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Emirates Group Jobs in Dubai 2024 – Visa Sponsorship

The Dubai office of Emirates Group, a worldwide champion in leisure and aviation, is currently hiring talented individuals. We provide compelling employment prospects, which encompass visa sponsorship for deserving candidates. The positions currently available are as follows:

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Details Of Emirates Group Jobs in Dubai

  • Company: Emirates Group Careers
  • Employment Type: Full-time, Part-time
  • Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates


  • High School, Bachelor’s Degree, or Diploma


  • 1-2 Years of Experience in Related Fields

Available Vacancies:

  • Key Account Sales Manager
  • Agile Delivery Lead (UAE Nationals)
  • Finance Officer: 18-Month Fixed Contract
  • Contract Management Supervisor
  • Documents Clerk
  • Data Scientist
  • Customer Strategy and Retention Specialist
  • Manager Software Engineering (Java)
  • Senior Technical DevOps Engineer (UAE National)
  • Technical Manager, Integration
  • Senior Quality Assurance Engineer
  • TBM Analyst
  • Medical Benefits Officer
  • Corporate Travel Integration Manager
  • Senior Technical Engineer, Database
  • Senior Software Engineer, Salesforce
  • Catering Business Analyst

Responsibilities of Emirates Group Jobs in Dubai

Key Customer Account Manager:

  • Establish and maintain connections with critical clients.
  • Increase revenue through the implementation of sales strategies.
  • Market trends and the competitive environment should be analyzed.

Lead of Agile Delivery (UAE Nationals):

  • Agile software development team management.
  • Ensure the superior and timely completion of projects.
  • Collaborate with pertinent stakeholders.

Officer of Finance, 18-Month Term Contract:

  • Provide financial analysis and reporting support.
  • Oversee financial transactions and records.
  • Ensure compliance with accounting standards.

Contract Administration Manager:

  • Oversee the administration of contracts.
  • Review and negotiate contracts.
  • Ensure adherence to contractual obligations.

Records Clerk:

  • Oversee the retrieval and archiving of documents.
  • Preserve accurate documentation.
  • Provide support in administrative tasks.

The data scientist is a

  • Analyze and interpret data in order to inform business decisions.
  • The development of algorithms and data models.
  • Work in tandem with interdisciplinary groups.

Specialist in Customer Strategy and Retention:

  • Developing and executing customer retention strategies.
  • Customer feedback and behavior should be analyzed.
  • Enhance the experience of the client.

Manager of Software Development (Java):

  • Manage software development teams for Java.
  • Ensure compliance with software development best practices.
  • Provide exceptional software solutions.

Senior Technical DevOps Engineer (National of the UAE):

  • Direct DevOps initiatives.
  • Implement infrastructure and deployment automation.
  • Provide assurance of system dependability.

Manager Technical Integration:

  • Supervise endeavors that pertain to integration.
  • Collaborate with the IT staff.
  • Maintain the integrity and security of the data.

Engineer, Senior Quality Assurance:

  • Oversee the quality assurance process.
  • Formulate objectives and strategies for testing.
  • Conduct testing and report any identified defects.

Analyst for Tunnel Boring Machines:

  • Perform data analysis pertaining to business management and technology.
  • Assist in endeavors to maximize cost efficiency.
  • Provide valuable insights to facilitate the process of decision-making.

Medical Benefits Specialist:

  • Implement and manage medical benefit programs.
  • Providing assistance to employees regarding inquiries related to benefits.
  • Maintain compliance with policies.

Manager of Corporate Travel Integration:

  • Manage the organization’s travel integration initiatives.
  • Form alliances with travel agencies.
  • Aim to optimize travel preparations.

Database Senior Technical Engineer:

  • Database management system administration.
  • Guarantee the effectiveness and accessibility of data.
  • Determine database problems.

Software Engineer Senior, Salesforce:

  • Construct solutions and applications for Salesforce.
  • Customize and maintain Salesforce platforms.
  • Collaborate with pertinent stakeholders.

Analyst of Catering Businesses:

  • Conduct a commercial analysis of the catering industry.
  • Offer insights into business development.
  • Collaborate with the catering staff.

Education and Qualification:

  • Academic prerequisites that are specific to a given position may consist of pertinent degrees or certifications.
  • Desirable is prior experience in the pertinent field of study.
  • Proficient in problem-solving, collaboration, and communication.
  • An unwavering dedication to both excellence and innovation.

Benefits of Emirates Group Jobs in Dubai

  • Worldwide experience: Because the Emirates Group is a worldwide aviation leader, employees have the opportunity to engage with people from various cultural backgrounds and receive international experience.
  • Competitive Compensation: To attract and retain top talent, the company is known for offering competitive pay and compensation packages.
  • Career Development: There are numerous prospects for advancement within the firm, with responsibilities ranging from aviation and travel to finance, marketing, and technology.
  • Training and Development: The Emirates Group prioritizes staff development. You can expect to have access to training and development programs to help you improve your abilities and advance in your career.
  • World-Class Facilities: Working with the Emirates Group frequently affords opportunities for cheap or complimentary travel on Emirates Airlines, which can be a substantial benefit for people who enjoy traveling.
  • World-Class amenities: The Emirates Group provides cutting-edge amenities as well as a modern, dynamic work environment that adds to employee comfort and well-being.
  • Staff Diversity: The organization has a varied and inclusive staff, which can result in a rich cultural and professional experience.
  • Healthcare and Wellness: Healthcare in the UAE is generally of excellent quality and is frequently offered as part of employment packages. The Emirates Group normally provides its employees with comprehensive healthcare benefits.
  • Housing and transportation: Depending on the function and contract, the Emirates Group may supply or subsidize housing and transportation, lowering living costs in Dubai.
  • Retirement and Savings Plans: The organization often provides retirement and savings plans to assist employees in planning for their financial future.
  • Professional Development: The Emirates Group encourages employees to pursue professional development and frequently provides financial support for additional education and training.
  • Social and Recreational Activities: Social and recreational activities are frequently organized by the Emirates Group for its employees in order to improve work-life balance and team cohesion.
  • Employee Recognition: Through various incentive and recognition programs, the organization recognizes and honors employee contributions.
  • Dubai Lifestyle: Dubai is a vibrant, modern, and cosmopolitan city with a high standard of living, providing a variety of amenities ranging from world-class dining and shopping to recreational activities.
  • Career Diversity: Because the Emirates company includes a vast range of subsidiary companies, employees can explore a variety of career prospects inside the company.

How To Apply For Emirates Group Jobs in Dubai

To apply for any of the available positions at Emirates Group and to explore potential visa sponsorship opportunities, kindly access the following link:


Emirates Group invites you to join the organization and commence a fulfilling professional trajectory in Dubai, accompanied by favorable visa sponsorship prospects. As a member of a dynamic organization, make a contribution to its success. Apply immediately to initiate the process of establishing a prosperous career in aviation and travel.

  1. Is it easy to get a job with Emirates?

    It should come as no surprise, then, that the hiring procedure is selective, time-consuming, and challenging. If you are rejected, you have to wait six months before reapplying! Employees say it’s still effective.

  2. What is the minimum requirement for Emirates cabin crew?

    A minimum height of 5’2 (160 cm) must be met. at least a high school education. You must be proficient in English (both written and spoken). Wearing the outfit requires you to have no visible tattoos.

  3. Is Emirate’s interview difficult?

    Glassdoor users rated the interview experience at The Emirates Group as 67.7% beneficial, with a difficulty rating of 3.29 out of 5 (with 5 representing the most difficult).

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