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OYACA Jobs in Nigeria 2024-25 – Apply Now

Online applications for the OYACA Recruitment can be submitted at Volunteer with the Oyo State Anti-Corruption Agency in order to make a positive impact on your community. After graduating, are you interested in combating corruption for the Oyo State Anti-Corruption Agency (OYACA)? How to apply and verify the status of your application is detailed below.

Despite the fact that OYACA is not recruiting at this time and has closed its job board, applications for various positions are typically reopened. It is vital to comprehend the qualifications necessary for the particular position in question prior to submitting an application. This will assist you in assessing the compatibility between your qualifications and talents.

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Upon the initiation of OYACA’s application portal, online applications will be accepted. The application status can be verified via the identical online portal subsequent to its submission. Additionally, salary information regarding the positions is typically posted on the website. Regularly monitor the official channels of OYACA for updates regarding available positions.

List of OYACA Jobs in Nigeria

The following positions are anticipated to be appointed in Nigeria via OYACA recruitment:

  • Teacher
  • Nurse
  • Accountant
  • Engineer
  • Driver
  • Clerk
  • Technician
  • Secretary
  • Cleaner
  • Security Guard

Benefits of OYACA Jobs in Nigeria

  • Employment Opportunities: Through its support of entrepreneurial initiatives, OYACA generates employment opportunities for Nigerian youth. This has the potential to mitigate unemployment rates and create opportunities for individuals to gain economic agency.
  • Entrepreneurial Development: The program facilitates the cultivation of entrepreneurial competencies among the youth population of Nigeria. Participants are afforded the opportunity to acquire knowledge pertaining to marketing, financial literacy, business management, and other critical competencies imperative for achieving success in the corporate realm.
  • Financial Support: OYACA may offer financial assistance to young entrepreneurs in the form of loans, grants, or other resources in order to assist them in launching or expanding their enterprises. The provision of this financial aid can be of utmost importance for those who are unable to obtain conventional funding avenues.
  • Networking Opportunities: OYACA provides opportunities for participants to network with mentors, industry professionals, and fellow entrepreneurs. Establishing these connections may result in fruitful collaborations, partnerships, and expansion opportunities for the business.
  • Access to Resources: OYACA may grant access to a variety of resources, including workspaces, equipment, mentoring, and training programs. Entrepreneurs can utilize these resources to surmount obstacles and establish enduring enterprises.
  • Community Support: Young entrepreneurs who are members of the OYACA community receive encouragement and emotional support. It fosters a sense of solidarity and belonging, which is particularly advantageous in the beginning phases of business development.
  • Contribution to Economic Growth: OYACA’s support for youth entrepreneurship serves as a contributor to the nation’s economic development and prosperity. Prosperous enterprises generate employment opportunities, foster economic vitality within their localities, and produce wealth.
  • Empowerment and Self-Reliance: OYACA facilitates the empowerment of young Nigerians, enabling them to assume agency over their economic futures and achieve self-sufficiency. The program assists people in attaining economic independence by providing them with the necessary resources, skills, and knowledge to establish and operate their own enterprises.

General Requirements for OYACA Jobs in Nigeria

The following are the overarching criteria that are frequently encountered in submissions; I will merge them when the requirements become identical:



  • Bachelor’s degree in a pertinent field of study or education.
  • Certification in teaching (such as NCE or PGDE).
  • Strong communication abilities.
  • Experience as an educator is an advantage.


  • Nursing bachelor’s degree holder.
  • RN (registered nurse) accreditation.
  • A valid certification to practice nursing.
  • Certification in CPR.
  • Clinical expertise might be a prerequisite.

Secretary, Clerk, or Accountant:

  • (for accountants) A bachelor’s degree in accounting or a closely related field.
  • Proficiency in utilizing accounting software.
  • Excellent organizational abilities.
  • Preciseness in detail.

Trained engineer or technician:

  • Engineering bachelor’s degree (for engineers).
  • Technical certification or a diploma (for technicians).
  • Experience pertinent to the subject.
  • Technical expertise and proficiency.


  • A driver’s certificate that is valid.
  • Excellent driving record.
  • Adherence to transportation safety regulations.
  • Driving experience is preferred.

Cleaner or Security Personnel:

  • No particular academic prerequisite exists.
  • Fitness of the body (for the cleaner).
  • Sound judgment and constancy are required of a security guard.
  • Capacity to adhere to instructions.

It is important to acknowledge that particular job prerequisites may differ among employers; therefore, it is critical to consult the job advertisement or communicate with the recruiting organization to obtain accurate information.

How to Apply for OYACA Jobs in Nigeria

Follow these procedures to submit an application for the OYACA (Oyo State Youth in Agriculture Recruitment):

  • Pay a visit to the official site: Commence by accessing the OYACA’s official website. Information regarding current employment openings, prerequisites, and application processes can be found in this section.
  • Review the Vacant Positions: Examine the available positions in order to determine which ones correspond to your interests, qualifications, and skills. Ensure that you thoroughly review the job descriptions in order to comprehend the duties and qualifications.
  • Ascertain Eligibility: Prior to submitting your application, verify that you satisfy the specified eligibility criteria for the position. This may comprise work experience, academic credentials, and additional pertinent criteria.
  • Construct Essential Documents: Collect all documents that are required for the application procedure. The requested supporting documents may consist of an individual’s curriculum vitae, resume or CV, educational credentials, identification papers, and any additional materials deemed necessary.
  • Complete Application Form: The majority of hiring procedures require candidates to complete an online application form. Accurately complete each of the mandatory fields with the necessary information. Ensure that there are no errors prior to submitting.
  • Application Submission: After finalizing the application form and ensuring that all mandatory documents are enclosed, proceed with the submission of your application via the online portal or email address supplied. Ensure that you adhere to any submission-specific instructions that are provided.
  • Observe the Recruitment Process: Following the submission of your application, observe the recruitment process. Regularly check your email for any notifications or updates concerning the status of your application.
  • Interview Preparation: Should your application advance beyond the shortlisting phase, you may receive further evaluation, including interviews or assessments. Conducting research on the organization, rehearsing interview questions, and emphasizing pertinent skills and experiences are all effective ways to prepare.
  • It is advisable to consider following up on your application if you have not received a response within a reasonable time period. Kindly inquire about the current status of your application and convey your ongoing enthusiasm for the position.

More Info

You can successfully apply for OYACA recruitment opportunities by adhering to these steps. Maintain a proactive, organized, and exhaustive stance throughout the application process.

  1. What are the benefits of OYACA jobs in Nigeria?

    In Nigeria, OYACA roles offer a variety of advantages to young entrepreneurs, such as financial support, networking opportunities, resource access, community assistance, and opportunities for entrepreneurial development and contribution to economic growth.

  2. Are the age requirements for submissions to OYACA Recruitment applicable? 

    The job descriptions on the official portal detail specific age prerequisites and additional standards.

  3. What is OYACA in Nigeria?

    The O-YES Youth Entrepreneurship Support (OYACA) Program, also known as OYACA, is an initiative in Nigeria that aims to foster youth entrepreneurship and provide them with support.

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