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Government Jobs in Australia 2024-25 – Apply Now

Government Jobs in Australia: Government departments, agencies, and state-run organizations in Australia are actively recruiting personnel for 2024. There are thousands of vacant positions in the Australian government, for which CVs are now being accepted.

Details of Government Jobs in Australia

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Salary Benefits of Government Jobs in Australia

Working for the Australian government offers numerous advantages. The most apparent benefit is the work’s stability and security. Government positions typically offer competitive pay and benefits, as well as job security. Many government positions offer career advancement opportunities.

An additional advantage of working for the government is the chance to make a difference. Government employees frequently have the opportunity to work on meaningful initiatives that can improve Australians’ lives. This can be very gratifying and instill a sense of job fulfillment.

Lastly, government positions can provide an excellent work-life balance. Numerous government personnel can utilize flexible work arrangements to better balance their professional and personal obligations.

Benefits of Government Jobs in Australia

  • Stability and Protection: Government positions typically provide a high degree of job security and stability. Typically, governments are less susceptible to economic fluctuations, making these positions attractive to those pursuing long-term employment.
  • Attractive Advantages: Frequently, government jobs offer competitive compensation packages that include health insurance, retirement plans, paid time off, and other advantages that contribute to financial security and well-being.
  • Profession Advancement: Frequently, government agencies offer structured career paths and advancement opportunities. With opportunities for promotions and talent development, employees can advance their careers over time.
  • Instruction and Advancement: Many government agencies invest in training and development programs for their employees, ensuring they have the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their positions.
  • Work-life equilibrium: Typically, government jobs prioritize work-life balance, with predictable work hours and reasonable overtime expectations. This can be especially appealing to those who wish to maintain a wholesome work-life balance.
  • Diverse workplace settings: In addition to healthcare and education, government agencies also cover law enforcement and public administration. This diversity offers individuals a variety of career opportunities and the chance to work in fields that correlate with their interests and expertise.
  • Participation in Public Service: As they directly contribute to the betterment of society, many people find fulfillment in government employment. These positions frequently involve servicing the public and addressing significant issues in areas such as healthcare, education, and infrastructure, among others.
  • Access to Public Resources: A government position may provide access to government resources and services, such as educational benefits, housing assistance, and other support programs.
  • Networking Possibilities: Government agencies frequently facilitate networking with colleagues and related professionals. Developing a network within the government can be beneficial for career advancement and future opportunities.
  • Cultural Contact: Government jobs can provide expatriates with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the local culture, acquire the language, and develop a deeper understanding of the host nation.

Career Pathways of Government Jobs in Australia

For those seeking a career in public service, the Australian government offers a variety of employment opportunities. The government is committed to providing its employees with training and development opportunities to advance their careers and realize their maximum potential.


Numerous career paths are available, allowing you to discover the position that best matches your skills and interests.


1# Trainee, Apprentice Jobs in Australia

In addition, the government offers numerous programs for school dropouts, trainees, and apprentices. These programs can assist you in obtaining your first job or gaining the necessary skills and experience to advance in your chosen field.

2# Cadetships and Sponsorships

Cadetships and sponsorships at Australian government jobs are excellent methods to launch a public sector career. They provide you with practical experience and knowledge in a variety of fields as well as access to numerous networks. In addition, they can lead to career advancement and employment satisfaction. There are numerous types of cadetships and sponsorships available, so it is crucial to conduct research and select the one that best matches your skills, interests, and career objectives.

3# Internships Pathway

An internship is a great method to break into the Australian Government if you’re interested in a career there. The Australian Government offers numerous internships that can provide you with the skills and experience necessary to initiate your career. During the course of a few weeks to a few months-long internship with the Australian government, you will acquire valuable work experience.

During the course of a few weeks to a few months-long internship with the Australian government, you will acquire valuable work experience.

4# Graduates Trainee Programs

The Australian Government Career Pathways program is designed to aid recent graduates in gaining employment in the Australian Public Service. The program provides graduates with a one-year placement with an APS agency.

5# Veterans Hiring

The purpose of the Career Pathways program is to assist veterans in identifying and pursuing career opportunities within the Australian Public Service (APS). The program offers advice and assistance regarding job search strategies, resume writing, and interviewing techniques. It also provides networking opportunities and access to APS job openings.

6# Career Change Program in Australia

The Australian Government Jobs Career Pathways program is intended to aid in a successful career transition. It provides a variety of resources and supports to help you plan your career transition, discover new employment opportunities, and transition into your new role.

7# Working in Australian Government Departments

Working in Australian Government Departments is an excellent method to gain public sector experience. The position provides the opportunity to interact with various government departments and gain knowledge of their policies and procedures. Additionally, it allows you to develop your research and writing abilities. Work experience is invaluable and can help you obtain a position in the public sector after you complete your education.

Australian Government Jobs Career Pathways currently offers two career pathway opportunities, including the Indigenous Australian Government Development Program and the Australian Science Policy Fellowship Program.

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List of Government Jobs in Australia

The number of organizations administered and owned by the Australian government is substantial; consequently, the number of vaccines in all of these organizations and departments is quite high. The following Australian Government departments, forces, organizations, and public sector institutions will be hiring new personnel in 2024:

1# Jobs in Australian Universities

Here is a list of some of the best Australian universities offering employment for the upcoming academic year:

Each of these universities provides a variety of employment opportunities. The University of Melbourne offers academic staff, research staff, and support staff positions. The University of Queensland offers teaching positions, research positions, and technical and professional positions. The positions available at Monash University include academic staff, general staff, and administration and support Staff.

The University of Sydney and The Australian National University also offer academic and research positions, professional services positions, and library and information services positions.

2# Australian Forces Jobs

The Australian Defense Force (ADF) is a highly skilled and professional organization that provides an array of thrilling career opportunities. There are numerous employment opportunities available within the Australian Armed Forces. Infantry combatants, Tank crew members, pilots, Army, Navy, Air traffic controllers, Logistics officers, Intelligence officers, and Medicare are among the most popular occupations.

Before applying for a position, you should investigate its requirements and responsibilities to determine which one best fits your qualifications. The Australian Forces website is an excellent starting point for your research.

The average salary range for positions in the Australian Defense Force is between $35,852 and $78,658 per year.

3# Australian Government Banking Jobs

If you’re searching for a challenging and rewarding banking career, working for the Australian government is your best bet. There are a variety of positions available within the Australian government finance sector. Included in this category are clerks, customer service representatives, loan officers, financial analysts, auditors, accountants, and branch managers. Each of these positions has its own duties and responsibilities.

To work in a bank in Australia, you must have excellent communication skills and the ability to interact with customers in a professional manner. You will need a bachelor’s degree in economics or finance and rudimentary computer skills, as the majority of banks now conduct daily operations using computer systems.

The minimum salary that Australian banks offer ranges from $32,062 to $87,000 per year. If you are convinced that you want to work for a bank in Australia, please search for positions at Bank AustraliaANZ bankBank of Queensland, and Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

4# Australian Government Healthcare Jobs

The healthcare industry in Australia is one of the country’s most vital and dynamic industries. It employs a vast number of people, each of whom plays a crucial role in providing patients with high-quality care. As a consequence of the constant evolution of the healthcare industry, new employment opportunities are always becoming available.

The healthcare industry encompasses a vast array of positions, from physicians and nurses to support staff and administration. Regardless of your skill set or qualifications, you are likely to find a suitable position.

There are numerous requirements for government healthcare positions in Australia. The most essential qualification is a bachelor’s degree in health science or a closely related discipline. Experience in a health-related profession, such as nursing or midwifery, and knowledge of the Australian healthcare system are also relevant qualifications.

The annual minimum salary for entry-level positions is typically between $32,000 and $66,000 AUD. You can discover healthcare jobs with the Australian Government on the Australian NT healthcare jobs page.

5# Jobs in the Fire and Rescue Department of Australia

The Australian government is constantly searching for ways to assist its citizens in need. One method they accomplish this is by providing jobs in rescue operations. These positions are essential for assisting individuals in times of crisis and providing essential community service. There are a variety of positions available within rescue operations, so you should be able to find one that matches your skills and passions. Search and rescue teams, firefighters, paramedics, physicians, and nurses are among the most recognizable professions.

The most common requirements include a valid driver’s license, physical fitness, and training in first aid and CPR. Some positions may require certification in water or rope rescue. The most essential qualification for any position in the Australian Government’s Rescue Operations is a willingness to assist those in need. Those who are interested in these positions must be able to work effectively under pressure and make the best possible decisions swiftly.

The annual minimum pay range for a Rescue Operations Job is between $28,846 and $60,000. This page lists available Fire and Rescue positions in Australia.

6# Jobs in Australian Consulate and Embassies

Consulates and embassies of Australia provide services and assistance to Australians residing, working, or traveling abroad. These positions are essential for promoting Australia’s interests and values and aiding those in need.

There are a variety of job opportunities available at the Australian Consulate and Embassies in other countries. Diplomatic posts, economic posts, press and public affairs posts, administrative posts, and political posts are among the most sought-after positions.

A degree from an Australian university or a comparable overseas qualification, plus at least five years’ experience working in a senior position in the Australian Public Service or equivalent, is required to apply.

Jobs at Australian Consulates and Embassies Operating in Other Countries pay between $67,200 and $134,300 annually.

7# Australian Government Railways and Airways Jobs

With billions of dollars being invested in new infrastructure projects, the railway industry is enduring an exciting period of growth and expansion. This generates numerous employment opportunities for skilled employees across the nation.

Australian Railways and Airways offers a variety of positions, including Customer Service Representatives, Ticketing Agents, Baggage handlers, Station Managers, Flight Managers, Engineers, Technical and Maintenance, and Cabin Crew Managers.

The candidate must possess relevant experience and qualifications, such as a Certificate III in Rail Operations, in order to qualify. You must complete an accredited course and pass the Air Traffic Controller Registration Examination to become an air traffic controller.

The minimum salary range for railways and airways positions with the Australian government is between $45,000 and $90,000. On the Australian Railways Association page, job applications are accepted. In contrast, Australian airline jobs can be located on the Qantas careers website.

8# Australian Government Aviation & Space Jobs

Australia’s aviation industry has an annual value of over $12 billion and is projected to expand significantly in the future years. This expansion will create new opportunities for pilots, engineers, mechanics, and other aviation professionals. In addition to its rapid expansion, the space industry is continuously launching new missions. This creates opportunities for scientists, technicians, and other skilled professionals.

Various qualifications are required for aviation and space-related professions in Australia. To become an air traffic controller, for instance, you must have completed the 12th grade with math and English and have a bachelor’s degree or diploma in air traffic management. To become a commercial pilot, you must possess both a Private Pilot License (PPL) and a Commercial Pilot License (CPL), in addition to a current Aviation Medical Certificate. Different positions, such as aircraft maintenance engineer and air traffic services officer, require a variety of other specialized licenses and qualifications.

Visit the website to learn more about the qualifications required for each position at Australian Government Aviation & Space Jobs. The Australian Government’s average salary range for aviation and space positions is $53,512–$208,333 per year.

9# Australian Government Border Force Jobs

The Australian Border Force is a vital component of our nation’s security apparatus, and they are constantly seeking new recruits to assist them in protecting our borders.

If you are interested in a career in border security, the Australian Border Force offers a variety of positions, each with its own set of responsibilities. There is a position for everyone, from working at one of the many airports or seaports to patrolling our borders or working in one of the detention centers.

To apply, you must be an Australian citizen or possess permanent residency status. Due to the fact that the Border Force is a law enforcement agency, its members must possess full legal rights in Australia. It would be advantageous if you had a high level of physical fitness, as some Border Force positions may require you to engage in strenuous activity.

The minimum annual salary for positions in the Australian Government Border Force ranges from $38,673 to $53,000. Send your resume here for Border Security Force jobs in Australia.

10# Australia Post Jobs

Australia has one of the most efficient postal services in the globe. With over 30,000 employees, it is also one of the greatest employers in the country. Possibilities within the postal service include sorting and delivering mail, working in post offices, and operating mail trucks. The pay is excellent at Australia Post, and the flexible hours make it an attractive option for many people.

There are a variety of available postal careers in Australia. The postman who delivers mail to residences and businesses is the most common. Some postal clerks sort and distribute correspondence within post offices. Postal carriers transport mail between post offices.

The average annual salary range for postal jobs is between $36,895 and $68,490. Australia Post provides numerous employment opportunities on its careers portal. Therefore, feel free to submit your employment application through the Australia Post careers page.

11# Australian Government Customs Jobs

Australian Customs roles are among the most sought-after in the nation. Because it is a crucial position, working for Customs intrigues many people. Customs officers play a crucial role in safeguarding Australia by ensuring that only authorized individuals and items enter the nation. Additionally, they assist in preventing the smuggling of illicit drugs and other contraband.

Applicants must be Australian citizens or permanent residents to be considered for employment opportunities. Some positions require additional qualifications, such as a law or accounting degree.

For most entry-level positions, the Australian Government Customs Jobs has a minimum salary range of $42,000 to $65,000.

People Also Ask:

  1. Can PR apply for government jobs in Australia?

    You must be in Australia on a work visa or an Australian citizen or permanent resident to be qualified for temporary employment. You must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident to be suitable for long-term employment in the ACT Public Service.

  2. Is it easy to get a job in Australia?

    Australia has one of the world’s greatest economies. Its economy is vibrant, and the country keeps growing and offers many opportunities for employment. Despite the fact that the Australian labor market for foreigners may be extremely competitive, getting a qualified job in Australia is not difficult.

  3. Can foreigners apply for government jobs in Australia?

    You must be in Australia on a work visa or an Australian citizen or permanent resident to be able to obtain temporary employment. You must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident to be suitable for long-term employment in the ACT Public Service

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