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The Boustany Foundation’s Cambridge University MBA Scholarship provides financial assistance in the form of 75% of tuition fees, as well as travel and lodging expenses, for a one-year MBA program at Cambridge. Distinguished for its commitment to scholarly prowess, Cambridge University provides the Cambridge MBA, a program that is regarded as one of the most prestigious business courses globally.

An additional advantage of this esteemed program is the Boustany MBA Cambridge Scholarship, an exceptional opportunity that occurs every two years. This scholarship serves as more than a mere financial advantage; it provides admission to Pembroke College, a venerable and long-standing academic institution at Cambridge.

Funding of MBA Scholarship at Cambridge

This scholarship provides substantial support for the academic year that commences in autumn 2024.

  • Financial aid provides assistance by covering 75% of the tuition fees, thereby substantially mitigating the financial strain.
  • Further Funds: The scholarship provides financial support for travel and lodging expenses incurred while participating in the required internship.

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Eligibility Criteria of Cambridge University MBA Scholarship

In order to be considered for this MBA scholarship at Cambridge, applicants must exhibit outstanding academic aptitude and promise in a highly competitive process. Although the position is accessible to candidates from all over the world, candidates of Lebanese descent are given preference. Critically, eligibility is contingent upon receiving an offer of admission to the Cambridge MBA program.


Benefits of Cambridge University MBA Scholarship

  • Financial Support: Financial support is the most obvious advantage of pursuing an MBA at Cambridge University. Scholarships frequently provide financial assistance in the form of tuition fee waivers, full or partial living expense covers, or both, thereby alleviating the recipient’s financial strain.
  • Access to High-Quality Education: Enrollment in Cambridge University grants individuals the opportunity to acquire a superior education: Cambridge University is consistently ranked among the preeminent institutions worldwide. A scholarship enables recipients to avail themselves of this exceptional education, facilitating interactions with a diverse and accomplished student body and providing access to eminent faculty.
  • Career Opportunities Enhancement: The attainment of an MBA from Cambridge University can substantially augment one’s career prospects. The alumni network and esteemed reputation of the university can provide access to leadership positions, prestigious employment opportunities, and career progression.
  • Opportunities for Networking: Cambridge University offers an exceptional setting for establishing connections with professors, colleagues, and professionals in the field. Scholars frequently obtain advantageous networking opportunities, and access to exclusive conferences, events, and events that can be disastrous for their future careers.
  • Global Perspective: Cambridge cultivates a global and variegated learning environment by drawing students from various parts of the globe. This form of exposure has the potential to expand one’s horizons, foster increased cultural sensitivity, and improve one’s proficiency in operating within the realm of international business.
  • Alumni Community: Scholarship recipients are inducted into the Cambridge alumni community, which is comprised of influential figures from a variety of industries. Throughout the scholar’s career, this network can render continuous support, mentorship, and connections possible.
  • Leadership Development: A common emphasis of MBA programs is the development of leadership abilities. Scholarship recipients stand to gain valuable experiential learning opportunities, practical application of leadership theories, and exposure to such concepts, all of which contribute to their development as proficient leaders.
  • Opportunities for Research: Cambridge University is a center for innovative research. Certain MBA scholarships may provide scholars with the chance to participate in research endeavors, thereby enhancing the scholarly aspect of their MBA journey.
  • Personal and Professional Development: Personal and professional development is a common focus of MBA programs, in addition to the acquisition of academic knowledge. Scholarships frequently provide supplementary funding for educational workshops, seminars, and mentoring, thereby augmenting the holistic educational experience.
  • Enhanced CV and Credibility: A bursary obtained from a reputable institution augments the significance of an individual’s curriculum vitae (CV) and bolsters their credibility among potential employers. A substantial differentiator in a highly competitive labor market is possible.

Application Process of Cambridge University MBA Scholarship

Applicants must submit a comprehensive application, which must contain the following:

  • An extensive curricular vitae that is accompanied by an image.
  • Aptitude is reflected in GMAT scores.
  • The required application email address for MBA scholarship calls is Please submit your applications to that address. The most likely candidates will attend an interview with the Boustany Foundation, which will result in the final selection of one deserving scholar.

More Info

Last Date To Apply for it

May 15, 2024, is the application deadline for the Cambridge University MBA Scholarship 2024.

  1. Can I get a full scholarship to Cambridge?

    Few full undergraduate scholarships are available; most support is a partial contribution and is means-tested. Please pay particular attention to the application requirements and deadlines.

  2. How long is an MBA in Cambridge? 

    We offer two executive MBA programs: the Cambridge Executive MBA and the Global Executive MBA. Each program lasts for 20 months. The Cambridge EMBA takes place over 16 weekends, on Fridays and Saturdays, plus one orientation week at the start of the program.

  3. Can I get a 100 percent scholarship at Cambridge University? 

    The amount of financial support offered by the University of Cambridge varies depending on the type of scholarship. Students can get partial grants up to a full tuition waiver and stipend. A majority of the scholarships provide at least partial funding for tuition and living expenses.

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