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OAUSTECH Jobs in Nigeria 2024-25 – Apply Now

Investigate the OAUSTECH recruitment. We have all the information you need, including job openings and application instructions. Explore the plethora of opportunities that OAUSTECH has to offer. You will acquire knowledge regarding the OAUSTECH recruitment procedure today.

A comprehensive perusal of this news article will enlighten you on OAUSTECH Recruitment deliberations concerning prospective employees. Furthermore, it will furnish information regarding the prerequisites that are essential for submitting the application form. Additionally, the article will elucidate the diverse range of accessible positions that are open for applications.

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The purpose of this exhaustive synopsis is to furnish prospective candidates with a lucid comprehension of the prospects and standards established by OAUSTECH for the calendar year 2024.

OAUSTECH Jobs in Nigeria

The Ondo State University of Science and Technology’s (OAUSTECH) hiring process is known as OAUSTECH Recruitment. The objective of this procedure is to appoint competent individuals to occupy diverse roles within the university, assisting in both its scholarly and administrative undertakings.


It is vital that you remain current on the vacancies, application processes, and eligibility requirements if you are interested in applying for OAUSTECH Recruitment. Job openings are commonly publicized by the university via its official website, local newspapers, and other pertinent communication platforms.


Prior to submitting their applications, candidates interested in OAUSTECH Recruitment should thoroughly examine the job prerequisites and verify that they possess the necessary credentials. The aforementioned criteria may differ for each role and might comprise academic credentials, professional background, particular competencies, or certifications.

OAUSTECH may conduct a selection process, which may include screening, interviews, and assessments, to determine the most qualified candidates for the available positions after receiving the applications. Those who the university deems to be successful will receive employment offers.

In general, OAUSTECH Recruitment offers individuals interested in academic or administrative positions the chance to become a part of a reputable institution committed to advancing science and technology education. By remaining well-informed and fulfilling the requisite criteria, applicants can enhance their prospects of obtaining employment with OAUSTECH.

Position Listings for OAUSTECH Jobs

The following are some entry-level positions that OAUSTECH may hire for in Nigeria:

  • Lecturer
  • Administrator
  • Technician
  • Accountant
  • Cleaner
  • Librarian
  • Security Guard
  • Computer Programmer
  • Researcher
  • Secretary

The subsequent positions are typical job functions that OAUSTECH may seek to staff during the recruitment process.

Benefits of OAUSTECH Jobs in Nigeria

  • Contribution to Education and Research Employees of OAUSTECH are afforded the opportunity to make valuable contributions towards the progress of education and research within the Nigerian context. Academics assume a pivotal role in influencing the scholastic journeys of pupils and carrying out investigations that tackle both regional and international dilemmas.
  • Job Stability: Academic positions at OAUSTECH frequently offer employment security and stability, given that they are generally permanent appointments within the faculty or staff of the university. People in search of enduring professional opportunities may find this stability appealing.
  • Competitive Compensation: At OAUSTECH, faculty, and staff are remunerated competitively, with benefits packages that may encompass health insurance, retirement plans, and supplementary allowances. To attract and retain talented individuals, the university endeavors to provide competitive compensation.
  • Opportunities for Professional Development: OAUSTECH provides its employees with opportunities for ongoing training, seminars, conferences, and research grants as part of its commitment to their professional development. This assistance permits personnel to advance their professions, increase their skill set, and broaden their knowledge.
  • Academic Freedom: OAUSTECH faculty members are granted academic freedom, an entitlement that grants them the liberty to pursue research interests, devise inventive pedagogical approaches, and participate in scholarly endeavors without unwarranted interference. This liberty encourages intellectual inquiry, originality, and academic excellence.
  • Collaborative Work Environment: A collaborative work environment is actively encouraged at OAUSTECH, wherein students, faculty, and staff collaborate in order to accomplish shared objectives. We actively promote and provide support for collaborative research endeavors, interdisciplinary initiatives, and community engagement activities.
  • Access to Resources and Facilities: OAUSTECH grants users entry to libraries, laboratories, cutting-edge facilities, and additional resources that facilitate research, education, and instruction. Faculty and staff are empowered to excel in their respective disciplines by utilizing these resources.
  • Opportunities for Networking: Employment at OAUSTECH grants personnel access to a wide-ranging professional network comprising peers, scholars, and practitioners from both the academic and industrial sectors. This network has the potential to facilitate partnerships, collaborations, and career advancement.
  • Community Impact: OAUSTECH actively participates in the socio-economic progress of the neighboring community through the provision of high-quality education, the facilitation of entrepreneurial endeavors, and the investigation of local issues through research. Through their employment, employees have the opportunity to positively influence society.
  • Prestige and Recognition: Prestige and recognition are inherent in the academic community as a result of employment at OAUSTECH. The distinguished standing of the university in terms of scholarly inquiry, community engagement, and pedagogy bolsters the professional standing of its personnel and administration.

Requirements for OAUSTECH Jobs in Nigeria

Certainly indeed! The following is a compilation of general prerequisites for the aforementioned positions, with similar requirements being gathered together:


  • Ph.D. or Master’s degree in a pertinent field
  • Instructional expertise
  • Publications of research (for senior positions)


  • Qualifications for the position of administrator: Bachelor’s degree in administration or a closely related discipline
  • Professional administrative experience
  • Excellent organizational abilities


  • Certification or a diploma in a pertinent technical field
  • Technical expertise and abilities


  • A bachelor’s degree in finance or accounting
  • Certification in accounting (e.g., ACCA, ICAN)
  • Expertise with accounting software


  • A particular education is not necessary.
  • Physical well-being
  • ability to execute cleansing duties


  • Experience in the field of library science and a bachelor’s or master’s degree
  • Cataloging and library system expertise

Security Guard:

  • equivalent to a high school diploma
  • Certification and security training (if required)
  • Being vigilant and vigilant

Computer Programmer:

  • Computing device A bachelor’s degree in computer science or a closely related discipline is required for programming.
  • Abilities in programming (e.g., Java, Python)
  • Problem-solving competencies


  • doctoral or master’s degree in a pertinent discipline
  • Research background
  • Capabilities in analysis and investigation


  • A degree or diploma in secretarial studies or a closely related field.
  • Expertise in administration and computers
  • Effective communication abilities

The aforementioned are the customary prerequisites linked to every position.

Particular job postings may specify supplementary requirements or preferences; therefore, it is critical to consult the detailed job descriptions.

Application Process for OAUSTECH Jobs in Nigeria

Experiencing anxiety regarding the application? Concern not. We have divided the process into manageable segments:

  • Visit the official recruitment website of OAUSTECH.
  • Please navigate to the ‘Recruitment’ or ‘Careers’ tab.
  • Choose the position that interests you.
  • Complete the application form online with diligence.
  • Include all required attachments.
  • Compile and submit!

More Info

A review of your application will ensue following its submission. After determining whether you are a suitable candidate, the recruitment team will contact you. Anticipate evaluations, interviews, and potential presentations!

Application Portal for OAUSTECH Jobs

  • Only the official application portal may be utilized to submit an application for OAUSTECH recruitment.
  • Avoid utilizing email or any other platform. Why? Because your endeavors may simply dissipate into thin air.
  • Some brief advice? Maintain awareness of upcoming application deadlines by monitoring your email. It is the location where the entirety of the enchantment will transpire.
  • A career with OAUSTECH represents an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to the continuously developing field of science and technology.
  • Now that the portal has been unlocked, the initiative is in your hands. Explore, immerse yourself in, and grant your aspirations the foundation they merit.
  1. When was Oaustech founded?

    Olusegun Agagu University of Science and Technology, formally Ondo State University of Science and Technology, is a state-owned university located in Okitipupa, Ondo State, Nigeria. Under the direction of Dr. Olusegun Agagu, the Ondo State Government established it in 2008.

  2. Does Oaustech offer nursing? 

    The National Universities Commission (NUC) has approved BSc Nursing Science and BSc Applied Geology programs for Olusegun Agagu University of Science and Technology (OAUSTECH), Okitipupa, Ondo State, with effect from this academic session.

  3. What is the full meaning of Oaustech? 

    Olusegun Agagu University of Science and Technology (OAUSTECH), Okitipupa, was established by the State government in 2008. It was initially named Ondo State University of Science and Technology (OSUSTECH).

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