kuwait

To secure employment in Kuwait with visa sponsorship, you must meet specific requirements, including:

  • Qualifications: Ensure that you possess the necessary qualifications and skills for the job you are applying for. Different positions may have distinct educational and experiential requirements.
  • Valid Passport: You must have a valid passport in good condition, with an expiration date that extends at least six months beyond your intended departure from Kuwait.
  • Health Insurance: A valid health insurance policy that covers your stay in Kuwait is often required. European Health Insurance Cards (EHIC) are accepted for EU/EEA citizens.
  • Minimum Wage: Foreign workers in Kuwait are subject to a minimum wage requirement. The minimum monthly salary for foreign workers is 600 Kuwaiti dinars.

Available Visa-Sponsored Jobs In Kuwait for Foreigners

  • Oil and Gas Industry:
    • Petroleum Engineer: Responsible for designing and developing methods for extracting oil and gas, analyzing geological data, and overseeing production operations.Geologist: Investigates the Earth’s structure and materials to locate potential oil and gas reserves.Operations Manager: Oversees the daily operations of an oil and gas production facility, ensuring production goals are met and operations run smoothly.Instrumentation Technician: Installs, repairs, and maintains equipment in oil and gas production facilities.Project Manager: Manages the planning, design, and execution of oil and gas production projects.
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  • Healthcare Industry:
    • Various roles in Kuwait’s expanding healthcare sector, including medical device positions.
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  • Education Sector:
    • Opportunities in Kuwait’s well-developed education sector, including teaching, administration, research, and support staff positions.
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Minimum Wage

The Kuwaiti government has established a minimum wage requirement for foreign workers applying for work visas in Kuwait. The minimum monthly salary for foreign workers is 600 Kuwaiti dinars.



Kuwait’s job market presents a host of opportunities for foreign workers, extending across various sectors, including the oil and gas industry, healthcare, and education. With a competitive minimum wage and a range of benefits, Kuwait is an appealing destination for international job seekers. Securing a job offer and meeting the necessary visa requirements are essential steps toward embarking on a successful career in Kuwait.

  1. How can I secure a job in Kuwait with visa sponsorship as a foreigner?

    To find employment in Kuwait with visa sponsorship, you can explore job listings on relevant websites, apply to positions that match your qualifications, and follow the employer’s instructions for visa sponsorship.

  2. What are the primary sectors offering jobs for foreigners in Kuwait?

    Foreigners can find job opportunities in Kuwait across various sectors, with key areas including the oil and gas industry, healthcare, and the education sector.

  3. What is the minimum wage requirement for foreign workers in Kuwait?

    The minimum wage for foreign workers seeking employment in Kuwait is set at 600 Kuwaiti dinars per month.

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