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Companies in Taiwan Accepting Immigrant Job Applications 2024

Foreign nationals migrate to Taiwan in pursuit of higher-paying employment opportunities, career advancement, or career transition. The economy of this nation is consistently expanding, unemployment is low, and wages are increasing.

Taiwan is a significant participant in the worldwide information technology and electronic products sector. The company offers a diverse selection of computer-related merchandise and maintains support for sectors that significantly depend on contemporary technology. Consequently, multinational technology and information corporations have established operations within the nation. The majority of visitors to Taiwan are employed in the teaching or manufacturing sectors.

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List of Job Openings For Immigrants in Taiwan

1 . Maritime Law Enforcement Instructor

Key responsibilities for this role include:

  • Assess the students’ comprehension of the course material, their proficiency in the acquired skills, and their ability to provide examples of how they have implemented what they have learned.
  • Assist with course evaluation, maintenance, and upgrades when requested.
  • Ensure that the learning environment remains secure and beneficial.

2 . Rework Operator (2nd Shift)

Role and responsibilities

  • Using Oracle and Microsoft Access, sort and open customer items prior to entering them into the Customer Repair system.
  • Utilize standardized testing equipment and products to examine environmental factors, functionality, and operation.
  • Transmit client information and engage in written service report correspondence in order to facilitate the exchange of marine and consumer products.

3 . Reverse Logistics Processor

Key responsibilities for this role include:

  • Rework defective or returned products by entering Engineering Change Orders and verifying that units correspond to their Bill of Materials. Credits are issued to customers for returned items, and the product is entered into both Microsoft Access and Oracle.
  • Receipts for aircraft units, customer service RMAs, and other matters must be delivered to the appropriate locations.

4 . CNC Operator

Essential Functions

  • Consciously comprehend and comply with all standard operating procedures and safety protocols.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Excel and Outlook
  • As organizational requirements evolve, this list of duties and obligations is not comprehensive; further roles and responsibilities may be added in the future.

5 . Fiberglass Laminator


  • Attaches fiberglass coils to the machine spindles of helicopter guns.
  • Fiberglass is threaded via rollers on a machine.
  • The chopper gun and additional laminating apparatus are maintained and operated.
  • Regulates the pressure, pace, and temperature of the laminating apparatus.

Benefits of Companies in Taiwan Accepting Immigrant Job Applications

  • Diversity and Inclusion: Employing immigrants fosters an environment that is both inclusive and diverse. The incorporation of diverse perspectives, skills, and experiences can stimulate innovation and creativity within the organization.
  • A Global Perspective: In an increasingly interconnected world, immigrant employees may offer a global perspective to the organization, which can be advantageous. This can prove to be especially advantageous for corporations engaged in global commerce.
  • Diversification of Skills: Immigrants frequently contribute an assortment of skills and credentials. Organizations can derive advantages from accessing a wider spectrum of expertise and knowledge that might be difficult to find among the local labor force.
  • Language Proficiency: The presence of multilingualism among immigrant workers can confer benefits on businesses involved in international trade or communicating with partners and clients of diverse linguistic backgrounds.
  • Workforce Flexibility: Workforce flexibility can be enhanced through the presence of immigrant workers, particularly in sectors that are confronted with shortages of skilled personnel. They might be amenable to assuming positions that are difficult to staff using members of the local labor force.
  • Increased Talent Pool: Companies can enhance their prospects of securing competent and qualified personnel for particular positions by considering immigrant job applications, thereby augmenting their talent pool.
  • Cultural Competence: Cultural competence can be strengthened within an organization through the presence of immigrant workers, who can assist in navigating the complexities of local and international business interactions.
  • Community Engagement: Active employment of immigrants by businesses signifies a commitment to social responsibility and facilitates contributions towards the advancement of the community. Enhancing the company’s public image and cultivating positive relationships with diverse communities are potential outcomes of this.
  • Government Assistance: Governments may, in certain circumstances, offer incentives or assistance to businesses that employ immigrants in recognition of their labor force and economic contributions to the region.
  • Enhanced Employee Retention: By fostering an inclusive environment and embracing diversity, organizations can increase employee satisfaction and retention. Valued and assimilated immigrant employees are more likely to remain with the organization on an extended basis.
  • Cultural Exchange: Cultural exchange can be promoted in the workplace through the participation of immigrant workers, who contribute to a learning environment by providing employees with knowledge and understanding of diverse customs, traditions, and work methodologies.

How to Apply for Companies in Taiwan Accepting Immigrant Job Applications

All interested parties can apply and learn more about the position by clicking the link provided below.

More Info

  1. How can a foreigner get a job in Taiwan?

    To work legally in Taiwan, a foreigner must obtain a work permit and an ARC. The company should obtain all required paperwork for this process, but the foreigner may have to submit the paperwork on his or her own time.

  2. Can a foreigner set up a company in Taiwan? 

    Foreigners in Taiwan can set up companies, sole proprietorships, or partnerships. In this article, we focus on the incorporation of a “company,” which is most frequently inquired about by foreigners in practice.

  3. Is it hard to find a job in Taiwan? 

    Finding a job in Taiwan as a foreigner can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. Taiwan has a growing expat community, and there are job opportunities in fields such as teaching English, technology, and international business.

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