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Government Jobs in England for UK with Work Visa 2024

Applicants from outside the United Kingdom are now permitted to submit employment applications through the application websites operated by the English government. The government of the United Kingdom will consider applications from international candidates. Government agencies in the United Kingdom offer employment opportunities to both recent graduates and seasoned professionals.

London boasts employment opportunities across diverse sectors, including but not limited to international trade, healthcare, ministries, and the environment department. The initial annual salary of the United Kingdom government is £29,070. It amounts to $2,422 monthly.

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Details of Government Jobs in England for UK with Work Visa

Can foreigners apply for Government Jobs in England?

At present, a considerable quantity of English government job vacancies exist in anticipation of the recruiting cycle. The British government may offer employment opportunities to foreign nationals and British citizens who possess the required credentials, degrees, and work experience. Almost every government ministry in the United Kingdom is hiring at the moment, presenting exceptional prospects for foreign professionals to reside and operate in the country.

Who may be employed in England?

Working in the United Kingdom is permissible for individuals who meet the following criteria: British citizenship, settled status (e.g., ILR resident status or EU residency), international student status, or a lawful immigration status that authorizes work activity on UK territory.


Application procedure for English government positions: The English government is accepting applications for a variety of public sector positions. Suppose you have the ambition of attaining employment with the government in England. Exploring the official website for all England government job openings, would be the initial stage in the process of applying for a position with the UK government.


You will find a list of available positions along with application instructions on this page. Generally, an online application is required in addition to a resume and cover letter. However, certain positions may require the inclusion of supplementary materials, including portfolios or written examinations. Following the submission of your application, the recruiting committee will evaluate it and communicate your status as an interviewee.

The position will be extended to you upon successful completion of the interview process; further documentation, including references and background checks, will be requested. Upon the successful completion of a background check, you will be granted official employment and authorized to commence duties in your newly designated position.

More Info

Application Materials for Government Jobs in England:

Applicants from outside England who wish to be considered for a position in England are required to provide particular documentation. For your convenience, the following information has been included:

  • You will receive a certificate of sponsorship bearing a reference number from your employer.
  • proof of English language proficiency for each academic credential a legitimate passport or other identification document attesting to nationality and identity
  • Your name and annual revenue
  • The occupation code of your position serves as proof that you possess the requisite personal resources to sustain yourself in the United Kingdom.
  • Your tuberculosis test results, if you are a citizen of one of the nations on the list,.
  • In certain occupations, the presentation of a criminal record certificate is mandatory.

Benefits of Government Jobs in England

  • Employment Security: In England, government employment is frequently accompanied by greater job security than the majority of private sector positions. Economic fluctuations typically entail a reduced likelihood of downsizing or abrupt organizational modifications.
  • Work Hours That Are Predictable and Stable: Employees are frequently granted consistent working hours, which facilitates the maintenance of a harmonious work-life equilibrium. Generally, overtime is compensated or remunerated with time off.
  • Compelling Benefits and Wages: Although government salaries may not consistently align with private sector wages, they can remain competitive nonetheless. Furthermore, they frequently include a wide array of supplementary provisions, healthcare coverage, pension schemes, and other allowances.
  • Professional Progression and Development: Promotions and career development opportunities in the public sector are frequently facilitated by certifications, training initiatives, and merit-based experience.
  • Prolonged Leave and Holidays: Government employees are generally granted substantial annual leave allowances and observe public holidays, which allows them to engage in personal activities, unwind, and rejuvenate.
  • Pension Plans: Numerous government positions provide employees with enticing pension plans that ensure a steady stream of income in the event of retirement.
  • Satisfaction and the Meaning of Work: A sense of societal contribution can be derived from holding government positions, which involve serving the public and improving communities.
  • Inclusion and Diversity in the Workplace: Government institutions frequently place a high value on diversity and inclusion, cultivating an atmosphere that cordially embraces people of all backgrounds and points of view.
  • Opportunities for Development and Training: Regular investments by government agencies in training and development initiatives serve to foster the professional development of their personnel.
  • Social Implications and Community Service: A multitude of governmental positions entail duties that have a direct influence on society, encompassing critical sectors such as healthcare, education, infrastructure, and others. Such work instills a sense of purpose and satisfaction.

List of Government Jobs in England for UK with Work Visa

Are you actively pursuing employment with the English government? The following British government ministries will commence the application process for vacant positions:

1. Ministry Jobs in England

In the United Kingdom, the 20 non-ministerial departments and other executive agencies fall under the jurisdiction of approximately 23 ministers. These ministers receive assistance in performing their duties from a staff of over 500,000 individuals, including civil servants and other personnel. Furthermore, twenty non-ministerial departments exist, each with its own unique set of responsibilities, in addition to the aforementioned twenty ministerial departments. Diverse high-paying positions are accessible to qualified candidates at a number of British ministries.

Senior Executive Officer, Director of Formation for Ministry, Fundraising and Communication Administrator, Event Manager, Data Engineer, Commercial Manager, and numerous other positions are being filled by the ministry in the United Kingdom. Pay is adequate, but only for individuals who possess the most extensive qualifications and years of relevant experience.

Salary Range for Senior Counseling Psychologists with the Youth Custody Service: £42,626 to £53,880
Title of position and salary details: The annual salary range for the Admin Officer position at NPS Corporate Support Hub is £18,713 to £22,507.

2. Education Jobs in England

England is home to 24413 unique colleges, 232 unique institutes, and approximately 130 unique universities. Opportunities abound in the field of education for competent individuals desiring to advance their financial standing. Highly qualified candidates who are willing to accept higher compensation ranges are encouraged to apply for several critical positions.

The education sector offers a variety of employment opportunities, such as associate or assistant lecturer, lecturer, professor, dean, and so forth. Minimum of eighteen years of education or a degree that is equivalent in a relevant discipline. Application materials must include either a 3.0 GPA or a first-class MS, MPhil, or equivalent degree.

Employment with the England Department of Education typically entails an annual salary range of £55,550 to £35,174. Professors can earn a maximum of £98k per year in England, whereas assistant professors can earn a maximum of £50k.

  • Details regarding salary and position title: education specialist Per hour, compensation ranges from £13 to $25.
  • Salary and job title details for the position of health education lecturer: range of salaries: £31818 to £38002.

3. Government Transport Sector Jobs in England

The England Transport Department collaborates with its partners and agencies to promote the national transportation system, which transports people and goods and provides benefits to English enterprises. The Department of Transport and its affiliated entities maintain a workforce of 18,245 payroll employees and 354 non-payroll employees nationwide. The substantial employment capacity of the sector is exemplified by the fact that its second-largest infrastructure airline employs 42,000 individuals and approximately 115,000 are employed on its trains.

The England Transport Department ensures the safety and efficiency of transportation. Among the objectives of the department is the eradication of traffic congestion. The Transport Department collaborates with civil service personnel, engineers, planners, policymakers, regulators, financiers, communicators, human resources personnel, project managers, and others in order to achieve its objectives.

Various positions are advertised annually by the DFT for a variety of individuals in various capacities. In England, the annual salary range for transportation industry employees is between £2564 and £45535.

4. Government Healthcare Sector Jobs in England

One advantage of employment with the English government is the provision of security and stability. A Health Department position offers competitive pay and excellent benefits, making it an exceptional opportunity to advance your healthcare career.

The English government’s Health Department employs a wide variety of healthcare professionals from various fields. A diverse range of medical professionals, including physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and others, occupy these positions. Non-clinical personnel are also employed by the Health Department in various administrative and support capacities.

Candidates must possess a General Medical Council-approved MBBS or BMBS in medicine or surgery (GMC) in order to be eligible for consideration.

Requirements include a minimum grade point average of 3.00, completion of the first division in a Master of Science, Master of Philosophy, or an equivalent program, and a minimum of two years of experience.

The health professionals who are employed by the English government receive an annual salary range of £24637 to £69396. Physicians in England can expect to earn an annual salary ranging from £51,000 to £801,000. Conversely, the highest-paid physicians earn £92,000 annually.

5. Government Banking Jobs in England

Banking is among the most secure and stable industries on a global scale. Banks are highly regarded employers in the United Kingdom and provide an extensive array of incentives and benefits to their staff. For instance, the majority of banks provide their employees with generous pension plans, private healthcare, and an abundance of other perks.

A variety of options are available from the government institutions in England, each with its own set of responsibilities. The following are some of the more prevalent examples: Various professional roles include investment banker, commercial banker, operations analyst, asset management analyst, sales consultant, risk manager, trader, and financial adviser.

For entry-level positions in banking, a bachelor’s degree in business administration or a closely related field to management is occasionally mandatory. In England, the banking industry may offer annual compensation ranging from £24300 to £15800 GBP.

6. Government Police Jobs in England

With a workforce exceeding 140,000 individuals across diverse roles such as sergeant, police constable, chief inspector, inspector, superintendent, chief superintendent, deputy chief constable, and more, the English police force is among the largest in the world.

Applicants for the police officer position may be college graduates or individuals who have voluntarily discontinued their degree programs. You must meet the physical fitness requirements and pass the medical examination and job-related fitness assessment.

While prior experience in a similar field is not mandatory, candidates who have taught or worked with community youth organizations will be more notable.

Between £151130 and £21402 is the annual salary range for the preponderance of police positions in England. Chief inspectors can earn a maximum of £65k in England, whereas sergeants earn between £44k and £46k. Inspectors earn a salary ranging from £52,000 to £61,000.

7. Government Attorney Jobs in England

The Attorney General’s Office provides an array of employment opportunities to English citizens. The department is currently hosting a multitude of employment vacancies across diverse legal-related disciplines. Professionals from abroad who meet the necessary qualifications may submit applications for the available positions within the department.

In order to provide testimony in court, attorneys are required to possess a legal degree (LLB or its equivalent) and three years of professional experience. By successfully completing supplementary examinations, an attorney may qualify to advocate for clients in the capacities of a barrister and notary public.

Numerous positions within the English Attorney General’s Office pay an average of £26564 to £62235 per year.

8. Army Government Jobs in England

Its track record of victories in battle, which was made possible by the valor and unwavering dedication of its soldiers, has established the English Army as one of the most renowned and well-equipped armed forces globally. A multitude of distinct military positions are currently accessible. Furthermore, they execute several duties that are exclusively entrusted to personnel of the armed forces. Tank crew members and military intelligence specialists are two examples of these occupations.

The armed forces frequently support and award scholarships to university students. Applications may be submitted for studies in medicine, engineering, mathematics, science, or technology.

Before applying, you should be aware of the standards and values that are expected of you. Armed military personnel frequently uphold a set of shared values, which comprise integrity, valor, esteem, discipline, and unity.

The England Army provides, on average, salary ranges spanning from £56429 for the rank of Commissioned Officer to £15985 for the position of Chef.

The process of applying

The initial stage of the selection procedure will consist of an online application, fitness and health evaluations, and a selection interview.

9. Government Firefighter Jobs in England

The fire services in Wales, England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland are governed by distinct legal and administrative structures. Fifty organizations offer emergency services in the United Kingdom. The term “rescue and fire service” is presently employed by governmental entities and in legislation.

The Fire and Rescue Service employs a diverse array of personnel in various capacities, such as Chief Fire Officer, Chief Rescue Officer, Crew Manager, Firefighter, Station Manager, and Group Manager.

It is not necessary to possess a bachelor’s degree in order to operate as a firefighter. While membership does not require any formal academic prerequisites, possessing a health and safety certificate, specialized management training, or a more relevant degree in fire and rescue could be advantageous.

The annual remuneration range for firefighters in England is between £22,981 and £80080, with a mean wage of £37779.

10. Civil Service Jobs in England

Civil servants comprise the administrative basis of the public sector in the United Kingdom. A civil service career entails the execution of governmental policies in critical sectors such as education, health, and defense, for which one will be held directly accountable.

There are numerous civil service positions available in the United Kingdom. Additionally, they perform several responsibilities that are unique to governmental entities. These positions include communications officer, administrative officer, recruitment administrator, and apprentice.

The entire executive branch of government is classified as the civil service, including all positions in the Department of Work and Pensions, the Department of Education (DfE), and the Sector for Food and Rural Affairs, Environment.

The remuneration of various public sector personnel is comparable to that of civil servants. The yearly salary of administrative officers is £20,500, while senior government employees earn £81,440.

People Also Ask

  1. Which government job has the highest age limit? 

    In this regard, the Indian Army’s Brigadier position has a 48-year age restriction, as do the other levels in the Territorial Army. UPSC Civil Services Exam: The minimum age to apply for the UPSC Civil Services Exam is 21 years old, and the upper age restriction for the general category is 32 years old.

  2. How do I get sponsored to work in England?

    Anyone applying to work in the UK under a work visa needs a certificate of sponsorship to enter or remain. When the worker is assigned the CoS reference number, they can apply for their visa. To be sponsored, a worker must be eligible for the role they are applying for.

  3. Which job is highly paid in England? 

    Chief executive and senior-level roles are perhaps unsurprisingly the highest-paid jobs in the UK, according to an analysis of official ONS data by SavetheStudent. Marketing, sales, and advertising directors, doctors, headteachers, and airline pilots also come in the top 10.

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