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Air Weapon Complex Jobs 2024 – Apply Now

Are you looking for an opportunity to serve your country and contribute to its security? The Air Weapon Complex (AWC) is one of the three facilities located in the Wah Cantonment Ordnance Complex. It is well-known for its significant role in assisting the Pakistan Air Force (PAF). AWC offers career opportunities for individuals who are passionate about serving their nation and expanding their careers.

The latest job opportunities at AWC have been advertised in leading Pakistani newspapers and online forums, providing interested candidates from Wah Cantt, Islamabad, and across Pakistan the chance to apply and submit their job applications.

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About Air Weapon Complex (AWC)

The Air Weapon Complex (AWC) is a vital part of the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) and has been active since February 18, 1992. This complex houses various science and research laboratories dedicated to the development of airborne systems, with a specific focus on rocket science and explosives. AWC is a military unit of the PAF specializing in research, development of airborne weapons, and the implementation of air defense systems. It plays a crucial role in conducting war-fighting operations to support the Pakistan Air Force during times of conflict.

Over the years, AWC has conducted research, planning, and the construction of the Air-Launched Cruise Missile (ALCM), including test launches in collaboration with organizations such as NESCOM, DESTO, and the Ministry of Defence. Air Vice-Marshal Faheem Kayani serves as the Director-General of AWC.

Available Job Positions

  • Nurse
  • Technician-II (X-Ray)
  • Senior Medical Officer (Pediatrics)
  • Senior Medical Officer (Radiologist)
  • Senior Medical Officer (ENT)
  • Senior Medical Officer (Eye)
  • Medical Officer (GDMO)
  • Technician-II (Medical)
  • Senior Medical Officers (Medical Specialist)

Benefits of Air Weapon Complex Jobs

  • Job Security: AWC, which is frequently linked to government initiatives and national defense, offers substantial job security. Defense sectors are generally stable and receive consistent funding, which guarantees ongoing employment opportunities.
  • Competitive Salary and Benefits: AWC positions typically provide comprehensive benefits packages, including health insurance, retirement programs, and allowances for housing and transportation, in addition to competitive salaries. Long-term financial stability is facilitated by these financial incentives.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: AWC’s employees are responsible for the operation of sophisticated weapon systems and advanced technologies. This exposure to state-of-the-art technology is intellectually stimulating and offers valuable experience in high-tech environments.
  • Professional Development: AWC frequently allocates resources to its employees’ ongoing education and training. Workers have the opportunity to participate in specialized training programs, seminars, and courses, which contribute to the development of their skills and knowledge.
  • Progression in One’s Career: AWC offers numerous prospects for professional development. Fostering long-term career development, employees have the opportunity to advance to higher positions, assume leadership roles, or specialize in specific technical areas.
  • National Security Contribution: Employees at AWC are granted the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to the nation’s defense and security. This sense of purpose and contribution to the country’s strategic interests and safety can be extremely gratifying.
  • Collaborative Work Environment: AWC projects typically entail teamwork and collaboration with other skilled professionals. This collaborative environment fosters a supportive workplace culture, innovation, and knowledge sharing.
  • Diverse Skill Application: AWC positions frequently necessitate a combination of technical, analytical, and engineering abilities. The work is engaging and varied due to the opportunity for employees to utilize and develop a diverse set of skills.
  • Global Influence: The work conducted at AWC has the potential to significantly influence the defense capabilities of both national and international entities. Employees participate in initiatives that affect the dynamics of global security and defense.
  • Research and Development: AWC prioritizes research and development. Employees are motivated to innovate and contribute to the development of new technologies and solutions in the defense sector.

How to Apply for AWC Jobs?

Applying for AWC Jobs involves a specific procedure. The National Testing Service (NTS) is responsible for the recruitment of potential candidates on behalf of AWC. Follow these steps to apply:

  • Submit your application through NTS, which typically includes filling out an application form. You can find the application form and apply through the NTS website at NTS AWC Jobs Application Form.
  • After your application is received by NTS, you may receive an email or phone call for the testing phase.
  • Clear the required test conducted by NTS.
  • If successful, you will be called for the interview process.



Working at the Air Weapon Complex (AWC) is not just a job; it’s an opportunity to contribute to the security and defense of your nation. AWC plays a vital role in supporting the Pakistan Air Force and offers fulfilling career opportunities. The organization values its employees, providing them with a competitive salary, benefits, and support for career growth. If you have the passion and qualifications, consider applying for AWC Jobs through the National Testing Service (NTS) via the NTS AWC Jobs Application Form to serve your country and advance your career.

  1. What is the Air Weapon Complex (AWC)?

    The Air Weapon Complex (AWC) is a crucial part of the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) responsible for research, development, and implementation of airborne systems and weaponry. It supports the PAF in its mission and plays a significant role in the defense of Pakistan.

  2. How can I apply for AWC Jobs?

    To apply for AWC Jobs, you need to submit your application through the National Testing Service (NTS). You can find the application form and apply via the NTS AWC Jobs Application Form. After your application is received, you will go through a testing phase, and if successful, you will be invited for an interview.

  3. What benefits does AWC offer to its employees?

    AWC provides its employees with a competitive salary package, paid time off, medical care, free meals, a retirement plan, pension benefits, job security, and opportunities for career advancement. The management is known for its supportive approach to employee well-being.

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