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Borno State Teacher Jobs in Nigeria 2024-25 – Apply Now

Discover how to apply for the Borno State Teachers Recruitment. Learn about the qualifications, requirements, and application process for both academic and non-academic roles. Don’t miss this opportunity to enter the education industry in Borno State.

Borno State Teacher Jobs

The Borno State Teachers Recruitment for 2024 is presently accepting applications online. This page contains crucial information on how to apply through the Borno State Teachers Recruitment Website. It provides information on both academic and non-academic professions.

Learn more about the Borno Subeb Recruitment here. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about the Borno State Universal Basic Education Board (Subeb) recruiting. We’ve got detailed instructions and tips to help you apply smoothly. This contains credentials, requirements, and detailed directions for applying without difficulty.

Don’t pass up your chance to work in the education sector in Borno State. Apply today!

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Borno State Teacher Jobs in Nigeria

Are you living in Borno State and looking for work? Do you have the necessary qualifications to teach or work in a school? If so, this post is for you. We want everyone to have equal access to employment opportunities.


The deadline for applying for teaching vacancies in Borno State will be notified shortly. So, in order to obtain all of the necessary information, you must pay attention and continue reading. The Borno State Government believes that with your cooperation, they can improve the state for everyone. They want to improve education, the economy, and the state’s image.

The government is working hard to improve education in the state. They want a consistent, high-quality education in all schools.

We are glad to announce that the Borno State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) is accepting applications from individuals who are sufficiently equipped to teach the following subjects:

  • Accounting
  • Agricultural Science
  • Mathematics
  • English Language
  • Basic Science
  • Government
  • Islamic Religious Studies
  • History
  • Basic Technology
  • Geography
  • Civic Education
  • Commerce
  • French
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Economics
  • Computer Science
  • Physical and Health Education
  • Guidance and Counselling
  • Christian Religious Studies

If you have the knowledge and experience to teach any of the aforementioned courses, you are only one step away from being considered for a shortlist.

To give yourself the best opportunity, please read this entire article and follow all of the advice offered. Don’t pass up this opportunity to support education in Borno State.

Benefits of Borno State Teacher Jobs in Nigeria

  • Contribution to Education: Teaching in Borno State allows people to make a substantial difference in the education sector. Educators help shape the future by giving knowledge and skills to pupils.
  • work Stability: Teaching occupations are frequently associated with work stability, especially in public education systems. Teachers may benefit from tenure or other job security agreements, which provide a sense of permanence in their employment.
  • Fulfilling and Rewarding Work: Helping children learn and grow is fulfilling and rewarding work for many educators. Teachers might derive personal satisfaction from witnessing their pupils’ intellectual and personal improvement.
  • Professional Development Opportunities: Educational institutions frequently provide opportunities for professional development such as workshops, seminars, and training programs. Teachers can improve their abilities and remain current on the newest.
  • Vacation and Holiday Periods: Teaching professions often include specified vacation and holiday periods. This system allows instructors to take breaks during school holidays, giving them time to recover and relax.
  • Healthcare and perks: Some teaching positions, particularly in public schools, may include health insurance and other perks. Access to healthcare coverage can have a major role in overall compensation.
  • Pension Plans: Teachers in public schools may be eligible for pension plans or retirement benefits, which can help them secure their financial future.
  • Impact on Community Development: By contributing to the development of a well-educated and talented workforce, educators can have a positive impact on their communities. This, in turn, can help to advance the overall development of Borno State and Nigeria.
  • Sense of Purpose: Teaching can offer students with a sense of purpose and the satisfaction of making a difference in their life. Teachers play a critical role in influencing the next generation and preparing pupils to face future difficulties.
  • Community Respect and Recognition: Teaching is frequently regarded and cherished in communities. Educators may receive acknowledgment and praise from the community for their efforts in nurturing and educating young minds.

Requirements for Borno State Teacher Jobs in Nigeria

If you are considering applying for the Borno State Teaching and Non-teaching Jobs, it is crucial that you meet the following requirements:

  • You must be a Nigerian citizen.
  • You must have proper Local Government Identification.
  • Interested candidates must maintain good behavior and calmness.
  • You must have a clean record, with no previous criminal cases.
  • Provide a duly signed Certificate of State of Origin.
  • Physical and mental fitness are necessary qualities.
  • A Birth Certificate (issued by the National Population Commission) or an Affidavit of Declaration of Age is required.
  • Candidates should have strong communication and interpersonal abilities.
  • It is necessary to hold a B.Sc, B.Ed, B. A (Ed), HND, OND, or NCE certificate from a recognized university.
  • B.Sc and HND holders must have an NYSC certificate or a letter of exemption.
  • A minimum of SSCE, NECO, or GCE credits in at least five courses is required, including Mathematics and English.
  • Non-teaching positions require a Primary Six School Leaving Certificate.
  • Strong teamwork and exceptional analytical abilities are valued.
  • All candidates must have a valid form of identification, such as a driver’s license, national identity card, international passport, voter card, or national identification number (NIN).
  • You should be willing to work in a new setting.
  • Interested applicants must be no older than 35 years at the time of application.
  • Basic familiarity of computer applications will be advantageous.
  • Ensure that you meet these standards to boost your chances.

Make sure you meet these standards to improve your chances of getting considered for the Borno State Teachers Recruitment 2024/2025.

How to Apply for Borno State Teacher Jobs in Nigeria

To apply for the Borno State Teachers Recruitment, complete these steps:

  • To apply for teacher positions in Borno State, visit There you will find the appropriate application form, and the entire process is free of charge.
  • Based on your preferences and qualifications, you can choose between teaching and non-teaching jobs.
  • Fill out all of the essential information on the application form. This comprises your full name, permanent residence, local government of origin, email/phone number, date of birth, state of origin, nationality, marital status, academic credentials, institutions attended, and course of study.
  • After filling out the application form, submit it through the portal.
  • Print off the confirmation slip to keep track of your application.
  • Please keep in mind that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted to participate in the next round of the recruiting process.
  • All candidates who have been shortlisted will undergo a screening process. The date and time of the Borno State Teachers CBT (Computer-Based Test) will be informed to you via email.
  • It is critical that you arrive at the designated center on time for your screening. Failure to do so will be considered a rejection of the job offer.

More Info

Follow these steps attentively to secure a successful application for the Borno State Teachers Recruitment. Best of luck with your application!

Borno State Teachers Recruitment Form Update

On this platform, we provide up-to-date information about all recruitment procedures in Borno State. Please visit this website on a regular basis to stay updated and avoid missing any developments.

We strongly recommend bookmarking or storing this page and returning to it on a frequent basis to check for changes or updates. Rest assured that we will swiftly notify you of any updates.

Important notes:

Please do not make any payments to anyone who claims they can help you get this job. Our recruitment procedure is completely free, with no expenses. Before submitting your application, please check that all provided information truly reflects your identity.

Applicants without teaching credentials can still apply. Individuals with or without a degree can submit applications. Keep up to date by visiting this website on a frequent basis. If you have any concerns or require clarification about the Borno State Teachers Recruitment, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  1. What do you need to be a teacher in Nigeria?

    Candidates applying to teach in Nigeria should hold at least a bachelor’s degree and, generally, a teaching license. Many international school positions prefer or require at least one year of experience, and experience teaching the relevant curriculum is preferred.

  2. What is Borno known for? 

    The nickname of Borno State is “Home of Peace”; it is mainly agrarian with large deposits of mineral resources. It is a major source of freshwater fish in the country as it houses part of Lake Chad.

  3. Is a teacher a professional in Nigeria?

    Teaching is a legally recognized profession in Nigeria; in this regard, the government has set up the Teachers’ Registration Council to control and regulate the practice of the profession.

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