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Fruit Picking Jobs in Australia With Visa Sponsorship 2024

Are you eager to find a fruit-picking job in Australia? Well, you’re in luck! The Australian government is currently offering visa sponsorship for fruit-picking jobs across the country. This presents a fantastic opportunity for those who want to explore the Australian agricultural industry and are willing to work as unskilled labor.

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Why Consider Fruit Picking Jobs in Australia?

If you lack extensive experience or higher education but are ready to roll up your sleeves and work diligently, a fruit-picking job in Australia could be an ideal fit. This article explores Fruit Picking Jobs in Australia for the year 2024, including details on visa sponsorship.

In a country where many Australians prefer not to engage in these roles, there’s a demand for foreigners to fill these positions. As a fruit picker, your responsibilities will include harvesting fruits and vegetables, loading delivery vans, restocking supplies, and performing various warehouse tasks. Job seekers seeking visa sponsorship can apply for these fruit-picking and farming roles.

Types of Visas for Fruit Picking Jobs in Australia

Australia offers various types of visas for foreign workers interested in temporary employment. The most common visa for fruit pickers is the Working Holiday visa, permitting individuals from specific countries to work in Australia for up to a year. There are also seasonal worker visas and employer-sponsored visas for those looking for longer-term opportunities.

Varieties of Fruit Picking Jobs in Australia

The realm of fruit-picking jobs in Australia is diverse, with opportunities ranging from picking apples, oranges, bananas, and grapes to other fruits like strawberries, mangoes, and tomatoes. Payment rates for these roles differ depending on factors like the type of fruit and the size of the farm. For instance, apple farms generally offer higher pay compared to banana farms. Larger farms often provide better compensation than smaller ones.


Fruit Picking Jobs by Australian Region

  • Victoria (VIC)
    • Farms: Silvan, Cherry Hill Orchards, Coldstream
    • Best Season: November to February
    • Fruits Harvested: Citrus, grapes, raspberries, cherries, strawberries
  • New South Wales (NSW)
    • Farms: Darkes-Glenbernie Orchard, Darkes Forest, Benning Blueberries, Woolgoolga
    • Best Season: November to April
    • Fruits Harvested: Persimmons, apples, blueberries, cherries, oranges
  • Queensland (QLD)
    • Farms: SSS Strawberries, Oakwood, Pinata Farms, Stanthorpe
    • Best Season: June to November
    • Fruits Harvested: Strawberries, bananas, pears, melons
  • Western Australia (WA)
    • Farms: Berry Sweet, Bullsbrook, Bothkamp Australia Farm, Kununurra
    • Best Season: All year round, depending on the fruit
    • Fruits Harvested: Grapes, apples, pears, rockmelons
  • South Australia
    • Farms: Beerenberg Farm, Hahndorf
    • Best Season: April to September
    • Fruits Harvested: Grapes, strawberries, citrus
  • Tasmania
    • Orchards: Reid Fruits, Tasmania, Tasmanian Berries, Tasmania
    • Best Season: October to May
    • Fruits Harvested: Apples, grapes
  • Northern Territory
    • Farms: Pinata Farms, Darwin
    • Best Season: May to November
    • Fruits Harvested: Mangoes, bananas, melons

Additional Resources for Finding Farm Working Jobs in Australia

Finding Australian Fruit Picking Visa Sponsorship Jobs can be accomplished through various avenues, including:

  • WorkForce Australia (Official Govt of Australia): The official Government of Australia website, WorkForce Australia, is a hub for job hunting in the country. Many Australian agriculture companies upload fruit-picking job vacancies on this platform.
  • SEEK Australia: SEEK is Australia’s top job portal, featuring numerous jobs with visa sponsorship. To find relevant opportunities, visit SEEK’s website and use keywords like “Visa Sponsorship,” “Fruit Jobs,” or “Picker Jobs.”

Application Process for Fruit Picking Jobs in Australia With Visa Sponsorship

Applying for fruit-picking jobs in Australia with visa sponsorship may seem overwhelming, but we’ve got you covered. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the application process:

  • Research Job Types: Explore the various fruit-picking job options available in Australia and identify positions that align with your preferences and requirements.
  • Prepare Your Application: Carefully prepare your application, which typically includes your CV, a cover letter, and any additional documents requested by the employer, such as references or police checks.
  • Submission: Submit your application as per the employer’s instructions. Ensure that you provide all the required information and documents.
  • Await a Response: After submitting your application, be patient and wait for a response. If your application is successful, you may receive an invitation for an interview.
  • Interview: During the interview, showcase your skills and personality to convince the employer that you’re the right fit for the job.
  • Visa Application: Once you’ve secured a job offer, you can begin the visa application process. Your employer should assist you with this step, so be sure to ask for guidance.
  • Preparations: Once your visa is approved, start preparing for your move to Australia. Get ready for an exciting adventure Down Under!

How to Apply

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Benefits of Fruit Picking Jobs

  • Temporary Employment: Fruit-picking jobs are typically seasonal, enabling workers to earn income during the harvest season. This is particularly appealing to those who do not wish to commit to a full-time position.
  • Possibility for Travel: Working as a fruit picker can provide the opportunity to travel and explore various regions of Canada, including rural and scenic regions.
  • Practical Experience: Picking fruit provides hands-on experience in agriculture and horticulture, allowing workers to develop agricultural and harvesting-related skills and knowledge.
  • Physical Exercise: Fruit picking is physically demanding labor that provides the opportunity to engage in outdoor physical activity, which can be personally satisfying and beneficial to one’s health.
  • Contractual Employment: Fruit harvesting can be a convenient option for those with working holiday visas or seasonal work permits, as it frequently does not require a long-term commitment, allowing flexibility in travel and future career choices.
  • Earnings Generation: Fruit-picking employment can be a source of income for those seeking to support themselves or save money for other pursuits, such as education or travel.
  • Possibility for Extra Pay: Some fruit-picking positions offer overtime pay, which can boost earnings during harvest season.
  • Cultural Interaction: Fruit-picking positions frequently attract a diverse workforce, allowing for cultural exchange and the chance to collaborate with individuals from various backgrounds.
  • Expense-effective Lodging: In some instances, employers may provide or assist in arranging affordable housing, making it easier for seasonal workers to locate a place to stay during their employment.
  • Contribution to Food Provisions: Working in agriculture, such as picking fruit, enables individuals to contribute to the local and national food supply, thereby supporting the production of fresh and nutritious food for communities.
  • Possibilities for Career Advancement: Some individuals who begin their careers as fruit pickers may find opportunities to advance within the agriculture industry, ultimately assuming supervisory or managerial positions.
  • Higher Earnings: Fruit pickers can earn significantly more than they would in typical entry-level jobs in Australia. Many employers also provide free accommodation and meals.
  • Cultural Exposure: Working in different parts of Australia exposes you to diverse cultures, allowing you to learn about various traditions and customs—a truly invaluable experience.
  • Exploration: Australia boasts breathtaking landscapes, from stunning beaches to picturesque landscapes. A fruit-picking job provides you with the opportunity to explore this beautiful country.

Tips for Securing Fruit Picking Jobs in Australia With Visa Sponsorship

If you’re determined to secure a fruit-picking job in Australia with visa sponsorship, consider these tips:

  • Start Early: Begin your job search well in advance to increase your chances of finding the ideal position.
  • Utilize Multiple Resources: Don’t rely solely on one source. Explore various resources, including job boards, recruitment agencies, and networking connections.
  • Specify Your Preferences: Clearly communicate your job preferences, including the type of position you’re seeking and your visa sponsorship requirements.
  • Follow-Up: After applying or interviewing, follow up with employers to express your continued interest in the role.
  • Negotiate: If an employer offers a job without visa sponsorship, consider negotiating for it as part of your compensation package.


If you aspire to work in Australia and are open to a fruit-picking job, this article has provided valuable insights. Do your research, apply early, and with determination and a bit of luck, you could soon find yourself working in beautiful Australia. It’s an opportunity to earn, explore, and experience a rich cultural tapestry while surrounded by Australia’s stunning landscapes. Don’t hesitate to take the first step towards this exciting adventure in 2024!

  1. What are the basic requirements for a fruit-picking job in Australia with visa sponsorship?

    Generally, you don’t need extensive experience or higher education for fruit-picking jobs. However, you should be legally eligible for a work visa, adaptable to a fast-paced environment, possess good communication skills, and be able to perform tasks like packing and wrapping efficiently.

  2. Which Australian regions offer the most fruit-picking job opportunities?

    Fruit-picking jobs are available across various regions in Australia. Some regions known for abundant opportunities include Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania, and the Northern Territory.

  3. How can I increase my chances of securing a fruit-picking job in Australia with visa sponsorship?

    To enhance your prospects, start your job search early, utilize multiple resources (job boards, agencies, networks), be clear about your job preferences and visa sponsorship needs, follow up after applying or interviewing, and consider negotiation if visa sponsorship is not initially offered as part of the job package.

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