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Punjab Rangers Jobs 2024 – Cook & Sipahi

The Pakistan Rangers (Punjab) are a civil armed force under the control of the Ministry of the Interior within the Pakistani government. Its principal responsibility is to protect the eastern border of the Punjab province, and the Pakistani government occasionally requests its assistance in maintaining internal security.

In addition, the Pakistan Rangers (Punjab) are tasked with securing vital installations and national assets in multiple locations across Punjab, Islamabad, and Gilgit Baltistan. The Rangers have consistently played a crucial role in maintaining law and order, assisting during natural disasters, and participating in numerous national welfare initiatives throughout their history.

Lady Rangers, Cooks, and Plumbers are needed by the Pakistan Rangers (Punjab). Below are detailed descriptions of the Pakistan Rangers (Punjab).

Details of Punjab Rangers Jobs

  • Location: Lahore
  • Education: Bachelor’s degree
  • No. of Vacancies: 3
  • Hiring Organization: Pakistan Punjab Rangers
  • Salary: 50,000
  • Employment Type: Full-Time
  • Experience: 12 Months
  • Domicile: Pakistan
  • Age Limit Maximum: 30 Years

Benefits of Punjab Rangers Jobs

  • Relationship with Nature: Rangers work in some of the most stunning and pristine natural environments, enabling them to develop a profound connection with nature and the great outdoors.
  • Satisfaction at Work: Many individuals find great gratification in preserving and protecting natural areas for the enjoyment of future generations.
  • Multiple Duties: Typical responsibilities of a ranger include wildlife conservation and habitat restoration, as well as visitor education and emergency response. This diversity can make the task more engaging and satisfying.
  • Outdoor Recreation: Ranger positions provide ample opportunities for hiking, camping, and exploring the natural world on a daily basis.
  • Environmental Management: Rangers contribute to environmental sustainability by conserving and protecting ecosystems and fauna.
  • Community Participation: Rangers frequently educate visitors about the environment, safety, and conservation, which can be gratifying and meaningful work.
  • Ability Improvement: Working as a ranger can help you acquire a variety of skills, such as wilderness survival, first aid, communication, and resource management.
  • Job Protection: Numerous positions for rangers can be found within government agencies or well-established organizations, which offer relatively stable employment with competitive benefits.
  • Health Advantages: Typically, government and agency positions include comprehensive health and retirement benefits, ensuring your long-term well-being.
  • The value of networking: Jobs as a ranger can provide opportunities to network with professionals in conservation, ecology, and related disciplines, which may lead to the development of new career paths.
  • Educational Possibilities: Numerous positions as a ranger require or encourage additional education and training, which can contribute to career advancement.
  • Persona Development: The challenges and responsibilities of being a ranger can contribute to personal growth and a sense of accomplishment.
  • Positive Influence: Knowing that your work contributes directly to the protection of natural areas and the education of the public can be immensely satisfying.

Eligibility Criteria for Punjab Rangers Jobs

Here are the eligibility requirements for Pakistan Punjab Rangers Jobs for Sipahi for the following positions:

  • Lady Rangers
  • Cook
  • Plumbers

  • Lady Rangers should require a middle school diploma or a higher level of education.
  • Middle school diploma with culinary skills required to cook
  • Age should range between 18 and 30 years.

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How to Apply for Punjab Rangers Jobs

Candidates interested in lady ranger positions must submit their own applications to the Pakistan Rangers headquarters in Lahore.

More Info

Send photocopies of your resume to Pakistan Rangers, Lahore CTT Post Box 6080, Attention: Plumber Post.

People Also Ask

  1. Are Pakistan’s Rangers under the army?

    Both of them are part of the Civil Armed Forces. The Coordination is administratively under the Pakistan Army but has a separate command structure and wears distinctly different uniforms. However, Pakistan Army officers are typically in charge of them.

  2. How can I join Ranger in Pakistan?

    The weight must not be less than 121 lbs. Marital status during training should be unmarried. Education should not be less than FA/FSC or equivalent. The educational standard for ex-servicemen should not be less than Matriculation.

  3. What is the duty of the Punjab Rangers?

    Pakistan Rangers (Punjab) is a civil armed force under the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of Pakistan. The Pakistani government occasionally requests the assistance of Pakistan Rangers (Punjab), who are primarily in charge of policing the Punjab province’s eastern border.

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