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NPHCDA Jobs in Nigeria 2024 – Apply Now

Investigate the NPHCDA Recruitment. Learn, in a few easy steps, how to apply for your dream job at Avoid overlooking this opportunity. Have you ever contemplated strategies to navigate the National Primary Health Care Development Agency’s (NPHCDA) recruitment process with ease?

Your concerns have been resolved. The most recent recruitment wave has arrived, and we’re examining in detail everything you need to know if you’re interested in applying.

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About NPHCDA Jobs

For the period 2024–2025, the National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA) is seeking new recruits. Their recruitment strategy is detailed on a specialized website.

What is the nature of this plan? All pertinent details regarding the agency’s activities can be accessed through a dedicated website, This platform functions as an all-encompassing repository, providing crucial perspectives to assist users in their application endeavors.


Who is eligible to apply? This could be your golden opportunity if you are presently employed in a scientific field or have a genuine interest in science. To staff their organization, NPHCDA is especially seeking candidates with a solid scientific background.


Seize this opportunity to significantly contribute to the field of public health. Investigate the NPHCDA website immediately to initiate the application process.

List of NPHCDA Jobs in Nigeria

Nigeria’s NPHCDA (National Primary Health Care Development Agency) might be recruiting for the following positions, among others:

  • Health Worker
  • Nurse
  • Doctor
  • Pharmacist
  • Administrative Staff
  • Data Entry Clerk
  • Cleaner
  • Security Guard

The following are examples of job titles that they may be seeking to staff.

Benefits of NPHCDA Jobs in Nigeria

  • Consequences for Public Health: Personnel affiliated with NPHCDA are afforded the chance to make direct contributions to public health initiatives and primary healthcare services that have a beneficial influence on communities throughout Nigeria.
  • Community Participation: Participating in community-based healthcare programs is NPHCDA. Employing at the agency provides the opportunity to interact with local communities, gain insight into their healthcare requirements, and make a positive impact on health outcomes.
  • The following are opportunities for professional development: Employment opportunities for professional development, such as workshops, training, and capacity-building programs, may be made available to NPHCDA staff. This practice improves the expertise and competencies of healthcare practitioners.
  • Impact on Healthcare Policy Exposure: The NPHCDA contributes to the development and execution of healthcare policies. Employing with the organization grants individuals firsthand involvement in the formulation and execution of healthcare policies on a nationwide scale.
  • Diverse Occupations: In addition to community health, healthcare management, epidemiology, and vaccination programs, NPHCDA offers a variety of employment opportunities. This organizational diversity enables individuals to investigate a multitude of career trajectories.
  • Working in Partnership with International Organizations: The NPHCDA engages in partnerships and collaborations with international organizations regarding a multitude of health initiatives. By participating in joint initiatives, employees may be exposed to international health practices.
  • Compensatory Competitiveness: In general, government agencies offer competitive remuneration packages, which comprise salary structures, supplementary benefits, and allowances. This may contribute to employees’ financial stability.
  • Employment Security: Certain government positions, including those at NPHCDA, typically offer greater job security than certain private sector positions. The aforementioned stability instills confidence in those in search of sustained employment.
  • Programs for Healthcare Access: The provision of healthcare programs and services to employees can positively impact both the employees’ and their families’ overall well-being. Health awareness initiatives, medical benefits, and vaccination programs are a few examples of such provisions.
  • Promotion of Networking Opportunities: Employment at the NPHCDA affords individuals the chance to establish professional connections with experts, professionals, and organizations engaged in the advancement of healthcare.

Requirements of NPHCDA Jobs in Nigeria

There is a strong temptation to hasten into the application process; however, we should take a moment to pause. Why? Because accuracy is superior to haste! A comprehensive understanding of the prerequisites is an absolute necessity in order to have a genuine opportunity.

Educational Qualifications: In order to be taken into consideration, candidates must possess the appropriate academic credentials. A Higher National Diploma (HND) or National Diploma in an allied field may be among these. In many cases, a bachelor’s degree in a legal discipline is also mandatory. An M.Sc. in quantitative areas from a reputable institution may be favored for specific positions.

Supplementary Prerequisites: In addition to academic credentials, specific supplementary prerequisites are imperative. Applicants are required to hold a valid NYSC discharge certificate or a recognized equivalent. Possessing fluency in English, in both written and spoken form, is essential. Additionally, a comprehensive understanding of basic computer and web functionalities is frequently required.

Preparation entails more than mere adherence to the fundamental prerequisites; it entails establishing oneself as an exemplary candidate worthy of the position. Acquiring knowledge of and satisfactorily completing these requirements can notably improve an individual’s prospects of being accepted during the application procedure.

Important Points to Note

Important Aspects to Bear in Mind

  • The recruitment process for the NPHCDA has commenced.
  • It is critical to provide information with precision.
  • It is required that a well-organized CV be submitted.
  • Each applicant is limited to one position.
  • Select your position with care!

Facts of Interest Regarding NPHCDA Recruitment

  • The NPHCD is an indispensable federal agency.
  • It frequently seeks skilled labor.
  • The hiring procedure is open and cost-free.
  • Consider applying if you meet the necessary criteria.

Application Process of NPHCDA Jobs in Nigeria

Intrigued by this opportunity? A step-by-step guide to the application process follows:

  • NPHCDA’s official website address is
  • Investigate and select an appropriate job opening.
  • Complete all of the required fields.
  • Upon completion, if possible, submit and retain a hard copy of the reference form.
  • Maintain an updated status! Candidates who have been selected will receive notification and will then be contacted to proceed with the necessary procedures.

More Info

  1. What is the role of Nphcda in Nigeria?

    Control, prevent, and . strengthen . the institution.
    Improve access. to basic health services.  Strengthen. partnerships.
    Develop a high-performing. health workforce. Improve the quality of care.

  2. Who is the director of the Nphcda? 

    In a statement on Friday, Ajuri Ngelale, special adviser to the president on media and publicity, said Tinubu appointed Muyi Aina (pictured in red tie) as the executive secretary and chief executive officer (CEO) of the National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA).

  3. What is the national health agency in Nigeria? 

    The National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA) is Nigeria’s domestic development agency for health. It is a parastatal of the Ministry of Health, and its mandate includes: ∙ Providing support to the national health policy for the development of primary health care.

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