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Nanny Visa Sponsorship Jobs For Foreigners in Canada 2024

Nanny Visa Sponsorship Jobs: Nannies play a crucial role in providing care and support to children under 18, offering peace of mind to working parents. For individuals seeking a unique job opportunity and an adventure in a new country, Nanny Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Canada for 2024 present an exciting prospect. This article will guide you through the details, requirements, and steps to explore the world of nanny positions in the Great White North.

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Details of Nanny Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Canada for Foreigners 2024

Job Country: Canada
Visa Sponsorship: Yes
Job Type: Caregivers, Nanny

Responsibilities of Nanny

  1. Giving baths and changing diapers.
  2. Playing with kids and providing educational support.
  3. Assisting with homework and other tasks.
  4. Putting kids to sleep.
  5. Ensuring play and living areas are clean and safe.
  6. Preparing meals and drinks for kids.
  7. Running errands and performing household duties.
  8. Cleaning up.
  9. Cooking food.


  • Requirements vary depending on the hiring company.
  • Each employer has specific rules and standards.

Who is Eligible?

People from Canada and other countries living outside of Canada can apply.

Benefits of Working as a Nanny in Canada

  1. Competitive salary and perks.
  2. Exposure to diverse cultures and people.
  3. Valuable work experience in a different country.
  4. Building friendly and helpful relationships with employers.
  5. Opportunities to explore the natural beauty of Canada.

List of Nanny Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Canada 2024

1. Nanny Visa Sponsorship

On the linked website, find a comprehensive list of jobs that offer visa sponsorship.

2. Canadian Job Bank

Explore nanny jobs on the Canadian Job Bank by searching for the NOC Code (44100).


Visa Guide

With a job offer, your employing company will guide and assist you through the visa process. Learn more about the visa application process here.



The Nanny Visa Sponsorship program facilitates individuals from other countries to work in Canada as nannies or babysitters. The program aims to help Canadian families find skilled and reliable childcare providers while offering international workers the opportunity to live and work in Canada.

Embark on this enriching journey, combining meaningful work with the chance to experience the warmth and diversity of Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the typical responsibilities of a nanny in Canada?

Nannies in Canada undertake various responsibilities, including bathing and changing diapers, playing with children, assisting with homework, ensuring a safe environment, preparing meals, and running errands. The exact duties may vary depending on the employing family’s needs.

Is there a specific eligibility criterion for foreign applicants to work as nannies in Canada?

Yes, individuals from Canada and other countries living outside of Canada are eligible to apply for nanny positions. However, specific requirements may vary among employers, and each company sets its own rules and standards.

How can I find and apply for Nanny Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Canada?

To explore and apply for nanny jobs with visa sponsorship, you can visit dedicated websites like the Canadian Nanny Job Board or utilize the official Canadian Job Bank by searching for the NOC Code (44100) associated with nanny jobs. Ensure that you meet the employer’s specific requirements, and they will guide you through the visa application process.

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