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Australian Department of Home Affairs Jobs 2024 – Apply Now

If you have the required qualifications, work experience, and a resume, then you can apply for the Australian Government Jobs at the Department of Home Affairs, as there are currently many job openings, and I am here to inform you of all job openings in the Australian Department of Home Affairs, along with their salary packages, benefits, eligibility, application procedures and required documents.

Benefits of Australian Department of Home Affairs Jobs

  • Job Security: Government positions are commonly viewed as more secure than private-sector employment. Typically, the Australian Department of Home Affairs offers opportunities for long-term employment.
  • Competitive Compensation: Generally, government positions in Australia offer competitive salaries, with regular pay increases and performance-based bonuses.
  • Generous Advantages: Employees may be eligible for benefits such as annual leave, sick leave, and other paid and unpaid leave varieties. In addition, opportunities for professional development and training may exist.
  • Work-life equilibrium: Generally, government departments prioritize work-life balance, and employees work standard hours with limited overtime demands.
  • Pension Benefits: Employees of the government may have access to a defined benefit pension plan, which can provide retirement security.
  • Job Protection: Government positions typically provide a high level of employment security, including protections against arbitrary termination and layoffs.
  • The Public Sector: You can contribute to the well-being and security of the Australian public by working for the Department of Home Affairs. You will have the opportunity to influence national security and immigration policies positively.
  • Diverse Profession Possibilities: The Department of Home Affairs employs a variety of professionals, such as law enforcement officers, policy analysts, border protection agents, and immigration officers. This diversity affords numerous career paths and advancement opportunities.
  • Instruction and Advancement: Typically, government departments invest in the training and development of their employees to ensure that they have the necessary skills and knowledge to perform their roles effectively.
  • Healthcare and Additional Advantages: Medical, dental, and vision coverage are typically offered as healthcare benefits to government employees. Life insurance, disability insurance, and flexible spending accounts may also be offered.

Salary Packages of Australian Department of Home Affairs Jobs

The employees of the Australian Department of Home Affairs enjoy a variety of remuneration packages and benefits, including salaries exceeding $80,000 per year in addition to a residence allowance, utility allowance, and medical insurance.

The average annual salary of Home Affairs Department employees is $87,481.

It is a brilliant initiative by the Australian Department of Home Affairs to provide all employees with a 15.4% employee contribution to their superannuation as part of their salary. The Australian Department of Home Affairs offers a variety of salary packages to its employees based on their abilities, and the average annual salary was reported to be $87,481 in 2013.

Leaves for Employers at Home Affairs Department

The employees are also offered generous absences, including 20 days of annual leave per year, 18 days of personal or caregiving leave per year, and unpaid leave if the paid leave is exhausted. In addition, employees’ travel expenses are covered if they are summoned back from granted leave.


Work Environment at Home Affairs Dept

The Australian Department of Home Affairs also provides a healthy working environment with the goal of ensuring the mental health of its employees. To achieve this goal, the department has established an employee wellness program and a social club that allows its employees to take a break from work and interact socially away from tiring work environments.


Why Work at Home Affairs Department

You will be pleased to learn that the Australian Department of Home Affairs is a wonderful organization to work for because it promotes a healthy work-life balance, allowing employees to reduce their workload and live healthy lives. In addition to allowing employees to negotiate part-time working hours, the Australian Department of Home Affairs also provides the option of job sharing, which is uncommon in the workplace.

Details of Australian Department of Home Affairs Jobs

The Australian Department of Home Affairs deals with a variety of issues to ensure national security; consequently, the job openings at the Australian Department of Home Affairs span extensive categories, allowing individuals from a variety of professions to pursue a job opening at the organization. There are several categories containing a variety of job openings, including the following:

  • Federal law enforcement
  • National and Transport Security
  • Criminal Justice
  • Emergency Management
  • Multicultural Affairs
  • Settlement Services
  • Immigration
  • Border-Related Functions

Each category of job openings may be office- or field-based.

Application Method to Apply for Australian Department of Home Affairs Jobs

Numerous individuals are curious about application procedures for job openings. It is the primary reason why many individuals do not submit job applications. Follow the steps below to apply for job openings at the Australian Department of Home Affairs:

  • Launch the Department of Home Affairs online recruitment application website.
  • Register and create an account on the website by providing your personal information.
  • Examine the available positions.
  • Click on the “Apply Now” link for the position you are interested in.
  • Include all necessary documentation with a job application.
  • Enter the required information.
  • Submit your resume for employment.
  • Attend correspondence.

More Info

The documents required to register for jobs at the Australian Department of Home Affairs are frequently a source of concern. The required application materials include a resume, personal statement, letter of experience, etc.

How do I keep track of the jobs at the Australian Department of Home Affairs?

While a number of articles may inform you of upcoming job openings at the Australian Department of Home Affairs, they cannot cover every position. Consequently, it is possible that you are unaware of a job opening in your preferred field. In addition, these job openings are periodically updated, which cannot be found in articles.

Therefore, you must independently investigate employment openings at the Australian Department of Home Affairs. Visiting the organization’s pages that provide information about job openings is the most reliable way to remain up-to-date on available positions. The Board, Career, and Human Resources pages of the Australian Department of Home Affairs frequently advise users of newly available positions within the organization. This allows you to apply for the position immediately and increases your chances of being hired.

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List of Australian Department of Home Affairs Jobs

There are currently over fifty open positions in the Australian Department of Home Affairs. Among the available positions at the Australian Department of Home Affairs are:

1. Fleet Manager

Recently, the Australian Department of Home Affairs advertised for a fleet manager in Canberra. The fleet manager’s primary responsibility will be the technical administration of eight Cape Class Patrol Boats, four larger hulls, or thirty smaller hull vessels.

2. Policy Officer

The Australian Department of Home Affairs is seeking a policy officer capable of analyzing visa policies and advising the Senior Executive and government officials on visa programs that are compatible with Australia’s future growth. The policy officer compensation package ranges from $81,879 to $96,873.

3. Assistance Director-SAP Governance and Monitoring

This position is responsible for establishing financial frameworks and governance to ensure that the SAP financial IT system services businesses effectively. In addition, the Assistant Director will be responsible for ensuring that the assignment of roles adheres to the principles of segregation of duties (SoD). Due to the importance of this position, the salary range for a SAP Assistant Director is between $103,424 and $121,293.

4. Transport Security Inspector

The Transport Security Inspector is required to collaborate with intelligence agencies and devise on-the-spot strategies for resolving problems as they arise; the position is extremely demanding. It necessitates quick thinking due to the environment’s rapid pace. The Transport Security Inspector is responsible for ensuring the safety of all products and passengers traveling through Australian waters. The salary range for the position of transport security manager is between $75,384 and $81,196.

5. Business Manager: Architecture, Design, and Security

The position requires honed communication skills to effectively interact with a variety of parties. The business manager’s primary responsibility will be to advise the Assistant Secretary on architecture, design, and security. Consequently, the position requires exceptional analytical abilities. In addition, it necessitates commendable organizational skills due to the extensive interaction with various stakeholders. The salary range listed for the position of business manager is $103,424 to $121,292.

6. Statistical Analyst

The Australian Department of Home Affairs places a high value on the statistical analyst position. Because the position requires technical expertise and credibility. The statistical analyst will be required to perform data analysis, which will necessitate technical expertise. Due to the sensitivity of the information, however, confidentiality remains the organization’s top priority. In addition, the statistical analyst must possess strong communication skills in order to interact with stakeholders. The salary range for a statistical analyst is $69,127 to $74,562.


This concludes our guide on the job openings, benefits, and application procedures at the Australian Department of Home Affairs. We trust you found this guide useful! Leave any questions below, and we will gladly assist you!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How do I contact Home Affairs Australia outside Australia?

    If you still have further questions or require more information, please call us. If you are calling from the Americas, Europe, South Korea, Japan, or Hong Kong, call our Global Service Centre (GSC), located in Australia, at +61 2 6196 0196, Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. local time in your country.

  2. How many people work for Home Affairs Australia?

    As a global organization, the Department and the ABF bring together 13,846 staff based in Australia and across 42 cities around the world.

  3. How do I email the Department of Home Affairs, Australia?

    sending an email to and posting a letter to us.

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