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Jobs In Canada By PNPs 2024 – Apply Now

Express Entry, which is currently the most well-liked route for economic immigration to Canada, previously overshadowed Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs), which offer economic immigration to Canada. Here are some of the Provincial Nomination Program’s (PNP) most in-demand occupations by province. It is recommended to search for National Occupation Codes (NOCs) for each job title to determine responsibilities and match them with your current position if you wish to determine if any job titles match your own.

List of Jobs In Canada By PNPs


The province has posted a list of occupations that are in high demand at the present time

  • Supervisors of retail sales;
  • Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses;
  • Transport truck drivers;
  • Retail and wholesale trade managers;
  • Accounting and associated clerks; and more.

British Columbia

The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BCPNP) divides its designated occupations into four categories.

  • Tech occupations (including data scientists, web designers, physicists, astronomers, etc.);
  • Healthcare occupations (including dentists, pharmacists, physiotherapists, etc.);
  • Childcare occupations (targeting Early childhood educators and assistants);
  • Other priority occupations (targeting veterinarians, animal health technologists, and veterinary technicians)


The Manitoba PNP (MPNP), the oldest PNP in Canada, categorizes its designated occupations into ten categories.

  • Occupations in business, finance, and administration
  • Natural and applied disciplines and associated careers
  • Health professions
  • Education, legal, social, community, and government service jobs
  • Occupations in the performing arts, recreation, and sport
  • Sales and hospitality employment
  • Transport and equipment operators, as well as related vocations
  • Natural resources, agriculture, and occupations related to these
  • Manufacturing and utility occupations
  • Occupations in demand in rural areas


The following positions are in demand throughout Ontario:

  • Home support workers, caregivers, and related occupations;
  • Meat processors and fish merchants (retail and wholesale); and
  • Construction trades assistants and laborers
  • The following positions are in high demand outside of the Greater Toronto Area:
  • mineral and metal processing machine operators, metalworking and forging machine operators,
  • mechanical assemblers and inspectors.

Prince Edward Island

The Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program (PEIPNP) targets the following in-demand occupations:

  • Patient service representatives, orderlies, and nursing assistants;
  • Truck drivers; Construction trades assistants and laborers;
  • Light-duty cleansers;
  • Other processing, manufacturing, and utility laborers.
  • Material handlers; Process control and machine operators for food and beverage processing);
  • and Industrial butchers and meat cutters, poultry preparers, and employees in related occupations.

Nova Scotia

  • Food and beverage servers;
  • Food counter attendants, kitchen helpers, and related support occupations;
  • light-duty cleaners;
  • Transport vehicle drivers;
  • Heavy equipment operators;
  • Construction trades assistants and laborers

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Benefits of Jobs In Canada By PNPs

  • Path to Permanent Resident Status: One of the primary benefits of working in Canada through a PNP is that it frequently provides a path to permanent residency. Numerous PNPs are linked to the Express Entry system, which awards additional points to PNP nominees, thereby increasing their likelihood of obtaining an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residency.
  • Employment Possibilities: PNPs are intended to resolve skill shortages and labor market gaps in various provinces and territories. This indicates that foreign employees who obtain employment through PNPs are in high demand and can find meaningful employment opportunities in their fields of expertise.
  • Regional Particularity: PNPs are customized to the requirements and priorities of each province and territory. This enables individuals to operate in fields where their skills and expertise are in high demand, thereby enhancing their career prospects.
  • Facilitative Immigration Procedure: Provincial governments actively assist nominees throughout the immigration procedure. This assistance may include assistance with the application procedure and documentation, as well as access to settlement services.
  • Community Involvement: PNPs frequently encourage immigrant settlement and community integration. Numerous provinces and territories offer community support programs to aid immigrants in adjusting to their new surroundings.
  • Dependent and Spouse Benefits: Family members of PNP nominees, such as spouses and dependent children, may also benefit from the nomination, making it simpler for them to join the nominee in Canada and reside there.
  • Availability of Provincial Services: PNPs may provide access to provincial services like healthcare and education, ensuring that foreign employees and their families have the necessary support structures in place.
  • Contributing to Regional Growth: PNPs contribute to the economic development and growth of provinces and territories by attracting qualified workers to specific regions, thereby addressing demographic challenges and labor shortages.
  • Inclusion and Diversity: PNPs frequently focus on promoting diversity and inclusion within local communities, nurturing an environment that is welcoming and inclusive for newcomers.
  • Gateway to citizenship in Canada: After obtaining permanent residency through a PNP, individuals can eventually petition for Canadian citizenship, granting them all the rights and privileges of Canadian citizens.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Which PNP is easy to get in Canada?

    Ontario Immigration Candidate Program (ONP) or Ontario Provincial Nominated Candidate Program (OPNP): Ontario provides bright opportunities for PNP immigration aspirants and is a simple province to get PR in Canada. Considered. This largest province in Canada is famous for its easy rules, immediate immigration process, and high ITA rate.

  2. What are PNP jobs?

    Consider the provincial immigration program (PNP) candidates who do not have the score of a comprehensive rating system required for qualifying through the Federal Express Entry System when approaching provincial nominee programs (PNPS).

  3. Who are PNPs eligible for Canada?

    You need to qualify, you need to have skills, education, and work experience, and you will need to settle in Canada and help yourself and your family. The province or the region will estimate whether you will be able to meet their economic or labor market needs and Canadian people.

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