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The federal government jobs have been announced today in the monthly advertisement of the FPSC: Vacancies in various departments Airport Security Force, Pakistan Railways, National Highways, and Motorway Police, Federal Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, Anti-Narcotics Force, Naval Headquarters, AFIC/NIHD, Armed Forces Institute of Radiology and Imaging, FGEI (Cantt/Garrison), etc.

Currently, FPSC has announced jobs for the following posts (Medical Officer, Dentist, Assistant Controller of Stores/Purchase, Computer Operator, Lecturer Female) for Pakistani Nationals with Masters or Bachelor’s Degrees from HEC-recognized universities: Inspector, Librarian, Baker, Chief Cardiac Perfusionist, General Staff Officer, Grade-I (Classified Radiologist), Associate Professor (Computer Science), etc.

Details of Latest FPSC Lecturer Jobs

Offered SalaryPKR, 80000 – 200000
Age20–40 years
GenderMale, Female
DesignationsLecturer, Assistant, Computer Operator, Inspector, Director,

Benefits of FPSC Lecturer Jobs

  • Merit-Based Recruitment: FPSC ensures that appointments to civil service positions are made on the basis of merit, transparency, and fairness. This helps in selecting the most qualified individuals for government roles.
  • Professional Expertise: By conducting competitive examinations and interviews, FPSC helps in identifying candidates with the necessary skills, qualifications, and expertise for specific government jobs. This ensures that government departments have access to competent professionals.
  • Efficiency and Competence: FPSC’s rigorous selection process helps in placing competent and skilled individuals in key government positions. This, in turn, improves the efficiency and effectiveness of government operations and service delivery.
  • Equal Opportunity: FPSC promotes equal opportunity in government employment, regardless of gender, ethnicity, or background. This contributes to a more inclusive and diverse civil service.
  • Transparency: FPSC’s recruitment processes are transparent and well-documented, reducing the chances of favoritism, nepotism, or corruption in government hiring.
  • Capacity Building: FPSC conducts training programs and workshops for candidates to prepare for competitive examinations. This helps build the capacity of individuals seeking government jobs and enhances their chances of success.
  • Stability and Continuity: FPSC helps maintain stability and continuity in the civil service by ensuring that positions are filled promptly and that there is a pool of qualified individuals available for government roles.
  • Expertise Matching: FPSC matches the qualifications and expertise of candidates with the requirements of specific government departments, ensuring that government positions are staffed with individuals who can contribute effectively to the work of those departments.
  • Public Confidence: FPSC’s commitment to merit-based recruitment and transparency in the selection process enhances public confidence in the government’s ability to function efficiently and fairly.
  • Accountability: The competitive nature of FPSC exams and the oversight it provides help hold government departments accountable for their hiring decisions, reducing the likelihood of politically motivated appointments.
  • Recruitment Across Diverse Fields: FPSC conducts examinations for a wide range of government departments and services, including administrative, technical, and professional fields, ensuring that the government has access to a diverse pool of talent.
  • Professional Development: FPSC facilitates the professional development of civil servants by providing opportunities for career advancement through promotions and transfers.

Requirements for FPSC Lecturer Jobs

  • Candidates for all FPSC positions must hold a Ph.D., MBBS, Master’s, or Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field from a university that the HEC has approved.
  • Each open position requires applicable abilities.
  • The aspirant must be between 20 and 40 years old.

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ASF Jobs List:

  • Medical Officer
  • Dentist

Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training Jobs List:

  • Lecturer (Female)

Pakistan Railway Jobs List:

  • Assistant Controller of Stores / Purchase

Naval Headquarters Jobs List:

  • Librarian

National Highways & Motorway Police Jobs List:

  • Computer Operator

Anti-Narcotics Force Jobs List:

  • Inspector

How to Apply for FPSC Lecturer Jobs

  • Online applications are accepted at www.fpsc.gov.pk.
  • Those without Internet access may submit their application to the Secretary of FPSC on simple paper, along with all required information and documents.
  • Candidates must pay a test fee of Rs. 300/- for BS-16 and 17, Rs. 750/- for BS-18, Rs. 1200/- for BS-19, and Rs. 1500/- for BS-20 and above. You must enter the deposit slip number in the online application form, or those who intend to submit their application by mail must include the original deposit slip with the application form.
  • The test/interview schedule is displayed in the image below, and candidates must adhere to the schedule for successful recruitment.

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People Also Ask:

  1. What are the requirements for FPSC jobs?

    All FPSC jobs require a Ph.D., MPhil, Master’s, or Bachelor’s degree in the relevant discipline from an HEC-accredited university.
    Every unfilled position requires relevant expertise.
    The applicant’s age should be between 22 and 40 years old.

  2. How do I apply for FPSC jobs?

    Interested candidates should apply online at www.fpsc.gov.pk.

  3. What is the history of FPSC?

    The Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) was established in 1947. It is the civil service of Pakistan that is responsible for the recruitment of civil servants and bureaucrats.

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