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Finland Work Visa 2024 – Apply Now

A minor European nation, Finland is a member of the Schengen Zone. A work permit or Finland visa grants unrestricted movement within the Schengen Zone. Finland is considered to be the healthiest nation on earth.

Many individuals aspire to labor and reside in Finland. In Finland, non-EU nationals have access to an abundance of employment opportunities across a wide range of job categories. We shall discuss how you can actualize your Finish Dream. What options do you have as an outsider to establish a household in Finland? We have completed an exhaustive study on the Occupations and Sectors with the Highest Demand for Employment in Finland, and the results are now accessible to our readers.

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Two main pathways to move to Finland.

Obtain a Visitor Visa to Finland and make every effort to secure employment during your stay.
Apply for a work visa and accept a job offer from Finland while you are still in your home country.

Let us now examine the particulars of both of these potentialities.


Finland Tourist Visa or Visit Visa

Finland Regarding Upon arrival in Finland, a Visit Visa holder may be granted permission to proceed to any other Schengen country.


Fees for a Visit to Finland

A visit visa to Finland costs an additional EUR 80 for individuals aged 11 and older. The cost of a Visit Visa for children aged 6 to 11 is forty euros. No fee is applicable for minors who are below the age of six.

Benefits of Finland Work Visa

  • Employment Opportunities: Legal employment in Finland is possible with a work visa. This provides access to numerous employment prospects in a nation renowned for its strong economy, particularly in industries such as technology, engineering, healthcare, and others.
  • Permit for Residence: A work visa may, in many instances, serve as a residence permit, permitting you to reside in Finland throughout the term of your employment.
  • Access to Social Services: Similar to citizens, those in possession of a work visa in Finland have access to the nation’s social services, including healthcare and education.
  • Quality of Life: Finland consistently achieves high rankings in global quality of life indices on account of its commendable healthcare and education systems, safety measures, and general state of well-being. Employment there can provide an elevated quality of life.
  • Prospects for Perkinsonship: The feasibility of inviting family members to accompany or subsequently join you may be contingent upon the nature of your work visa and personal circumstances.
  • Prospective Route to Permanent Residency or Citizenship: Particularly if one intends to establish a long-term residence and employment in Finland, a work visa may serve as a precursor to the acquisition of permanent residency or citizenship.

How Do I Apply For Finland Work Visa?

Visitor visa applications for Finland can be submitted at the Finland Embassy, VFS Global, or an authorized visa application center, respectively. It depends on the country of origin of the application. Consult the website of the Finnish embassy in your area of residence for further details.

Documents Required for Finland Work Visa

  • A valid passport for a minimum of six months
  • Two Pictorials
  • Form for Visa Application
  • Evidence of Income
  • Police Clearance Document
  • Independently Employed
  • Documentation of Company Registration
  • Records compiled by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • any additional document pertinent to your company
    • Documentation of Company Registration
    • Records compiled by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    • any additional document pertinent to your company
  • Employed
    • Evidence of Employment, A letter from the employer outlining the specifics of your vacation and employment status
  • Although a minimum of EURO 50 per individual is required in your bank account for each day of your stay in Finland, a bank statement is not recommended. A bank account balance of at least 2,000 Euros is required.
  • Slips of Pay (for employees)
  • Hotel Reserving
  • Air Ticket Arrangement
  • Travel insurance (with a minimum coverage of EUR 30,000)
  • Travel Strategy
  • Cover letter for application for a visitor visa (IMPORTANT)

Is it possible to convert a visit visa to a work visa in Finland?

While in Finland, it is indeed possible to convert a visitor visa into a work visa. The most important requirement is a letter of job offer from a finishing company.

Consider the second alternative: acquiring a Finland Work Visa from within your country of origin.

Finland Work Visa from your native country

A Finnish job offer letter is an essential document in the process of acquiring a work visa. Without a letter of employment offer, obtaining a Finland work visa is not possible.

How do I get a job in Finland?

Employers in Finland post job openings on numerous employment portals daily. Consider applying for opportunities in your field with a Euro Pass Standard-compliant resume and cover letter.

Apply for a Work Visa

Applying for a Finland work visa at the closest Finnish embassy is possible once you have obtained your job contract or job offer. The precise Finland Work Visa application fees for your country are detailed HERE. To apply for a work visa, utilize the e-services of Finland Immigration. You are then required to deliver the authentic documents to the Finnish embassy in your immediate vicinity.

Requirements for Finland Work Visa

The following documents are required:

  • Contract or Letter of Job Offer
  • Each of the documents mentioned earlier

Using electronic services, it is possible to pay the Work Visa fees electronically. For paper applications, payment can be made at the Embassy of Finland.

Finland Work Visa Duration

An average employment visa for Finland is valid for one year. It is invariably contingent upon the type of visa one possesses. If you have a Type B work permit and hold a transitory position, your Work Visa will be valid for one year.

The duration may extend to a maximum of one year if you possess a Permit Type A, which is classified as a “continuous visa,” contingent upon the terms of your employment offer. It is extendable for an additional four years and is renewable.

Can I Change Jobs While in Finland on a Work Visa?

If your work visa is contingent on a Job Offer Letter from a particular employer, it is difficult to switch employment. An application for a new work visa and a new job offer are required to accomplish this.

High Demand Jobs in Finland for NON-EU Nationals

After the pandemic, Finland is currently facing a labor shortage, similar to numerous other countries. The subsequent industries are among the most sought-after professions in Finland (among non-EU citizens):

  • Housekeepers and Cleaners
  • Construction Industry
    • Plumbers
    • Electricians
    • Tile fitters
    • Roofers
    • Carpenters
    • other Wood Working skilled workers
  • Workers in Supermarkets and Grocery stores
  • Sales Representatives
  • Restaurant Workers
  • IT professionals
  • Healthcare Sector


Live and work in Europe. This is an ideal opportunity for non-EU nationals to relocate to Europe on a Finland Work Visa. Not only will you earn a substantial income in Finland, but the nation also provides an abundance of opportunities in terms of child education, quality of life, and living standards.

  1. Is the Finland visa open to Pakistan?

    You do need a Schengen visa to visit Finland. As a citizen of Pakistan, there are requirements for you to enter any Schengen territory, like Finland. Once you enter the Schengen Zone, you can transit freely through it. You can apply for a Schengen visa here.

  2. Is it easy to get PR in Finland?

    Documents to prepare for Finland’s PR process
    The paperwork to draft to obtain a permanent residence permit in Finland is not much; however, it must be carefully prepared. The application form, a valid passport, and a declaration of income are the documents to file with the Finnish Immigration Services.

  3. Is a Finland visa easy to get?

    You may apply no more than six (6) months before the start of the intended visit. The processing time for a visa application is 15 days. The processing time may be longer if a more detailed examination of the application is required.

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